Edisapp Parent App Simple and Secured School App for Parents

The Edisapp Parent App and Portals for schools facilitates real-time access to student performance insights, daily attendance, homework, assignments, and test results. This cross-platform app for parents helps families and students communicate with the school. Real-time access to student information like attendance, homework, examinations, grades and more are securely available to families right on the phone! See all features of Parent App In short, Edisapp mobile app for parents enables next-generation features including push alerts, real-time data analytics, and personalised communications.
Parent App
edisapp academic notifications on school parent app

School Updates via Parent Portal & Apps

Parents are notified of any school news, announcements, or upcoming special events, ensuring that they never miss critical information. School officials can easily send announcements with attachments on major holidays, any special government circulars, softcopy of printed notices of school celebrations, annual days, Parent-teacher meetings, and so on using this app. Families can read the announcements and stay informed about what is going on at school.

School Notifications via Push Notifications to Parents

Daily timetables, homework’s & assignments with their submission dates, exam schedules etc. are brought before the guardian’s attention for better guidance. The Edisapp parent app receives a plethora of push notifications regarding various announcements, homework, assignments, exam results, attendance, and so on. With push notifications eliminates the need to open the app every time there’s news or an update. Push notifications draw attention to the app on its own.

App for Parents – Performance Updates

Parents get updates on the marks scored by their children in respective exams, tests and assignments. Edisapp helps them to evaluate their child’s performance graph. Homework and assignments uploaded to the Edisapp teacher app are instantly reflected in the parent portal and apps. Each assignment includes a due date as well as additional documents for reference. Students can upload their finished work on or before the due date after completing their homework and assignments. The app displays the marks or grades assigned to the assignment.

Exam & Attendance Report via Parent Portal and Apps

The exam schedule, together with the associated dates and subjects, is communicated by push notification to the parent via the mobile app. During each semester’s result publishing, a softcopy of the exam report cards becomes available through the parent portal and app. Parents can quickly access past report cards via the app’s search function. Parents receive immediate attendance updates to ensure their children are present in their assigned classrooms. Additionally, guardians can submit leave requests using the school’s parent app.
get school update on the mobile app and for parents
Easy Communication via the school app for parents

Easy Communication via Parent Portal & Apps

Parents can easily communicate with teachers and school authorities through chats and SMS. There is no need to come down to school on silly matters. The Edisapp SMS module delivers a message to the parent’s mobile phone in the event of an emergency. If the student’s father, mother or guardians travels outside of the network service area but has a WiFi connection, the message will be sent as a push notification to the mobile app.

Fee Payments via Parent Portal or Parent App

Edisapp’s parent app or parent portal notifies families of upcoming fees, payments, and other important information. Fees can also be paid online through mobile apps for parents. Edisapp enables fathers, mothers or guardians to pay online using Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Banking, Google Pay, Payment Wallets etc. Whether paid online or offline, the receipt is sent to the parent portal and mobile application. Parents can download and print the fee receipt for future reference. Once paid, the fee payment status is automatically updated in the mobile app. More about online fee payment via the school app

Take a Look at Parent App Screens

Edisapp Family Mobile Application for school with news and events updates
Attendance notification via parent app
Edisapp Parent Mobile App with android and ios version
User friendly Dashboard UI of Edisapp K12 School App for family
School Timetable on app for families
News updates on school app for family

Parent App in School Name

School ERP with Parent Portal and branded school apps

Branded School App for Parents

Boost your school’s exposure and reputation by using the top-rated school branded mobile apps for parents ( apps is the name of the school) available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Instant access to student attendance, homework, grades, performance, online fee payments, and effective communication with the school are all possible with the schools own branded mobile app. Whenever there are important school announcements, news, or activities, families will be notified in real-time. The app also delivers notifications for academic matters including daily schedules, homework and assignment due dates, and test dates.

Cross-Platform School ERP with Parent App & Portals

Incredibly adaptable and award-winning Edisapp Cloud-based School Management Software can be used on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch. As a result, Families will be able to access student-specific data from the student information management system from any location, at any time, and on any device. In addition, whenever they have a question, they may reach out to our dedicated Edisapp Parent Helpdesk by call or chat or Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Parents App by Edisapp?
  • What is the Best School ERP Software with Parent Portal and Apps?
  • How can Parents Pay School Fees with the Help of Edisapp?
  • Can Edisapp be Customised?
  • What is Parent App & Parent Portal by Edisapp?

    The Parent App is a user-friendly app designed to keep parents engaged in their child’s school. This school app for parents comes with options for viewing text messages, attendance, home-works, chat, news, pay fee and data safety. In addition, the app for parents also sends push alerts and SMS to the app in less than two seconds. Thanks to the next level content delivery networks and alert services. Users will receive real-time alerts of any school updates, news, and events. Also, the app gives academic alerts such as daily time-table and home work due dates, and test dates. Regular student performance and grade reports are made by the Parent Portal / Parent Apps. In fact, parents can chat with teachers and other school officials to clear any doubts.
  • What is the Best School ERP Software with Parent Portal and Apps?

    The Edisapp parent portal and apps have been evolving with new features. This school ERP software with integrated apps helps families monitor their children’s progress. Families are notified of all school announcements and events. They get daily timetables, exam schedules, homework and assignment updates. Edisapp’s artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology make it simple to record and analyse students’ academic performance, attendance, fee, and transportation. Its user-friendliness and high-end encryption make it the best school ERP software for school parents. As a cross-platform app, it works on android, iOS and web browsers.
  • How can Parents Pay School Fees with the Help of Edisapp?

    Edisapp’s student management system is designed to help parents communicate with their children’s school. Apart from assisting them in tracking their ward’s academic and extracurricular activities, it also streamlines fee payments. Families will be reminded about fees, the amount payable, and the due date via the mobile application, portals or via text message. Parents can then make a payment by credit/debit card, net banking, or Google Pay directly from the school app or parent portal. If a participant fails to make a payment by the deadline, they will receive reminders. The payment can be made online without the parent having to go to the school or the bank. With automatic reconciliation, the school will fully know all transactions and payments made to their account. We have stringent data security policies because we’re an ISO 27001-certified business. We make sure that neither the payers’ data nor the specifics of the transaction are available to a third party.
  • Can Edisapp Mobile Apps be Customised?

    Edisapp is a state-of-the-art school and student information management software system that has been dedicatedly designed and developed, keeping in mind the needs of the school and parents. We at Eloit are aware that each institution has its own unique needs. So, we have ensured that it’s fully customisable as per the requirement of the school. We are probably the only school software company offering unlimited customisations to meet the exact needs of the school.