Covid 19 response from Edisapp School Software
Edisapp School Software Covid Updates – New Features and Resources in Response to Covid-19
At Eloit, we are continuously bringing in New Features in Edisapp School Software to assist schools as they transition to the new normal, the hybrid school.
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    Always Connected and Hybrid with Edisapp School Software Covid Updates
    Adapt your school to the new digitalized post-Covid-19, Stay always connected to your school, enable highly secure access for all the stakeholders to the school’s digital infrastructures, enable both online or in-class teaching and learning, empower all the students, teachers and parents to access teaching and learning resources, communicate, pay fee, attend exam either online or offline, view grades and exam reports. Manage & Run the school from anywhere by enabling the school staff with the cloud-based digital infrastructure they need.
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    Virtual Classrooms, Online teaching & learning with fully integrated Microsoft teams
    At Eloit, we are committed to offering our teams professional and technical expertise in setting up your school for Online Teaching & Learning during this time of corona crisis. Being the official partner to Microsoft, Eloit has implemented Microsoft Teams fully integrated with Edisapp to enable online virtual teaching and learning during the covid lockdown for all our client schools, and 100’s of other schools. Edisapp is the first School ERP Software from India to have full integration with Microsoft Teams. Our integration with Microsoft Teams enabled the faster and smoother transition of school to online mode, enabling user accounts for teachers and students, virtual classrooms, assigning students to respective classes and sending the user credentials to respective students and staff via SMS.
  • COVID-19 New Online Exam Features in Edisapp School Software
    Online Exams with questions paper and Answer Paper upload, Evaluation with annotations, Mark Entry, Remarks and online exam report cards
    Exams – the major and highly crucial part of education during the covid period is extremely simplified by Eloit’s Edisapp, the online school management systems even by keeping the real-time exam experience. Students get access to question paper at the scheduled time; they can write answers on a paper, and upload the answers back to the portal before the scheduled end time. Teachers are enabled with advanced features for the online paper evaluation with annotation, question wise mark entry, auto tally, question wise and overall remarks, tracker facility with quick analytics and time extension, print and save options. Generating the Exam Report Cards in bulk after the mark entry is a highly appreciable Exam module feature. Edisapp enables the teachers to publish the exam report cards to the parent mobile application.
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    Online assignment & homework issuance and work submission
    With Edisapp School Software Covid Updates, teachers can publish daily homework/assignments via their Edisapp teacher’s mobile apps. Teachers have the flexibility to create assignments for each division of a standard they are teaching or assign the same homework to all the divisions of the same standard at once. On the other side, parents get push alerts for each homework/assignment given by the teachers immediately. Students can upload the complete works, which teachers can evaluate on their phone/app. Teachers can also track students who viewed/submitted it. With Edisapp Teacher App, teachers greatly benefited during covid for continuing the online classes for students and staying connected with them.
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    Fully integrated and automatically reconciled online payment gateway enabling seamless fee payment
    Edisapp School Software Covid Updates helped the school migrate the fee collection to fully online mode with a very high adoption rate of up to 93% of all fees paid during the pandemic. The fully integrated and automatically reconciled integration with the school management system makes the online fee collection an effortless school administration task. Usually, the online fee payment is an easier task for the parents, but reconciliation and management were complex for the school. The real-time payment tracking of who paid what, who didn’t pay, sending remainders, the settlement of funds, the breakup of settlement, handling of technical issues etc. are super simple with Edisapp School Management Software.
  • COVID-19 Updates in Edisapp School Software
    Enhanced fee adjustments & concession management options to manage bulk fee waivers
    Another major worry for the schools during the pandemic and school lockdown was how to handle fee concession, fee waiver, and sometimes complete cancellation and refund of random fee heads already collected from few / all students. School resorted to cancelling the already collected fee, giving discounts or sometimes creating new bills etc., and this creates confusion and doubles up the school office’s workload. Edisapp introduced the Fee Adjustment functionality after a discussion with several school managements. Using this fee adjustment feature in the school management system, the school can adjust the excess amount, to the upcoming fee items, as they want without cancelling the existing bill and creating new bills.
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    Face detection biometric attendance device integration enabling contactless staff auto attendance experience
    Several of our client schools used bio-metric fingerprint attendance capture devices for school staff attendance marking. Due to the pandemic, taking attendance via fingerprint devices was not advised. The schools wanted to avoid multiple contacts and prevent the spread of the infection. To assist the school, Eloit introduced the face detection biometric device. The school staff need to walk in front of the biometric device, which can be fixed on any open area, the face will be auto-detected, and attendance marking became fully contactless, safer and easier for all. Attendance reports are also fully integrated within the Edisapp school management system with access to real-time staff attendance for the principal and decision-makers from the Edisapp e360 mobile app, and Edisapp e360 Wear app.
  • COVID-19 New Features & Updates in Edisapp School Software
    Virtual training for school teachers on online teaching methodologies, best practices and etiquettes
    As the pandemic caused schools to be in shutdown mode, and all the schools across the country were figuring out how to handle the situation. Schools were worried on how to conduct classes online, and how to train their teachers on this new model of online teaching and learning etc., Eloit was the first company in India to introduce regular webinars series to educate the school management, teachers, parents etc on how to adapt to the online mode of teaching and learning, and best practises for online teaching, exams, evaluations etc. Eloit was also the first school management software company in India to have a fully integrated school management software and app capable of handling virtual classes via Microsoft Teams. Eloit also conducted regular refresher training programs and webinars for our client schools and several public events to train teachers and educators worldwide on online teaching etiquettes, best practise and how to win the student over the online teaching modes. We also conducted large webinars attended by more than 22,000 teachers at a single event. Several training programs were conducted for parents and students on what to expect, how to adapt to the online classes and online learning modes. Eloit’s fast and thoughtful efforts, New Features, Updates & Resources in Edisapp School Software etc were much appreciated by the schools.
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    Online Admission Process Management with the new process flow to match covid protocols, online interviews Scheduling And Online Fee Payments
    With Edisapp School Management System and our teams continuing passion for supporting the schools with all the technology tools, they need at the time they need; our client schools could fully automate and make online the entire process flow for seamless student registrations/intake of the new students. Online registration portals for all classes and grades were provided for our client school with additional facilities for handling admission fee collections, documents uploading, scheduling & conducting online interviews of the candidates. Finally, shortlisting & selecting the candidates and moving them to the student database, were super simple, straightforward, and seamless.