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We stand for inclusive and equitable quality education and envisage being the global leader in providing Academic Quality Benchmarking Software for rankings, ratings, assessments, and accreditations. Our Edisapp K12 Software is one of the best online student management system software in the world.
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Edisapp School Management System is a secure, flexible, and powerful cloud-based educational software for students. Enriched with 130+ modules, advanced features, and groundbreaking AI capabilities, it offers a transformative experience in school management. The AI technology enhances school communication, lesson planning, and personalized learning, while providing seamless audio-to-text conversion. The system can be fully customized to meet your school’s needs and includes dedicated apps for parents, teachers, and admins, all in the school’s name. ISO 27001 Certified with inbuilt data safety, Edisapp simplifies operations, enabling everyone to deliver the best service and care.
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What is School Management System Software?

Running a great school is a huge task. Keeping records of student and staff data, fees, exams, grades etc., while focusing on student success is a real pain. There are many departments in an education management system like student attendance management system, exam management system, etc. Managing all of them at once needs good planning and the best systems in place. All schools can hugely gain from the School manager system made by Eloit.

But, What is an online school management system software, really? The use of the school management software system is vast. Assuring a good link between school parents and teachers is the prime task. Other works are to do all new pupil admission & HR tasks, make reports, send alerts, collect fees and check up on student progress. Schools are making good use of such a cloud-based educational software for students to gain max efficiency with min faults.

Edisapp, as a K-12 school management system, helps school admins with the tools they need to run it in the best way. The system gives school admins and teachers a path that is creative, saves cost and ensures kids’ growth. The School Management System or SMS is also known as K12 school ERP software.
Edisapp School ERP
Watch the Edisapp explainer video
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Why Edisapp is the Best Online School Management Software System?

Edisapp stands as the Best Online School Management Software System, impressing users with its unrivaled speed, comprehensive features, and seamless integration of advanced AI technology. Recognized as the World’s Fastest Student Management System Software, Edisapp effectively maps all major data flows in a school, encapsulating every aspect of a student’s life cycle. From the moment a new student joins, the software handles everything: fees, homework, messaging, exams, grades, reports, and even the creation of the transfer note when they complete their class. Our cutting-edge AI capabilities further enhance these features, elevating school communication, lesson planning, and personalized learning experiences, while providing AI-Powered audio-to-text conversion for smooth, barrier-free communication. What truly sets Edisapp apart from other online student management system software is our dedicated tech support alongside these top-notch features. In an industry where such dedicated support is scarce, we ensure our clients always have the assistance they need. Choose Edisapp, choose the best.
Support for School Management System

24 x 7 Dedicated Support Team

Our award-winning, friendly and trained School Software Support team is ever ready to help you. Their help is only a phone call, e-mail, text, or WhatsApp Chat away.
School Software Customisation

Fully Customisable School ERP

We are the only software system for school management in the world that allows customising all its modules and apps. In other words, Edisapp will adjust to the needs of the school.
School Management System Data Security

Fully Secure School Software

Eloit is an ISO 27001 certified firm for school data safety. We are one of the few companies in the world to have got this award. Schools may feel safe knowing their data is safe.
Schools across the globe love Edisapp School Management System!
School Management System and School Apps loved by Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents. Listen to real-life reviews about Edisapp School Software.
Fr. Joshy Sebastian, Principal
St. Antony’s Public School, Kanjirappally, Kerala, India
Sr. Divya Kavukattu FCC, Principal
St. Jude Convent School, Nakodar, Punjab, India
Fr. Shaji Paul CMI, Principal
Amala CMI Public School, Vaikom, Kerala, India

Modules and Features of School Management Software System

Edisapp stands out as a premium School Software with 120+ features to choose from plus 100% customisation options. As an ISO Certified system, it comes with top-level SSL Encryption with an Auto Backup facility and more.

Branded School Apps

Apps for Schools in sync with Management Systems

The system for school Management comes with a series of user-friendly School Apps. These apps are made separately for Parents, Teachers and Principals. It unifies all communications and operations of the school. The apps feed live data from the Online School Admin System and project only the required data to and from the users. The apps help users stay linked with the school, the way they want. Engage your users with school-branded apps.
Principal AppParent AppTeacher AppSmart TV App

Mobile Apps for Principals

Organise, Manage & Run Your school with Edisapp e360 mobile app for school principals and decision-makers. Edisapp e360 app for school administrators is in perfect sync with the Online School ERP; the app facilitates ongoing administration of all school activities.
Main Features
  • View complete Student and Staff information
  • Send critical communications to all
  • View financial information
  • Data-based decision making
  • View daily attendance of students & staff.

Mobile Apps for Parents

Get your Institution higher visibility and greater respect with the Best School Mobile Apps for Parents in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The School App for Parents enables instant access to student attendance, homework, performance, online fee payments and effective communication with the school.
Main Features
  • Receive important communication from the school
  • Check assignments and homework
  • Multi-child access support
  • Pay the fee and get receipts online
  • View student attendance and apply for leave

Mobile Apps for Teachers

The School App for Teachers is made just to empower teachers with the tools needed to ensure student success. Teachers can now focus more on their students. Giving Homework & Assignments, Marking attendance, Approving Leaves and Connecting with Parents were never this easy!
Main Features
  • Mark Student Attendance & Approve leave
  • Give Assignments & Homework
  • Connect & Chat with Parents
  • View list of students in class and their details
  • Send alerts to parents with attachments

Edisapp Smart TV Parent App

It is the world’s first and only Smart TV Parent App, designed for the parents to monitor and track their child’s performance and productivity on a smart TC from their living rooms. They get real-time insights into all school activities like attendance, reports, grades, homework, event schedules, school notifications, and more on their Smart TV.
Main Features
  • Interactive communication modes
  • Alerts, notifications, and reminders
  • Easy access to homework & assignments
  • Be up-to-date with fee payments, dues, and child’s history.
  • Real-time information on the timetable, events, circulars, and exams
Edisapp e360 Wear – Your School on your Watch

World’s first School Management App on Smartwatch.

