10 Factors to Consider Before Getting An Online School App

29-Aug-2022, 11:08:58 PM
Abin Mathew

Technology drives today’s business. For a business to remain efficient, profitable and relevant Technology adoption is a given. . School Analytics, Intelligent Reports, Optimised Operations are plausible outcomes of using Technology.  Many business owners are using these apps to advance their business  , and Schools are not an exemption. It is very important for schools to choose the best school ERP app to manage their daily tasks. 

Online school management apps are dedicated software  designed to manage different school activities like attendance, admission, transport, etc. The app offers separate modules to manage these tasks without human intervention. Moreover, these apps equally benefit teachers, students and parents. So every school needs a robust online school management app to function properly. 

The following are major factors to consider before choosing the right school management app. 

10 Factors to Consider While Choosing An School Management Software

  • Cost and Time to Set Up

Cost and time are the most important factors to be considered before choosing an online school management software . Make sure that the entire cost of installing software is reasonable. Also, the app should offer basic features to manage attendance, admission, communication etc. The time required to set up the software system is equally important. A school is a busy institution where daily work cannot be paused by any means. So the school management software should take minimum time to install and be ready to use as soon as possible. 

  • Reliability 

Before selecting a school management software, it is important to ensure it is highly reliable. It means you have to try and test the software to make sure it matches your needs. You may also take reference from other schools that are using similar software and measure its reliability. 

  • Scalability

Remember, your school will not have the same number of students all the time. Your school will grow in the future, and you will have to handle the data of more students and parents. If the school management software you choose is scalable, this increase in the number of students will not affect the functioning of your school. So it is important to make sure the school app should be able to collect, store and process the data of as many users as possible. In other words, a highly scalable school management software will enable you to manage the data of unlimited users. 

  • Help and Support

Help and support are one of the most critical factors for any software. The school management software should have an expert support team working round the clock to solve the issues, if any. Since the functioning of the school solely depends on the school management software, schools can't take risks about the help and support. So the software should be purchased from a firm that ensures dependable 24x7 technical support. Choosing such an online school app will help schools resolve glitches and bugs in time. 

  • Multitask Management

A school administrator will have to monitor and manage multiple tasks in a school daily. For example, he may have to track the attendance of the staff and the status of the school bus simultaneously. A robust school management software with real time data tracking will help school administrators in such situations. A well-designed school app can track and manage multiple tasks at the same time. For example, school officials can check the attendance status of their staff and the position of the school buses with just a few clicks. 

  • Security

You should always think about the backup and security features because the school management app will manage the personal details of students and parents. Sometimes parents even have to enter their bank details to pay the fees for their kids. So it is important to ensure that the app offers strong security features to prevent data theft or loss. Also, the software should be secure enough to prevent hacking or leaking of sensitive data. Information on the go and  Thus, the app should offer a cloud-based secure platform where only authorized users can access important data. 

  • Features

The school management software you choose should offer a range of useful features to manage different activities of your school. Tools to manage attendance, admission, exam, homework and assignments, etc. are basic features offered by most online school apps. Having a running list of features may not really be what matters; but a set of functional features that help institutes achieve their goal would suffice.  Selecting a software system with features that meet your present and future demands should be of prime focus.

  • Ease of Use

Users can enjoy the maximum benefit from an app only if it is user-friendly. Needless to say, the app will be used by students, parents and teachers for different purposes. So it should be easy to navigate and access the features. The features within an app should be easy to navigate and the functions should be self explanatory.. For example,if a school administrator wishes to generate a consolidated report of admissions for every grade in his school, she/he should be able to generate and access this report easily. Also, if a parent wishes to make an online payment using this software, it should be intuitive for the parents to make payments.  

  • Compatibility

 While selecting the school management system, extreme care should be taken to ensure that the software is compatible not just with various device types such as laptop, smart phone, tablet etc but also with various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android etc.. Nowadays, some highly innovative school management systems  like Edisapp School ERP can be accessed even from your smart TV

  • Integration

A software system which is possible to integrate with different other applications offers an unmatched advantage to its users.. A well designed and robust school management system  can be easily integrated with your existing academic, financial and communication systems. For example, an online school management software can be used to send bulk SMS to parents and students with just a click. 


Today, it is a big plus if you have dedicated software to manage your school activities. These school software  offer many benefits, including high accuracy and fast processing. Moreover, these software systems  also help students obtain study materials anytime, anywhere and easily submit their homework and assignments. Finally, improving parental engagement in education is the most significant benefit of using school apps. So if you are planning to implement  an online school management software, consider the above-mentioned factors to avoid wrong selection. 

Edisapp School ERP is a comprehensive school management software which offers all necessary features at a reasonable cost. This powerful cloud-based software is bundled  with 80+ modules and advanced features. Most Importantly, Edisapp is very easy to use and fully customizable as per your need. Therefore, you don't have to search further to find the right tool for your school since the Edisapp School ERP  is the one-stop solution for all your institutional needs!

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