Tips for Selecting the Best School Management System for CBSE Schools

22-Feb-2020, 10:02:00 AM

The School ERP market place is a highly competitive one with all school ERP software companies claiming that their School ERP is the Best CBSE School ERP Systems in India. CBSE School Principals and Decision-makers might find it very difficult to identify the best School ERP System to run their CBSE School in India.

Remember, this decision is very crucial, but most of the school owners and principals take it very lightly, and end up in too many trial and error methods, running after cheap and single man show software systems, wasting too much of money, manpower, trust, data and time.

So what are the major factors to be considered while selecting the best School Management Software / School ERP System for your CBSE school?

1) Customisation Cost
2) Data Security
3) Agreement and Termination Clause in the agreement.
4) Data Confidentiality Clause in the agreement.
5) Technical Support
6) Implementation Time Frame
7) Knowledge of the School Operations
8) Data Hosting
9) System Speed
10) Ease of use
11) Third-Party Integrations
12) Software Architecture
13) Technologies Used
14) Hardware Requirements
15) Data Backup and Restore
16) What happens to the data, if the agreement is terminated.
17) Initial Setup cost for the software. (One time costs)
18) Payment Terms
19) Number of SMSes provided per month/year
20) Character Limit for the SMS
21) How many SMS can be sent at once
22) Delivery time for SMS send
23) SMS Authorisation before sending.
24) Payment Gateway Charges for Online Fee Payments.
25) Hosting Type, Local / Cloud

Once you consider all the above factors, you will realize that Edisapp School Management System by Eloit is by far the best School Automation Software in India for CBSE Schools. Sign-up for a free demo now.

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