Top 10 Advantages of having good school automation software?

06-Mar-2020, 09:03:00 AM

If you are here, you might be an educator, a school principal, a school owner or an admin of a school. You might be either thinking about investing in a new school management software or you might be stuck with a very poor quality school management system with no support.
There are more than 1000 of school management systems available in the market starting from few 100 dollars to costly ones,

Before going further, lets quickly discuss some key advantages of having a high-quality school management software system.

Top 10 Advantages of Having a Good School Management Software like Edisapp School ERP.

1) Go Digital, Go Paperless with School Management Software

A good school management system will digitize the entire school, starting from administrative tasks to academic and financial aspects of a school. Once the complete digitisation happens, this will drastically reduce the amount of paper saved on a daily basis.

2) Streamline Information Flow of Educational Institution

A good school management system streamlines all the major information flow of the school, from online student admission, classroom allocation, fee collection, exam reports, assignments, homework, to issuance of various certificates to students.

3) Simplifies Administrative Tasks

School management software helps simplifies the administrative tasks in the school like fee collection, admission and classroom allocation, admission number allocstion etc to issuance of transfer certificates, sending reminders to parents regarding exam, homework and fee payment dues.

4) Improves Communications

A well connected good school management software ensure streamlined and recorded communication between all its stakeholders. Like sending push notifications for important alerts, sending SMS reminders regarding exams, homework, assignments, fee etc. A well-connected school management system will also have school mobile apps for parents, teachers and administrators, which enables secure communications/chat within the school network.5) More efficient and effective services for all stakeholders.

5) Manage school from anywhere, anytime on any device

With the help of school mobile apps and cloud-based school ERP authorised personals having access to such systems like school administrators, principals and other decision-makers can make data-based decisions and manage the school on the go.

6) Manage the Entire Student Life Cycle

A good school management software will have the entire student lifecycle in the school recorded and always available for further processing. Beginning from the time the student visited the school for admission, till the time they were a student of the school, to issuing transfer certificates when they complete their study in the school. This vast data can be utilized for student performance analytics.

8) Automate Mundane Tasks

9) Data-Based Decision Making

10) More family time for parents and school staff

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