Edisapp: The Premium School Management System

11-Jan-2021, 06:01:28 AM

School management is entirely in its stages of transformation from manual efforts and workloads to fully-automated Premium School Management System / School ERP systems and mobile applications. Why? The reason is that school management systems simplify all school operations with minimal efforts. Advanced technologies paving its way through diverse fields across the world become an exceptional solution for school management.

If you are looking for a premium school management system that can transform your school beyond ordinary, you have landed on the right website. Eloit presents the most comprehensive series of mobile applications and School ERP software, Edisapp series, that strives to empower educational institutions and the corresponding members of the school community to stay ahead of the academic circle. 

Let us go through Edisapp Premium School Management System & School Apps one by one:

Edisapp Principal Mobile App

edisapp principal mobile app

Edisapp e360 is one of the premium school management mobile apps exclusively developed for school principals and decision-makers. It empowers school principals with real-time data directly fed from Edisapp ERP. The principal mobile app offers an enormous amount of data such as reports, visual analytics, financial data, quick information related to students, staff, school, exam, attendance, leaves, etc. to decision-makers in real-time. Thus, with this excellent application, decision-makers can run the school on the go, anywhere at any time.

Edisapp e360 Wearable App

edisapp e360 wear

Edisapp e360 Wear is the world's first school management software with smartwatch connectivity. It is a counterpart of Edisapp e360 principal mobile app making it more convenient to be used on smartwatches. In perfect synchronisation with the school ERP system, Edisapp e360 Wear assists principals to receive real-time data feed on their watch and take immediate decisions accordingly. 

Edisapp Faculty Mobile App


Edisapp Faculty Mobile App is a simple and easy school management system specially designed for the faculty members. With its advanced digital features and tools, teachers can stay connected with the parents and the school administrators. Edisapp teacher app bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers. Thereby, collaborating to work together for the better academic performance of students.

Edisapp Parent Mobile App


Edisapp Parent App is an inherent school management software specifically designed for parents. With its unique features, Edisapp helps parents to keep track of the academic and extracurricular performances of their children. By updating parents of all school events, attendance reports, daily academic requirements, fee payments etc. and by facilitating easy communication with subject teachers, we are initiating maximum involvement of parents in school activities, which is much needed for the overall success of their wards. 

Out of many school mobile apps and software out there, what makes Edisapp the premium school management system? How are we different from the others? What special features do we have? The answers to all your queries are explained in here, keep reading.

Exclusive features of Edisapp School Management System


Edisapp school management system comprises the premium school management ERP software and mobile applications allowing smooth management of school activities through proper channels. Out of the numerous school management software and mobile apps across the globe, what makes Edisapp unique and reliable is its exclusive features that you never find elsewhere. Here they are:

  • Unlimited Customisation

Edisapp school management software and mobile apps are highly customizable according to the client's needs. Every school is different in its very core, CBSE school operations and requirements are distinct from ICSE schools. Even schools functioning under the same management might have their differences in terms of standard operating procedures such as:

  • Exam Report Cards
  • Fee Receipts
  • Admission Application Procedures
  • School ID card patterns

As per the individual school's requirements, we add or remove or customize our features. Thus, the Edisapp school management system is a tailor-made software system for schools with highly customizable features. 

  • ISO 27001 Certified Data Security

Edisapp is the only school ERP software in the world with an ISO 27001 certification for data security. We assure guaranteed data protection and security for all the information stored within the cloud. Edisapp has data encryptions and most advanced banking level data security measures to avoid risks. 

Our encrypted data can only be accessed by selected authorities of the respective schools. We also have the provision to keep security logs that can track and trace the activities of the people accessing protected data. Edisapp ERP aids schools to print their respective student and staff ID cards within school premises, without going to any other shops. By this, our confidential data security gets ensured on a higher level.

