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With an advanced interface fully secured with high-end encryption, the multiple award-winning Edisapp Online Software for School Management allows schools and educators to record and process vital information about students, staff, fees, exams, libraries, transportation, and everything else. The K12 Management Software assists educational institutions in saving time and capital expenses, increasing productivity quickly, and improving school administration efficiency. With Edisapp, the world’s best school management software, you can manage, analyse, evolve, and transform every aspect of an educational institution.
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What is Edisapp, the Best School Management Software?
Eloit’s Edisapp School Management Software is a powerful and adaptable academic ERP designed specifically for K-12 educational institutions. The Multiple Award-Winning School Management Software incorporates the most comprehensive set of features in the industry, as well as future-ready technology and data security. This K12 Student Information System automates every major information flow in educational institutions, from new student admissions to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. The school’s ERP software streamlines administrative processes, improves communication, and provides more efficient and effective services to all stakeholders. Edisapp software for schools is highly configurable, completely customizable, and accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
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Manage, Analyse, Evolve and Digitally Transform every part of your institution with Edisapp School Software

At Eloit, we created Edisapp, online software for school management to assist every school in digitally transforming into an intelligent, unified and hybrid campus. In other words, the schools need to be digital, mobile and online. This transformation is possible with the Edisapp School Management Software. The School Software comes with 120+ modules and features. In addition, the School ERP Software is 100% customisable. Our School Management System stands out as an exceptionally premium level in the school software management market. The school ERP is accessible across the globe on any electronic device securely and safely (See Edisapp School Software Technical Information). The ISO 27001:2013 Certified School Software, Edisapp has top-level SSL encryption with an Auto Backup facility and more. Distinctly, parents would have real-time access to their child’s information, online fee payment facility, attendance and Microsoft Teams for the virtual learning via the Edisapp’s School Branded Mobile App.

Always Connected and Hybrid, the new normal for post-covid-19 schools

Adapt your school to the new digital world post-Covid-19. Empower stakeholders by giving them highly secure access to the school’s digital infrastructure with Edisapp School Management Software. It is best to facilitate both online or in-class teaching and learning. For instance, encourage all the students and parents to access teaching and learning resources, communicate with teachers, pay fees, attend exams either online or offline, view grades and download exam reports via the Edisapp Parent App or Parent Portal. It is very much possible now to manage & run the school from anywhere by supporting the school staff with the cloud-based K12 management app.
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Solve your school-specific Digital Transformation needs with Edisapp the best School Management Software

Do more with less expense and enable the rapid digital transformation of schools. Integrate all your school’s services, data and use automation coupled with smart technologies to serve students under your care. In conclusion, implement Edisapp, the best online software for school management, K12 Parent Portals and School Apps.

Take control with Edisapp Platforms, e360 Mobile Apps and e360 Wear App for School Principals & Decision Makers.

Manage core school functions, view students and staff data, initiate communications and view financial analytics on the Mobile application for principals and decision-makers using the school management software. The continuous in-sync facility enables real-time data feed to Edisapp e360, the School App for Principals from the school ERP.

Get your school higher visibility and greater respect with the school-branded mobile apps for parents.

Empower parents with Branded School Parent App published in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Parents can download the school’s mobile app and have real-time access to student information, including attendance, assignments, homework, exams, grades, fee information, an online fee payment option, and more!
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Award-Winning, 24 x 7 Dedicated Support Team

Our friendly, proactive, highly technical, well-trained and Multiple Award Winning School Software Support team is ever ready to delight you with their professional support. Your help is just a Call, Email, Text, or Whatsapp away.
Customisable ERP For Schools

Fully Customisable School Software

Edisapp is the world’s only online software for school management that offers 100% customization options for all its modules, apps and portals. The school ERP will adjust to the operating procedure of the school, not the other way around.
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Fully Secure School Software

Eloit’s Edisapp School Software is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Cloud-based Software Solutions for Education Institutions & Organizations.

Why did we created Edisapp as a Platform that connects everything Education & Technology?

