What makes Edisapp the Best School Management System?

25-Feb-2020, 10:02:00 AM

What makes Edisapp the Best School Management System and School Mobile Apps?

Edisapp School Management System is regarded as the Best School Management Software and Mobile Apps for schools. Its widely implemented in CBSE Schools, ICSE School and International School following IB or Cambridge Syllabus. This School Management Software is running successfully in many catholic schools, convent schools etc. in India and Abroad.

It is the only school management system that offers unlimited customisation. Our team develop new features as per the individual schools requirements, which makes Edisapp School Management Software as a tailor-made software system for schools. Edisapp also comes with Mobile apps in the name of the school for Parents and Teachers. In addition, this School Management System also comes with Mobile Apps for Principal names as Edisapp e360. For instance, e360 allows a 360-degree view of the school, with provision to manage, communicate and monitor the school from anywhere any time.

In conclusion, Edisapp is built for schools in consultation with Academicians, Organisational Development Experts, Software Architects. Above all, it is made with a passion to change the way school are run now.

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It is also the only school management software that comes with a Smartwatch wearable app called Edisapp e360 Wear.

Some of the Exclusive Features of Edisapp School Management Software are

1) 24/7 Support We are with you when you need us.
2) Unlimited Free Customisation ( For Higher Packages)
3) Unlimited Free Push Notifications to Mobile Apps for Parents and Teachers
4) School Branded Mobile Apps ( Mobile Apps in the name of the school in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store)
5) Quick Analytics  Decision making made simple with simple yet powerful analytics.
6) Free Version Updates You will always get free updates and new features.
7) Latest Technology Guaranteed Always stay ahead of technology.
8) Enterprise-level data security Data protection is guaranteed.
9) Third-Party Integration Connect to other systems.
10) Data Encryption Your data is secure in the cloud.
11) Security Logs Track and trace who did what.
12) Access Control Specific access to specific people.

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