  • School Branded Mobile Apps


It is indeed a matter of great pride for the school authorities to own mobile applications exclusively branded in the name of the school. Parents and teachers can download the respective school-branded apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. School authorities have full permission to customise the apps according to their likes. The customizable features of Edisapp school-branded apps are:

  • School logo & name comes in place of the app icon & name
  • A customised outlook of the mobile applications with any particular colour theme aligning with the school vision and mission. 
  • Personalised contents
  • Instant Real-Time Data to Decision Makers

Edisapp e360 principal app is the only mobile app that feeds enormous amounts of real-time data to school principals and decision-makers, empowering them to make significant decisions on the go. No other apps in the world provide this amount of data in real-time within seconds. For example, with Edisapp e360, a decision-maker receives all financial data in 6 to 8 seconds, this substantiates the efficiency of Edisapp school management system. 

  • Extensive Reports Gallery

Every report generated in Edisapp gets automatically stored in the reports gallery. Thus, anywhere at any time, one can access earlier reports and take a copy of the same without going through the initial procedures. Once reports get generated, it stays within the reports gallery for a very long period.

  • Report Generation at the Backend

Edisapp report generation is done at the backend, whereas others do it in the frontend. One of the disadvantages of generating reports on the frontend is that it requires a steady internet connection. The report generation flow gets ceased if the internet connection breaks down or the browser gets closed by mistake. On the other hand, the report generation process at the backend is not interrupted with internet issues or the window closing. Once the report generation process starts, it goes on. The generated reports can be seen in the gallery upon next login. 

  • Easy to Use - 1,2,3 Process Flow

Edisapp ERP software is uncomplicated, which can be easily followed by a first time user. Edisapp has a very different process flow; one need not rush through multiple pages but can do numerous things on a single page. Edisapp flow is termed as 1,2,3 process flow as one step is followed by the other in an orderly fashion, not in complexity. 

All information related to a student is available on a single page. One can also edit the information on the same page, without getting redirected elsewhere. All data including transportation features, attendance reports, family information etc. gets displayed on a single page for ease and convenience. 

Let us take the example of a teacher logging in for mark entry. Even if the teacher is a first time user without any prior training to use the software, the process will seem very easy. It is a step by step process of:

Mark Entry - Select Class - Division - Select Exam - Subject (Eg: Mathematics) - Student Name - Enter the marks.

Here is another example of a teacher giving assignment:

Create Assignment - Select Class - Division - The subject taught automatically appears - Select + button - Add Assignment The newly added assignment goes straight to the Edisapp parent app as a push notification within one second.

The 1,2,3 process flow of Edisapp is easy without any confusion.

  • Quick Analytics

Edisapp the Premium School Management System has the unique feature of quick analytics. With specific colour coding, anyone can understand the details at a single glance. It enables easy comprehension of information by differentiating the meaning of different colour codes.

  • Fees: Students who have already paid fees appear to be green and students with fee dues come in red.
  • Attendance: Students present in the class appear green, and the absentees appear as red. If the attendance is not marked, it appears grey. 
  • Student: If the student is marked green, he or she is an active student of the school, and if marked red, the student is a pass out whose TC got issued from the school.

Thus, at a glance, one can get quick analytics of the data in different concerns.

  • Fully Integrated Software

Edisapp ERP software and mobile apps are fully integrated and interlinked with each other. Everything gets monitored and managed under one channel. A change in one section gets reflected in the other. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

Parents can pay school fees online with Edisapp online payment gateways. Once paid, the status of fees changes to paid in parent app, ERP software etc. 

  • Biometric Device Integration

Fingerprint scanning was the most popular form of biometric system for marking staff attendance. Since Covid-19, the punching system got replaced by face detection.

  • RFID Devices

School ID cards generated by the Edisapp ERP System have:

  • Barcode & QR code: In libraries, barcode and QR code systems get used for issuing books, eliminating the old fashioned library cards. 
  • RFID technology: With RFID technology parents and teachers can monitor and track student attendance. 
  • Unlimited Push Notifications to Parent and Faculty Apps

Upon every single school update, parents and teachers receive push notifications on their respective smartphones within one second. Let it be an event, holiday, new assignment, result publication, attendance, fee dues etc. parents get notified even without students informing them. Edisapp is equipping parents with knowledge of all school activities and student performances in academic and non-curricular realms. 

A wide array of exclusive features, seen only in Edisapp, makes it unique to stand out from the crowd of other software and mobile applications. Edisapp is the best school management software for all the reasons: its efficiency, convenience, advanced features, integrity and many more. 

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