Why Choose the Best School Management ERP Software to automate your school?

10-Mar-2020, 10:03:00 AM

A good School Management ERP Software can help the school to achieve more than just digitisation of school. The benefits of implementing one of the best school management software like Edisapp School ERP Solution are many.

Automate the daily operation

A Good School Management Software automates all the daily operations of the school like daily attendance marking, communications, exam marks entry & reports cards generations, issuing admission forms, generate fee challans, print Identity cards, collect fee and print receipts etc are some of the few daily activities that can be automated using a good school management system.

Improve the efficiency of the staff

Staff spend a lot of their productive time, writing, typing, preparing various reports etc manually. A majority of these tasks can be fully automated using top school management software like Edisapp School ERP.

Reduce the communication gap with parents

Edisapp, the best school management software help the school to stay in touch with the parents at all times via SMS, Mobile Apps, Push Notifications etc. School can send important communications to parents via text sms, push notifications to mobile applications, announcements with attachments via Edisapp School Parents Mobile apps.

  1. Reduce Paper Works
  2. Streamline the process flow
  3. Get quick analytics and insights
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