Learning Management System for Schools

Learning Management System / LMS for Schools

Being the most comprehensive learning management system in education, Edisapp eLearn has emerged as a gamechanger for both teachers and students. Edisapp eLearn LMS comes with several benefits for Students, Teachers and the school. This learning management system (LMS) software enables schools to deliver an immersive learning experience to their students in a remote environment. Edisapp eLearn LMS comes with an intuitive, fully responsive and easy-to-use interface that delivers a simpler, more powerful teaching and learning experience for teachers and students beyond the traditional learning management system.
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Fully integrated
Learning Management System for Schools
Edisapp eLearn is the easiest and the most comprehensive learning management system built with teachers and students in mind to promote joy in teaching and learning. Edisapp eLearn simplifies the learning management for teachers by enabling them to prepare digital lesson plans and share rich digital learning content with students, including notes, reading materials, videos and web resources, etc.
LMS for Schools
Learning Management System
  • Continuous monitoring of the teaching and learning system.
  • Detailed analytics and reports to track student learning progress.
  • Easily keep track of the status of completion of lessons by teachers without even asking for updates.
  • Achieve overall higher academic results with the rich content sharing feature.
  • The digital content on LMS gives enhanced results to the school’s academic efficiency.
  • Secure sign-on for keeping schools teaching and learning process private only to those who need access
school lms with lesson plan
  • Plan lessons, share notes and answer questions hassle-free with the digital content support feature.
  • Reduce duplicated efforts by streamlining question papers, answer sheets and feedback sessions on a single learning management system for schools.
  • Track student performance with customised reports on a comprehensive analytics dashboard.
  • Enrich the learning experience with various content formats with the digital content creator feature.
Learning Management System for school
  • Students can access, review, discuss and revise the content shared based on individual study patterns and methodologies.
  • Easy chapter-wise retrieval of notes, digital content, lab experiment videos and references on the learning management system (LMS) software.
  • Students can upload assignments and receive feedback and learn at their own pace enabling them to retain information.
  • Discussion forums help in doubt clarifications and provide an interactive learning experience.
parent mobile app
  • Easily track the child’s learning progress anytime based on teachers’ feedback and ensure on-time learning.
  • Have a bird’s-eye view of all the homework, assessments and other academic activities happening in the school/virtual classroom.
  • Monitor day-to-day academic activities and participate in transparent discussions with teachers remotely.
  • Both the parents can receive notifications and share their responsibility accordingly.
Edisapp Features
Feature-Packed Learning Management System for Schools
  • Digital Content Creator with Content and Format Replicator
  • Notes and Documents Uploader
  • Media Gallery & Web Resources Sharing
  • Live Events / Meeting Scheduler with link sharing
  • Live Discussions & Monitoring
  • Lesson Plan Manager with Approval Mechanism
Why Choose Edisapp eLearn LMS?
Edisapp eLearn is a seamless and impeccably user-friendly learning management system (LMS) software that enables teachers to create interactive teaching and learning experiences in a remote environment. Highly secured and all-inclusive, this LMS platform is for schools that want to scale their overall academic performance. Thereby, facilitating students to learn in an immersive learning environment.

With this learning management system / LMS for schools, teachers have the free hand to be creative in lesson planning, pedagogy and conducting online classes. This comes with one-of-a-kind features like Lesson Plan Manager and Digital Content Management among others.

Relevant digital content, notes, visual diagrams, web links, etc. can be easily shared with students to meet their multisensory learning needs and enhance their unique learning abilities. Teachers can easily paste and share appropriate content from authentic resources saving time.

If you are looking for a robust learning management system fully integrated with School Management System with state-of-the-art features to scale your school’s learning experience, contact us now!
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
  • Which is the best LMS for Schools?
  • What are the main functions of LMS for Schools?
  • Why do we need a Learning Management System (LMS)?
  • What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
    A learning management system is dedicated software that is designed to create, manage, and distribute the delivery of educational and academic content. The system can be hosted as a stand-alone product or integrated with the existing cloud-based platform. At the most basic level, LMS encompasses a core functional platform that allows schools to upload learning content, serve notifications, share data with authorized users, and deliver classes.
  • What is the best LMS for Schools?
    Edisapp is one of the best learning management systems out there, and for the right reasons. The system is able to process all the vital information about students, teachers, exams, library, fees, transportation, etc. The interface is entirely secured, featuring high-end encryption. The fact it is 100% customizable makes it a right fit for all schools and their unique needs. Additionally, the system is partnered with leaders that include Google, Microsoft, Razorpay, Apple, etc. And it is the only software with ISO 27001 certification that offers banking and corporate level data security.
  • What is the main function of LMS for Schools?
    The core function of LMS varies based on the purpose it is being used. Some of them include – Academic Content Management (it allows schools to create and manage online learning and training resources efficiently), Data Integration (LMS integration with existing systems of the schools like talent management, HR, compliance tools, etc.) and Progress Reporting (reporting of tasks after completion, progress through learning paths, and assessment results make online assessment easier and quicker.)
  • Why do we need a Learning Management System (LMS)?
    Learning management systems are mainly required to adapt to the era of remote learning and virtual classes. It allows schools to store all the valuable e-learning material at a single location. This eliminates the risk of data loss. LMS also enables teachers to upload the content and publish it online and track the progress of the learners and ensure that they adhere to the guidelines. By providing additional course materials, LMS allows schools to develop a personalized learning approach. It is especially beneficial for students who are finding it difficult to learn with existing content.