Why every school should have a good Student Information System?

16-Mar-2020, 10:03:00 AM

What is a Student Information System?

Student Information System or SIS also know as school management system or school management software or school administration system is a management information system (MIS) developed explicitly for educational institutions to manage student data, student life cycle and all the operations of a school in connection with teaching and learning process. The SIS automates the entire process flow of the student life cycle within the institution, starting from Student Admission to issuing transfer certificates once the student completes their studies. A well designed SIS also digitises Student Document Management, Student Attendance, Exam Reports, Grading, Ranking, Transcripts, Assignment, Homework, Achievement, Behaviour, and Student Promotion to higher learning.

What are the modules of a Student Information System?

Most essential modules required in a good Student Information Software System for schools are as below.

  1. Admission Module / Student Registration Module
    1. Online Registration
    2. Direct Registration
    3. Selection Process
    4. Finalising Admission Process and Issuing Admission Number / Student Registration Number
  2. Student Profile and Data Management
    • Student Photos Upload & Update
    • Documents Uploading
    • Certificates Generation
    • Achievements Recording
    • Student ID Card Generation
    • Siblings Mapping for Students
    • Transportation Details
    • Automatic Roll Number Generation
    • Promotion and Demotion options
    • Course / Class change option
  3. Course & Batches
  4. Exam and Results
  5. Assignments & Homework
  6. Fee and Facility for online fee payments
  7. Staff Data Management
  8. Alumni data
  9. Communication Modules
    1. SMS
    2. Announcements
    3. Push notifications to mobile apps for parents and student
  10. Student Clubs and Associations

Which is the best SIS for schools? Why choose Edisapp Student Information System for your school?

Edisapp Student Info System is the only student info system/school management software system in the world that comes with unlimited customisation, school-branded mobile apps for parents, students and staff. It also comes with enterprise-grade data security and data encryption. Edisapp mobile app provides unlimited push notification to student/parent mobile apps for any updates from the school.

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Some of the Exclusive Features and Benefits of Edisapp SIS / Edisapp School Automation Platforms

1) 24/7 Technical Support
2) Free Customisation ( For Higher Packages)
3) Free Push Notifications to Mobile Apps
4) School Mobile Apps for parents in the name of the school
5) Data Analytics
6) Free Version Updates
7) Always on Latest Technology
8) Enterprise-level data protection
9) Security Logs
10) Access Control

11) Online live virtual classrooms via Microsoft Teams Integrations

12) Online Exams via Edisapp Exams33 platforms.

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