World’s first School App for Watch in sync with School ERP

Edisapp e360 Wear is the world’s first-ever school app for watch or school management software with Smartwatch connectivity. As the tagline for Edisapp e360 Wear rightly says, “Your School On Your Watch”. The school principals and decision-makers will be able to view several vital information with a glance at their wrist.
Our e360 wear is poised to help educators improve their lives by interacting with their favourite devices. Data and Analytics they get from this app, include student attendance, fee collection details, staff absentees etc. As a result, the school decision-makers can make strategic decisions any time on the go.
Edisapp is the world’s first school-ERP software to provide key stakeholders with a smart watch app that provides access to vital school information. At Eloit, we are proud to be the first school software company to launch a new line of Android wearables apps. The e360 wear will help educators improve their lives and the value they derive from their favourite platforms and devices.
Edisapp e360 wear comes with advanced smartwatch connectivity and synchronisation with the school ERP software. This results in entrusting power upon school principals and decision-makers to manage and organise school activities anywhere at any time.

School ERP system with School App for Smart Watch


Your School on Your Watch, All the Time!

With the Edisapp e360 wear app’s help, principals can stay connected to School Software all the time. Hence they get real-time data feeds on their smart watch. Edisapp e360 wear by Eloit is currently available on Google Wear OS, and the apple version will be available soon. With Edisapp e360 installed on a smartphone, you will now be able to install the Edisapp e360 wearable app on your Smartwatch by visiting the google play store.
In perfect synchronisation with the school ERP system, Edisapp e360 Wear assists principals to receive real-time data feed on their watch and take immediate decisions accordingly. Edisapp offers World’s first school ERP on smartwatch! Principals and Administrators can download this School ERP on Smartwatch by searching for “Edisapp e360 Wear” in Google Playstore on their Smartwatch.
Edisapp e360wear - School App on Watch - School ERP Software on Smartwatch