Credisapp for NAAC


Accreditation from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has become a benchmark for quality in Indian Education System. NAAC accreditation brings academic excellence and exposure to international standards for higher education institutions. Along with students and stakeholders the nation also benefit from NAAC accreditation.
Like any other accreditation process NAAC also have a framework which is quite difficult to study, follow and execute. NAAC follows descriptive methodology rather than objective methodology, which makes the process more complex and time consuming. Different criteria and sub-criteria involved in the assessment practice are most of the time described as hardly manageable for staffs who are in charge of accreditation process.
Keeping track of all the vast amount of information, documents and evidence related to institution, staff, facilities, committees, events, criteria, sub-criterial and surveys for several years require relentless effort and skilled resources. Generating IQAC reports each year and maintaining or improving the grade also spread the process in to following academic calendars. Balancing day to day activities and accreditation workflow is nearly impossible in traditional ways. Redundancy of information, documents and procedures require complex, hard to follow dedicated systems to store, manage and track.
It was a necessity to Innovate a software application which can streamline the entire NAAC accreditation process, and Eloit Innovations is the first company who thought of a comprehensive accreditation automation software series for education institutions. We identify the pain points in the NAAC accreditation process and came up with disruptive technological solution. Eloit introduces Credisapp NAAC – The NAAC accreditation process automation software – one of the many in Credisapp series.