Teacher App Integrated with Edisapp School Software

Eloit introduces the Edisapp Teacher App, a simple and easy school app for teachers and faculty members linked with the Edisapp school management system. Teachers can use digital resources to communicate with parents, students, and school authorities. It bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers and encourages them to collaborate toward student academic success. Today, traditional classrooms have been replaced by computer screens and tabs. This has put enormous pressure on teachers to produce engaging classroom experiences. In today’s academic world, traditional classroom learning is inefficient. To keep up with the times and become a hybrid school, educational institutions are constantly combining e-learning and online learning. This is where schools benefit from Eloit’s Edisapp Mobile App for Teachers.  
Teacher App for Online School
Teacher App integrated School Management Software

Teacher App always in sync with Edisapp School Software

The Edisapp teacher portal is always in sync with the Edisapp School Management System implemented in the school. Faculty members can use the same credentials they used to log in to the Edisapp School Management Software to access the Edisapp school app for teachers. The Edisapp Teacher App for schools is designed to fulfil all the nuanced requirements digitally. These systems are maturing the education space swiftly, facilitating numerous functions that make a teacher’s life easy.  

School Software and App made with love and respect for teachers

Edisapp Online School Management System and School Teacher App are made with love and respect for teachers who played a vital role in our lives. The school app for teachers feeds data from the school ERP and presents it to teachers in a very intuitive manner. Edisapp School Teacher Apps allows teachers to perform numerous learning tasks, mark attendance, track student performance, engage and connect students, and deliver personalized learning. This super simple school app for teachers makes their life easier and faster. Above all, they get more time to spend with their loved ones, making them love Edisapp and us.
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Academics on the go with Edisapp School App for Teachers

Simple and easy software for your school management system delivered via a mobile app empowers faculty members with tools and features to stay ahead of academic requirements. Faculty can notify students and parents about assignments, homework etc., via push notifications. Hence, schools use new learning strategies, unique initiatives and software programs to make learning fun, insightful, and interactive. Teacher Portals are exclusively designed to empower teachers with the tools needed to ensure student success. Giving Homework & Assignments, Marking Attendance, Approving Student Leaves, Checking Schedules, Teaching and Connecting with Parents were never this easy!

Stay connected with students and families via School Apps

Teachers also have the tools available in their apps to communicate with students and parents via personalised messages, secure chat, and push notifications. Edisapp Mobile Apps for teachers syncs with the Edisapp School ERP and School apps. Edisapp Teacher App sync with Mobile App for parents too. The app provides information to the Parent and Student portals and apps. Parents and students will see the same information whether they use the app or the portal. Updates to items such as grades, assignments, or announcements are automatically and instantly reflected in the Mobile App for parents.
Edisapp Teacher App
Edisapp Mobile App for Teachers

School Branded Mobile Apps for Teachers available on Android and iOS

The Edisapp teacher mobile app is available on both Android and iOS and also in the name of the school. Therefore, faculty can visit respective app stores and search for the name of the school to find the school app for teachers of the school. The Best School Branded Mobile Apps for teachers in Google Play and Apple App Store provide fast access to attendance, homework, student performance tracking, and communication with the school & families.

Take a Look at the Edisapp Teacher App

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Principal App

Teacher App

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Branded School Apps

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Know Your School in a Single Glance

The AI-powered Edisapp School ERP enables you to record and process all of your school’s critical information, including students, staff, fees, exams, library, and transportation. In addition, Edisapp’s School Management System enables organisations to save time and money on capital expenditures, resulting in immediate increases in production and efficiency. Using the Best School Automation Software and Mobile Apps on the Market, manage, analyse, evolve, and transform every aspect of your institution.

Cross-Platform Cloud Based School ERP System with App for Teachers

Edisapp’s cloud-based school management software is extremely versatile and has won numerous awards. It works on a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device, and even a wristwatch. You will have access to your school’s data management system from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Also, your personal Edisapp School ERP Support Specialist is available 24/7 by phone, text, or Whatsapp.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Best App For Teachers?
  • What Is a Teacher App?
  • Which Operating Systems Support the Teacher App?
  • How Secure is the Edisapp App for teachers?
  • What Is The Best App For Teachers?

    Edisapp is one of the most reputable and best school management software solutions available, complete with teacher-accessible mobile apps. This software includes numerous useful digital capabilities that enable teachers to handle a variety of activities. These include managing online classes, allocating assignments, and monitoring student attendance. The teacher app’s powerful features aim to bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents, allowing them to collaborate for the students’ improvement. Furthermore, the teacher mobile app is integrated with the Edisapp School Management System. As a result, all pertinent information is readily accessible from one location. Teachers can use the same login credentials to access both the portal and the app.
  • What Is a Teacher App?

    A teacher app enables institutions to manage their faculties more efficiently. Additionally, it simplifies and streamlines academic operations. Generally, the teacher mobile app is integrated into the dedicated management mobile app. Its key features are the ability to manage students, assign assignments, and manage sessions, homework, and other activities. This school app for teachers enables users to save faculty data in the main software for later use. Each teacher has their own profile, which contains their personal information. The teacher mobile app stores all of the faculty’s information, including their name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and degree certificates. This facilitates the authorities’ ability to make an accurate assessment. Whether it’s attendance, academics, scheduling, or management, a teacher app handles all of these issues.
  • Which Operating Systems Support the Teacher App?

    Teacher App is a versatile school app for teachers that is compatible with all devices. This teacher app is built using a cross-platform technology; hence the Edisapp Teacher App is accessible on both Android and iOS. Irrespective of what operating system a faculty uses, they can access this teacher app for school management. In fact, when teachers search for the best software for teachers, they can find it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. One of the reasons why the apps for teachers offer exceptional performance is the integration of Artificial Intelligence. It allows the school to record as well as process vital information related to students, faculty, exams, transportation, library, and fees. And all these facilities are provided under one extensive ERP system. Therefore, this allows education institutions to eliminate the manual process and reduce their operational costs. In turn, they can focus more on providing quality education and improving the growth of the students.
  • How Secure is the Edisapp Teacher App?

    In terms of security, this school management mobile software ticks all the boxes. This teacher portal has a completely encrypted interface with SSL encryption. School ERP system is ISO 27001 certified for banking/enterprise data protection. View more about the technical information related to school software and app here. So no one else can access the app’s data. Edisapp’s school app for teachers is also designed on a cloud platform, adding to its security. It has many positive reviews on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Contact us today for a free teacher app demo.