Edisapp e360 – Integrated School Apps & Software for School Management, exclusively for Principals, Educators & Decision Makers.

Edisapp, the premier school administration system, announces the release of the Edisapp e360 Principal Mobile App, an exclusive app for school management, educators and decision makers. This Educator App enables school principals and decision-makers to view real-time data and make informed decisions from any location and at any time. Edisapp e360 is the best mobile app for school management, specifically designed for school principals, educators and decision-makers. It is always in synchronisation with the Edisapp school management system implemented in the school. Edisapp e360, the best school app for educators feeds data directly from Edisapp ERP, which generates reports, visual analytics and provides quick information related to students, staff, school, exam, attendance, leaves, etc. to the school principal in real-time.
All the facilities of the best Software Software an Educator needs to run the school on the go.
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Edisapp e360 – School App for Educators

A school administrator or other decision-maker who is equipped with the Edisapp e360 mobile app has the advantage to run the school, on the go. He or she becomes aware of all school-related activities through this innovative app, which provides real-time data from the school ERP software to school principals and decision-makers. Edisapp e360 is a self-explanatory phrase that refers to an authority figure having a 360-degree view of the complete school’s operations via a mobile application. Everything related to the school, such as student and staff attendance, exam results, grade distribution, and fee collection, is instantly updated in Edisapp e360.
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360 Degree Student Information

Consider a parent meeting with the principal, and the principal no longer needs an office assistant to locate and deliver the student file in the cabin. Within seconds, the principal can access all of the student’s information via the Edisapp e360 school app. All refer to information, including personal and family details, attendance reports, fees, exam scores, transportation, siblings, guardians, and report cards issued to students during the course of an academic year.

Data Analytics via Educator App

Edisapp e360 app for school principals allows real-time access to all relevant school information a principal needs to make decisions on the go. In addition, data Analytics and Quick Analytics are embedded into each app module, enabling quick information gathering for decision-makers. This helps them in making informed decisions faster.

Edisapp e360 Works as an Address Book!

It is nearly impossible for principals to keep track of the contact information for all teachers and parents in a single school. This is where Edisapp e360 comes in handy, as it functions well as an address book, displaying teacher and parent phone numbers in the staff list and student list, respectively. In addition, the caller icon adjacent to the phone number enables principals to dial the number directly without dialling it. What a convenience!

Attendance Report

The E360 School App for principals provides decision-makers with instant attendance & leave reports. They can use this to determine the number of students and staff who are absent for the day. When faculty members are absent, the e360 app enables principals to arrange for substitutes in the affected classes. Teachers can submit leave requests to the e360 principal app directly from their Edisapp Teacher App.

App for School Management with Real-Time Financial Updates

Edisapp e360 School App for Educators provides the school authority with real-time data on fee collection and financial analytics. By providing principals with daily financial records, the possibility of staff members committing theft or fraud is eliminated. Managing a school has never been easier!

Streamlined Communications via School App for Educators

To save the contact information of all teachers and parents is practically impossible. Edisapp e360 comes to the rescue here, as it functions as an address book, displaying instructors’ and parents’ phone numbers. Principals can use the caller icon next to the phone number to make direct calls. What a plus!

Data-Based Real-time Decision Making for School Admins

The Edisapp e360 School App is perfectly synced with the school ERP system, allowing educators to see data in real-time. Educators can use Edisapp’s admin apps for schools to make real-time data-driven decisions. Moreover, the Edisapp e360 wear – School app for watch is available on android watch.

Take a Look at Edisapp e360 Principal App Screens

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e360 Principal App - Fee software for school management
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School Branded Apps

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Know Your School in a Single Glance

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Edisapp School ERP enables you to record and process all your school’s vital information about students, staff, fees, exams, library, transportation and all that matters with an advanced interface fully secured with high-end encryption. Edisapp School Management System helps the institutions to save time and capital expenses, so you can quickly enhance productivity and improve efficiency. Manage, Analyse, Evolve and Transform Every part of your institution with the world’s best school automation software and mobile apps.

Cross Platform, Cloud-Based Software for School Management

The ever-versatile and multiple award-winning Software for School Management works on your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, and even on a smartwatch. Your school data management system will be at your fingertips from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Your dedicated Edisapp School ERP Support Specialist will be a call, text, or Whatsapp away for your assistance around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Edisapp e360, the online Software for School Management?
  • What are the features of Edisapp e360 helpful for the principals of schools?
  • Why does your school need a cloud-based ERP system?
  • What is the best school ERP system in India?
  • What is Edisapp e360, the online Software for School Management??

    Edisapp e360 wear is an enterprise-grade wearable app for smartwatches known as the Edisapp e360 Wear meant for school management. This cutting-edge school management principal portal eases administrative tasks and allows principals to get access to all the information about their school in a single portal right on their hand (or wrists!) The app is always in sync with the school management information system through its centralised database, helping in improving the efficiency of the administrative team. The host of features that the app has will enable you to manage every function with perfect ease and comfort. It supports the Edisapp ERP by generating reports, providing valuable information about students, exams, staff, attendance, leaves and much more to the concerned authorities. The app also offers visual analytics by feeding data directly from ERP software.
  • What are the features of Edisapp e360 helpful for the principals of schools?

    Edisapp School software is an online software for school management that has an edge over others due to its powerful and robust features. It comes with interlinked yet isolated dedicated portals for management, principal, administrators, class teachers, office staff, students, and parents. It’s also the only ERP software currently available which allows customisation for all its modules. You can ask for customisation unless all your requirements are met. The most exciting part about Edisapp is that it seamlessly automates all complex functions. Online admission, collection of fees, exams and reporting, all are easy to manage through Edisapp. Being built on the most advanced and enterprise-grade technologies, it makes school management a hassle-free affair. It’s also the only school ERP that provides banking/enterprise-grade data security.
  • Why does your school need a cloud-based ERP system?

    The reasons to switch over to a cloud-based ERP system for your school are many. Some can be summarised as:
    1. Time-saving– Schools are about teaching and learning. On the other hand, for any institution’s efficient functioning, administrative tasks are equally important too. Here comes the ERP-based software, which helps in saving a lot of time by automating the non-academic functions related to running a school. Most importantly, there is no paperwork.
    2. Security– Cloud computing is always about security. The data is stored in the cloud, and even if there is a failure or an accident, the data can still be accessed. Automatic updates– The service providers regularly update the systems. As a decision-maker, you do not have to waste your time maintaining the software or updating to the recent security features. We are also one of the very few ISO 27001 certified companies (Certified for School Information Security Management) and probably the only one to sign strict data security agreements with schools. Our ERP system is hosted on Microsoft Azure and protected by HTTPS, so the chances of data theft are next to zero.
  • What is the best school ERP system in India?

    Eloit has been continuously catering to the needs of the academic industry. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies, Edisapp ensures smooth functioning of schools. We have also built Edisapp e360 Wear, the world’s first school management system on a smartwatch, which gives access to real-time data from anywhere, working in sync with the cloud software. Online school fee payments have also become more manageable with this app. Undoubtedly, it’s now one of the best in the business. If you would also like to know more about our robust school management system, book a demo today!