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Introducing the all-new Edisapp Exams33. An Advanced Online Exam Software for Schools with Question Paper & Answers Paper Upload, Answer Correction and Reports Publishing Platform developed by Eloit.
Schools across the country praise Eloit’s recently launched Edisapp Exams33, an innovative online exam portal that combines the best of both online and paper-based exams and ensures a seamless online exam experience for educators and students alike. Exams33 is fully integrated with Edisapp School Management System.
Best online exam software for school
Edisapp Answer Upload via online exam software for school
Educators review Exams33 as an extremely user-friendly and powerful exam system that solves all the significant exam-related challenges faced by schools during the COVID19 School Closedown period.
Exams33 comes with question paper uploading in PDF format with images, graphs and support all languages too. Students can view/download question papers and submit their answers papers via Web / Mobile in PDF format within the allowed time frame.
Teachers can do answer paper evaluations within the school management software portal with options to enter marks and the facility to publish the report cards online to parents via web and school apps. Facility to hide report cards for non-fee-paying students is a much-liked feature by the school administration.
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Exam Admin – Exam Configuration & Question Paper Upload

  • Create & Manage Term / Semester
  • Create & Manage Exams
  • Create & Grade Settings
  • Schedule Exam for each Class & Subject and Set Online / Normal Mode for each subject.
  • Schedule and Conduct online/regular exams together and get marks on the report card
  • Exam Marks Configuration, Max Marks, Min Marks, Conversion Marks Settings
  • Exam Start Date and Time Settings with Question Paper Publishing and Download Settings
  • Set Answer Paper Submission due date and time along with maximum duration.
  • Valuation Setting with the option to enable question wise/total marks entry.
  • Upload Question Paper in PDF Format with Graphs, Images, Diagrams, Languages etc
  • Provide Exam Instructions for each subject.
  • For question wise marks entry, option to set the number of questions and maximum marks for each question.
  • Marks Submission settings with the option to set the Last Submission Date and Time for all or each subject.

Student – Answer Paper Upload facility in Online Exam Software for CBSE Schools

  • Students can upload their handwritten Answer Papers with answers, pictures, diagrams, any languages etc. via Answer Paper Uploader in PDF format
  • Students can use any free to use tools like Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens etc. to scan answer sheets.
  • Within the allowed timeframe, students can re-upload and re-submit exam answers.
  • Time limit setting for uploading answers.
  • Data Storage up to 1 GB / Student / Year
online exam software for school with answer upload
online exam software for school

Teachers Answer Paper Correction

  • Teachers can track question paper download and answer paper upload status of each student, with time details and IP address.
  • Facility to extend the exam duration for an individual student.
  • Answer Paper Viewer for Teachers with Option to Download, Rotate and Print.
  • Marks Entry for each question / or total marks for the subject itself.
  • Auto Marks Tally with the number of questions answered and marked indicator.
  • Marks Entry from Mobile Phone with responsive layout.
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Exam Results & Reports in Online Exam Software for CBSE Schools

  • Reports Cards in Both CBSE & ICSE Formats
  • Generate Report Cards for one whole class (For up to 100 students) in 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Report Cards in Print Ready PDF formats.
  • Publish Report Cards to Parent Mobile App / Student / Parent Web Portal
  • Publish Exam Reports for fee-paying students only *>
  • Report card design with the school logo and header designs with the option to include watermarks.
  • Publish Report Cards to Parent Mobile App.

School IT Admins – Basic System Settings

  • Student Data Management with options to create, Bulk Upload & Bulk Edit
  • Staff Data Management with the option to create, Bulk Upload & Bulk Edit
  • Create Class, Division and Subjects with the option to set Main & Elective Subjects.
  • Map Students to their respective classes.
  • Map teachers to their respective classes and subjects.
  • Subjects and Optional Subjects Mapping for each class and students
  • Access Control Settings for Staff to restrict privileges to only allowed areas.
  • Facility to Map Students to Elective Subjects.
  • Create and Send User login credentials for students and Staff via SMS
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