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We stand for inclusive and equitable quality education and envisage being the global leader in providing Academic Quality Benchmarking Software for rankings, ratings, assessments, and accreditations. Our Edisapp School ERP is one of the best school management systems in the world.
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Edisapp School ERP by Eloit is a powerful and flexible educational institution management software specifically designed for schools. Edisapp School Software integrates the industry’s most comprehensive features, future-ready technology, and data security. As a result, the Edisapp ERP simplifies administrative tasks, improves communication and delivers more efficient and effective services for all stakeholders. In addition, the Software System is highly configurable, can be 100% customised, and is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
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What is School Management System?

Running a School well is a Herculean task. From keeping accurate records of school activities, communications, and managing students and staff data while concentrating on student performance, etc., can be a hot mess. In addition, there are different independent departments in a school setting, and managing all of them at once requires proper planning and administration. This is where schools and educational institutions leverage the power of school management software.

But first, what is a school management system? From ensuring proper communication channels are laid between school administration, teachers, parents, and students to taking care of New Student Admissions, HR tasks, creating accurate student reports, and maintaining records of student performance, among other things, the application of a school software is vast. To ensure maximum efficiency and prevent any mistakes, schools are leveraging the benefits of such online school management solutions.

A school ERP system provides tools that enable the school administration to run the institution as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The system offers a roadmap to the administrators that demonstrates ingenuity, cost-savings, student improvements, and efficiency. School Management System is also known as school automation software.
Edisapp School ERP
Watch the Edisapp explainer video
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Why Edisapp is the Best Online School Management System Software?

Speed. Finesse. Agility. Robust. Edisapp is guaranteed to amaze your mind with its speed and state-of-the-art features. After all, Edisapp is the World’s Fastest School Management System. Edisapp School ERP streamlines every significant information flow of education institutions from new student admission, student information management, communication, fee collection, homework, assignments, exams, grades, transcripts to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. Out of the numerous online school management apps across the globe, what makes Edisapp unique and reliable is its exclusive features and dedicated support that you never find elsewhere.
Support for School Management System

24 x 7 Dedicated Support Team

Our award-winning, friendly, pro-active, well-trained School Software Support team is always ready to delight you in their professional support. Your help is just a Call, Email, Text, or Whatsapp away
School Software Customisation

Fully Customisable School ERP

Edisapp is the world’s only School Software that offers customisation options for all its School ERP Modules, Apps and Portals. In short, our software for school management will adjust to the operating procedure of the school, not the other way around.
School Management System Data Security

Fully Secure School Software

Eloit is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Online School Software Systems for Education Institutions & Organisations.
Schools across the globe love Edisapp School Management System!
School Management System and School Apps loved by Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents. Listen to real-life reviews about Edisapp School Software.
Fr. Joshy Sebastian, Principal
St. Antony’s Public School, Kanjirappally, Kerala, India
Sr. Divya Kavukattu FCC, Principal
St. Jude Convent School, Nakodar, Punjab, India
Fr. Shaji Paul CMI, Principal
Amala CMI Public School, Vaikom, Kerala, India
Modules and Features of School Management System
With 70+ modules and features to choose from, along with a 100% customisation facility, Edisapp School ERP Software stands out at an exceptionally premium level in the School Software Segment. Certified by ISO, Edisapp has top-level SSL Encryption with an Auto Backup facility and more.

Branded School Apps

Mobile Apps for Schools in sync with School ERP System

The software for school administration, Edisapp, comes with a series of comprehensive School Apps specifically designed for Parents, Teachers, Principals & Decision Makers. It unifies all communications and operations of the school ecosystem. The mobile apps feed live data from Online School Management System and project only the necessary information to and from the users. The school mobile apps help the stakeholders stay connected with the school, the way it matters. Engage your stakeholders with your own School Branded Mobile Apps.
Principal AppParent AppTeacher App
Organize, Manage & Run Your school with Edisapp e360 mobile app for school principals and decision-makers. Edisapp e360 app for school administrators is in perfect sync with the Online School ERP; the app facilitates ongoing administration of all school activities.
Main Features
  • View complete Student and Staff information
  • Send critical communications to all
  • View financial information
  • Data-based decision making
  • View daily attendance of students & staff.
Get your Institution higher visibility and greater respect with the Best School Mobile Apps for Parents in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The School App for Parents enables instant access to student attendance, homework, performance, online fee payments and effective communication with the school.
Main Features
  • Receive important communication from the school
  • Check assignments and homework
  • Multi-child access support
  • Pay fee and get receipts online
  • View student attendance and apply for leave
School App for Teachers is exclusively designed to empower teachers with the tools needed to ensure student success. Giving Homework & Assignments, Marking Attendance, Approving Student Leaves, Checking Schedules, Teaching and Connecting with Parents was never this easy!
Main Features
  • Mark Student Attendance & Approve leave
  • Give Assignments & Homework
  • Connect & Chat with Parents
  • View list of students in class and their details
  • Send alerts to parents with attachments
Edisapp e360 Wear – Your School on your Watch

World’s first Software for School Management on Smartwatch.

