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iso-27001 certified school management software
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System Requirements

View technical information for implementing, managing, and configuring Edisapp School Software & Mobile Apps.
Software for School Administration - Edisapp

Edisapp Portals – School Software 
Built for Desktop and Laptop Devices

Edisapp School Software web version built for desktop and laptops runs on any internet-connected device with the latest version of any modern internet browser, be it on a laptop, personal computers, tablet or mobile.
Chrome | Edge | Firefox | Safari

Edisapp Mobile Apps – School Mobile Apps built for
Apple iOS & Android Devices

Edisapp School Software comes with Mobile Apps for Parents/Students, App for Teachers, and App for School Principals and Decision Makers. These mobile apps for schools are built using flutter cross-platform technology and run on the latest versions of iOS and Andriod. Minimum supported versions are
Android 7.0 or Above | iOS 9 or Above
Edisapp Mobile Apps for schools
School App for Watch - Edisapp e360 Wear

Edisapp Wear Apps – School ERP Software built for
Wearable Android Smartwatches

Edisapp e360, the exclusive mobile app for school decision-makers, even runs on Smartwatches too. Edisapp e360 wear, the smartwatch app for school, delivers real-time school data for decision-makers and principals live on a smartwatch. Your school on your watch always!
Wear OS 1.0 or Above

Secure Infrastructure

Edisapp software for school management and mobile apps are delivered using the most secure, licensed and most advanced technology infrastructure. Edisapp is cloud-native, with robust system architecture, coded using solid design principles and utilises the most advanced feature and facilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platforms and Infrastructures.
Secure Infrastructure


Edisapp is delivered for each school via a fully isolated and dedicated cloud environment exclusive to that school, ensuring infra-structure & platform security with SSL bindings.

Automatic High Availability

Edisapp is a cloud-native app harnessing the full potential of Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure as a service offering. All Edisapp fully isolated and dedicated servers for each school are covered with Automatic High Availability guarantee with Traffic Manager, Auto Scale and 99.95% Server Uptime assurance.


Edisapp uses the most secure encryption protocols, and algorithms to provide a barrier against unauthorised access to school data, ensuring a safe path for data to travel through the infrastructure and protect stored data confidentiality. Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) | Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256 Bit-Locker encryption | Azure Storage Service Encryption
Secure Infrastructure
Microsoft Certified Partner for School App

School App certified with ISO 27001 for data security

Partner with a Company Embracing School Data Security

ISO 27001 Certified for Management of Information Security Eloit is committed to being a good custodian of student data. That’s why in Edisapp School Software we are taking all reasonable and appropriate countermeasures in ensuring data confidentiality, integrity & availability. Eloit is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Cloud-Based Software Solutions, Mobile Applications & Information Technology Enabled Services for Education Institutions & Organizations. Edisapp ERP Software for schools is one of the very few school software companies with ISO 27001 Certification.

Data Protection in Edisapp Software for Schools

Eloit is a good custodian of school/student data and complies with general data privacy acts, regional and industry-specific data protection laws, and the highest data protection standards :
  • School/Student data is stored on secure Microsoft Azure Cloud data centres
  • End-users may share the same physical hardware, but the data is always separated for each user.
  • Users who require access to student/school business data need to authenticate themselves, and their identity must be verified by user credentials and role/user access controls.
  • Student / School data belongs to the school; always.
  • In the unlikely event of service termination, Edisapp will hand over all the data to the school in a re-useable format.
School App Data Protection
School App for Watch

User Administration and Authentication in School Software

Reliable identity/access management protocols are the core of secure and compliant school management system operations. Edisapp uses the most robust, most secure encryption protocols in the industry to provide a barrier against unauthorized access to school and student data.
  • Edisapp school management software relies on the user management and authentication mechanisms provided with the Azure Cloud technology platform and the Eloit platform.
  • Edisapp has in-built mechanisms to ensure users are who they say they are and will double-check based on specific events or behaviours.
  • Edisapp had a built-in mechanism for credentials resetting, blocking and unblocking users, enabling and disabling device level, and feature level access for groups and individual users.

School Software – Security Audits

At Eloit, we conduct regular internal and external, manual and automated security audits to ensure early detection of any vulnerabilities,
  • We are committed to implementing all the latest technologies, policies, and procedures to ensure our customers’ security, privacy, and data integrity
  • Edisapp uses multiple encryption methods, protocols, and algorithms thereby provide a secure path for information to travel through the Edisapp network infrastructure, and to help protect the privacy of data that is stored within the infrastructure.
  • Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256
  • Storage Service Encryption and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)
School Software Security Audits
Cloud Solutions Best Practices

Cloud Solutions Best Practices for School Software

We follow the industry recommended operating best practices for cloud solutions and data centres,
  • Automated backups and disaster management systems
  • A redundant hardware storage system performs regular backups.
  • Fully isolated, dedicated and advanced Azure CLOUD Solutions
  • Separate WebApps, MSSQL database servers, Blob Storage etc. are used to securely isolate each school’s data, files and other assets.
  • Auto-scaling, traffic manager, auto-backup and disaster recovery provisions are auto enabled for advanced data security, reliability and scalability.
Secure Infrastructure Secure Infrastructure Secure Infrastructure

Fully integrated connected school

Edisapp School Software is built with a larger vision to be the school’s central technology platform, on top of which all other technology services, devices, apps and gateways are connected upon for providing a seamless, always-on, “connected school” experience for all stakeholders.
Payment Gateways
for online fee collection
SMS Gateways
for sending text alerts
Email Gateways
for sending email alerts
Push Notifications
for sending push alerts to mobiles
Bar Code/QR Code
for digital identification
Biometric Face Detection
for staff attendance marking
ID Card Printers
for Staff and Student ID Cards
Microsoft Teams
virtual classrooms & learning
Google Books
for digital identification
Google Maps
for staff attendance marking
Bank Integrations
for Staff and Student ID Cards
Microsoft Office 365
virtual classrooms & learning
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