Top 9 Benefits of Edisapp School ERP inbuilt Student ID Card Maker?

14-Mar-2020, 11:03:00 AM

What are the benefits of generating student identity cards using Edisapp School ERP?

  1. No Data Entry Required, as most accurate and recent student data is already in available in Edisapp School ERP
  2. Selection of a wide range of template or provision of fully custom made templates for student id cards.
  3. Your school data is safe within the school campus, you don’t have to share the entire student data to a local shop or vendor thereby avoiding the chance of data leakage and privacy concern.
  4. Insert any field to the id cards, which is already available in Edisapp School Management Software.
  5. Upload photos individually for a student, bulk upload for a class or even click photos using mobile apps.
  6. Proofread and update data in realtime.
  7. Save time to print, and avoid wait time. If you own an ID Card Printer, you can print student identity cards at any time.
  8. Print even an individual student ID card, if any student missed there student identity card.
  9. Save money, when you do it all yourself, avoiding external vendors and suppliers, like photographer, id cards printer etc.
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