Edisapp e360 Wear, the world’s first School Management System / School ERP with Smartwatch connectivity, enables the school principals and decision-makers to view several vital information about their school at a quick glance on their wrists.

Edisapp School ERP on Smartwatch

Partner with a Company Embracing School Data Security

Eloit is committed to being a good custodian of student data – taking all reasonable and appropriate countermeasures in ensuring data confidentiality, integrity & availability. Eloit is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Cloud-Based Software Solutions, Mobile Applications & Information Technology Enabled Services for Education Institutions & Organizations.
Thomson Philip, CEO – Eloit
ISO 27001 Certified School Management Software with Data Security
Sister Nirmal Mary Review on School Management Software
Sr. Nirmal Mary, Principal
St. Peters School, Faridabad, India
There are countless reasons why technology is a prominent aspect of the effective administration of a school. Reliable technical assistance for efficient communication between the stakeholders, timely generation of various reports, coordination among internal and external functions, and comprehensive evaluation of the education process are essential for the efficient working of a school. St.Peter’s school has been working in collaboration with the Edisapp school admin software team since 2017. Service during urgency with focused attention is the bedrock of this dynamic team. The new features of the software about online exams, academic reports, analytics, and special assistance in times of the pandemic season were boons to the school management. I acknowledge your assistance and also extend good wishes to you to spread your wings hereafter in the global education world with vibrancy and innovation. May God bless all your endeavours.

Edisapp School ERP is the highest rated School Management System

Edisapp School ERP Software by Eloit has received the Software Suggest 2021 Award for Best Support! We are honoured to have received the renowned award of ‘Best Support’ from Software Suggest® for 2021! We take this moment to thank each and every client of ours for making this a possibility & for their continued inspiration! This prestigious award could not have been achieved without our brilliant Team! Each Team member knows their importance & how they played a vital role in this achievement! Bravo Team Eloit! Glory to God!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Best School Management System?
  • What is ERP Software for Schools?
  • How is Edisapp ERP Software Different from Others?
  • How do You Avail of the Services of Edisapp?
  • What is the Best School Management System?

    Edisapp is creating new dimensions when it comes to ERP software for schools. Being hosted on Microsoft Azure and powered by advanced Content Delivery Networks, it’s fast and easy to use across platforms. You can use it even on your smartwatch and track all the details. We are also raising the bar in terms of security. An ISO 27001 certified company, we use HTTPS and advanced technologies to ensure sensitive data remains constricted to user and server. Powered by artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies, school software will enable you to record and process all key information about students, staff, fees, exams, library, and transportation. The highly advanced interface with high-end encryption will ensure there is no third-party intervention. Moreover; the school administration system also helps improve productivity and efficiency and reduces capital expenses.
  • What is School Information Management System?

    School Information Management System is developed to streamline all the tasks of running a school. The centralised dashboard helps all stakeholders, teachers, and students to access vital information anytime, anywhere. Despite three different mobile applications, and user portals it shares a common database so that all information is readily available. The USP of Edisapp School Information Management System lies in its ability to generate exam report cards or grade books in five seconds or less, which usually takes five to ten minutes by other apps. The school Manager System must be an enabler for the complete digital transformation of schools. Along with its features, modules and facilities, the school management system must also offer seamless integrations. Like, online fee payment gateways, communication systems, biometric attendance marking systems, school payroll systems, learning management systems etc. While integrating the industry’s most advanced features, school ERP must also ensure strict adherence to data security protocols while streamlining the flow of information. Moreover, the school’s Information Management System must be easy to customise and is accessible 24/7, anywhere and on any device.
  • How is Edisapp ERP Software Different from Others school database management systems?

    Edisapp ERP software is a strong and robust online school manager system that stands out from the competition. It includes dedicated portals for management, principal, administrators, classroom teachers, office workers, students, and parents that are interconnected yet segregated. Edisapp is now the only ERP software for schools that enables for customization of all of its system administration components. You may request customisations to the school administration system until all of your requirements are addressed, in accordance with the packages selected. The most intriguing feature of the Edisapp school database management system is its ability to automate all complex functions flawlessly. Edisapp makes it simple to manage online admissions, fee collecting, tests, and reporting. Due to the fact that it is built on the most advanced and enterprise-grade technologies, it simplifies school management. Edisapp is now the only school ERP that offers banking/enterprise-level data protection.
  • How do You Avail of the Services of Edisapp?

    At Eloit, we think that every student deserves to receive the education they deserve and that every educator deserves the greatest tools possible to assist their students in overcoming obstacles. As a result, Edisapp’s enterprise-grade school administration software is empowering the education industry with ground-breaking technology and solutions that benefit both instructors and kids. If you are interested in using Edisapp’s services, all you need to do is schedule a consultation with us. You can schedule a free demo with us by completing the School Software Demo form and we will contact you. Alternatively, you may contact us directly. We will integrate Edisapp School Administration System with your current environment upon your confirmation, and you will be able to utilise all of its features.