Eloit believes in the simple truth that every student deserves the best opportunities in life. Similarly, every educator deserves the best tools to help their students to achieve more. That’s why we have created Edisapp Online Software for School Administration and Mobile Apps to empower the education ecosystem. We built smart technologies and solutions to help both educators and students realise their maximum potential. All of this is offered at an affordable cost too. We guarantee the transition to Edisapp School Software, a very smooth process!

Highly Customisable K12 Software

At Eloit, we realise that the requirements of the schools vary from one school to the other. Hence, we make sure each and every necessity of any school gets fulfilled with the highly customizable Edisapp School Software System. This comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly customization options within the ERP Online Software for School Management ensures the satisfaction of all the requirements of the management in each school.

Software for School with Enterprise-Grade Data Security

School Data security is absolutely paramount. This is why Eloit has made the Edisapp Software for School Management meet Enterprise Data Security Standards and received the ISO 27001 certification. Edisapp’s cloud-based software solutions make every management tension-free in the risk of data security.

Award-Winning Customer Support in the School Automation Software Segment

Client support is also one of Eloit’s prime focuses. Eloit confirms that timely and continuous support is provided to its clients. We do this by allotting a personalised professional customer support manager to every school. Our customer success slogan is “Happy to help, always!”. We are honoured to receive the renowned award of ‘Best Support’ from Software Suggest® for the year 2021! Today, Eloit is proud to be the leading K-12 education technology provider worldwide. The three supreme features and priorities – Customisation, Data Security and Support, have already made Eloit’s Edisapp ERP Software Platforms a trusted school software management brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about School Management Software

  • What are the special features of Edisapp School Management Software?
  • What measures are in place for data security in Edisapp School Software?
  • Is the Edisapp K12 ERP available along with Mobile Apps for parents?
  • Is the data of the K-12 Automation Software accessible in the Parent App or Teacher App?
  • Are there any hidden charges for Edisapp Software for School Management?
  • How long can one use the software for school management?
  • Is it possible to upgrade the Edisapp K12 management software package after few months?
  • What makes Edisapp unique from the other School Management Software?
  • What are the special features of Edisapp School Management Software?

    We are one of the fastest software for school administration in the world. Edisapp comes with 65+ Modules and a 100% complete customisation facility to meet the exact requirements of the school. To top it all, the school ERP is protected by a strong, robust security structure for Data protection and backup.
  • What measures are in place for data security in Edisapp ERP?

    Edisapp School Software is certified by ISO 27001:2013 for “Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data Handling and Support of Cloud-Based Software Solutions, Mobile Applications and Information Technology Enabled Services for Educational Institutions & Organisations.” Therefore, the schools’ data is safe and secure with the school ERP.
  • Is the Edisapp K12 ERP available along with Mobile Apps for parents?

    Yes, Edisapp School Software Comes with a separate K12 Parent Portal and mobile apps for Parents.
  • Is the data of the K-12 Automation Software accessible in the Parent App or Teacher App?

    No, In the K12 Parent Portal / App for Parents, the parents can access only information about their children. In addition, they can chat with their teachers as well as pay the fee online. Teachers can access their responsible class, the students in that class along with homework, assignments, attendance and s as granted by the management. The Management/administrator are the only ones with complete access to the data on the Edisapp k12 Software.
  • Are there any hidden charges for Edisapp School Management App?

    No. There are no hidden charges. You pay for what you get. We give you 100% guarantee on transparent pricing and payments on the software for school management.
  • How long can one use the software for school management?

    As long as you want! For example, the Standard School Software as a Service agreement period is for 36 months. Though, this is entirely dependent upon the package and lifetime you choose.
  • Is it possible to upgrade the Edisapp K12 management software package after few months?

    Yes, you can upgrade your online software for school management packages at any point in time and choose new modules too. To clarify, you can upgrade to a higher package at any time. In conclusion, for the safety of both parties, we encourage creating a new agreement.
  • What makes Edisapp unique from the other K12 Student Information System Softwares?

    We are the conduit for the present and future of the K12 Student Information System. In conclusion, Edisapp Software for K-12 Management is one true intangible machine that never needs oil to run! It comes with 24/7 customer support, strong data security, auto backup facility, speed, a simple UI, and the list just goes on. Moreover, it is 100 % customisable. You choose Edisapp, you get school-branded apps. Above all, our School ERP Software actually works!