The world’s best School Software now comes with a wear-able app. Edisapp e360 Wear is the world’s first smartwatch app for school owners. Wear app, allows school owners with access to key school data at a glance on their watch.

Edisapp School ERP on Smartwatch

Partner with a Company Embracing School Data Security

Eloit is committed to being a good custodian of school and student data. We take all possible steps to protect your school data and ensure it is safe and available. Eloit is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Safety. We ensure safety in Design, Developing, and Manage Data & Support of Cloud-Based Software, Apps & IT Enabled Services for Schools.
Thomson Philip, CEO – Eloit
ISO 27001 Certified School Management Software with Data Security
Jennifer Hillhouse Review on School Management Software

Jennifer Hillhouse

Educational Manager
English Kids Academy
Bucharest- Romania

It is amazing to see the Edisapp project grow and develop with each step.

It is a pleasure to work with the Eloit team and I’m personally exceptionally grateful for your ongoing support, whether it relates to a new feature, an update or a bug fix – everyone is so helpful.

Many thanks once again and kindest regards.

Edisapp K12 School Software is the highest rated System for School Management

Eloit’s School Admin System got the Best Support Award from Software Suggest for the year 2021. We are glad to have received the ‘Best Support’ award! We want to thank all of our clients, team-mates and families for making this possible and for their ongoing support! This prestigious award could not have been achieved without our brilliant Team! Each Team member knows their importance & how they played a vital role in this achievement! Bravo Team Eloit! Glory to God!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do Schools need a School Management System?
  • What is the Best School Management System?
  • What is School Information Management System?
  • How is Edisapp School Management Software different?
  • How do You Avail of the Services of Edisapp?
  • Why do School’s need a School Management System?

    A school management system (SMS) is a software or app that automates the full data and process flow of a school. SMS is also an MIS or ERP used by schools to manage the data of all of their students and staff. At its heart, the school software stores all school data and enables its users to make more learning choices. The school software helps to boost efficiency by managing online student admissions, classes, managing fees and other processes of a school. Moreover, it also manages student and staff attendance, online fee payment, parent chat, exams, payroll, and online learning. Also, the K12 Software App has more than 130 features to help schools to run their operations smoothly. The School Admin System by Eloit can perform a variety of tasks, such as:
    • New Student Enrolment
    • Manage Student & Staff Data
    • Attendance tracking
    • Fees, Invoices and payment
    • Reports on Exam progress and grading
    • Timetable generation
    • Communicate with parents & staff
    • Learning Management System
    • Manage School Bus, Library etc.
  • What is the Best School Management System?

    Edisapp is creating new scope when it comes to software for schools. Being hosted on Azure Cloud and powered by advanced Content Delivery Networks, it’s fast, safe and easy to use across devices. You can use it even on your smart-watch and track all the details. We are also raising the bar in terms of school data safety. Being an IS0 27001 audited company we employ SSL/TLS and advanced encryptions. This ensures data is only accessible by the desired user and the server. Powered by AI and state-of-the-art tech, the K12 software enables the recording and processing of all key data of the school. Like student data, staff, fees, exams, library, and school buses. The simple and user-friendly UI ensures easy and quick end-user adoption.
  • What is School Information Management System?

    A School Information Management System (SIMS) is used to automate all the tasks of running a school. The SIMS helps all users, teachers, parents, and students to get vital school data anytime on any device. Despite having three apps and portals it shares a single database. So that all info is easily available. The USP of the school information management system lies in its ability to create exam report cards in a few seconds, while it takes five to ten minutes by other apps. The school Manager System must be an enabler for the complete digital transformation of schools. Along with its features, modules and facilities, the student management system must also offer seamless integrations. Like, online fee payment gateways, communication systems, biometric attendance marking systems, school payroll systems, learning management systems etc. While giving the top features, SMS must also ensure strict adherence to data security protocols while managing the flow of data. Moreover, the School Software must be easy to make changes and is available 24/7 and on any device.
  • How is Edisapp School Management Software different?

    Edisapp is a robust online student management system that stands out from other such education management systems. It comes with dedicated portals and apps for the school owners, principal, teachers, office staff, students, and parents. It is now the only K12 software for schools that can be customised exactly as per each school’s needs. Above all, you may request any change to the school admin system until all of your needs are met, as per the Edisapp packages opted. One of the most significant features of the Edisapp education management system is its ability to automate all complex functions and process flow with ease. With 130+ features, Edisapp ERP makes it really simple to manage online admissions, fees collection, tests, reporting and much more. In short, it is built on the most advanced and enterprise-grade tech stack. In short, Edisapp school ERP offers the best education management system for schools that is super fast, premium and offers banking grade data safety.
  • How do You Avail of the Services of Edisapp?

    At Eloit, we think that every student must get the best education. Likewise, every teacher shall have the best tools to lead them to success. Edisapp’s premium student management system empowers teachers with the tools needed to deliver the best to their students. After all, our school software and apps benefit teachers, parents and kids alike. To sum up, If you are interested in using Edisapp’s services, all you need to do is book a free demo with us. You can book the free demo with us by filling out the Demo Form, and we will get back. In addition, you may contact us directly via phone, email or Whatsapp. Once you like the system and wish to implement it in your school, our experienced School Software implementation team will migrate your school data from your current system and implement all the Edisapp modules within the agreed time frame.