Why is Edisapp the Best School Management Software on Cloud Platform?

10-Feb-2020, 10:02:00 AM

Edisapp the Best Online School Manager Software built on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platforms

Edisapp Online School Manager Software, School Mobile Apps for Teachers & school management developed by Eloit are regarded as the best school management software due to many reasons; the most important is that Edisapp is an Artificial Intelligence Powered School Management System which is built utilizing all the benefits and powers of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Infracture, which makes Edisapp a fully cloud-native school management software.

Edisapp school management software comes with some of the industry-first features, most advanced technologies, and functionalities in the School Automation Software Industry. It is also the winner of several international and national awards for the complete digital transformation of school in cities to villages. Edisapp school management system powers some of the finest school in India such as Christ School Bangalore, Montfort group of schools etc. In addition to some of the largest and the best Schools in India and abroad.

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Edisapp School Management Software comes with some exclusive features and functionalities.

  1. Free Customisation for all Edisapp School Management ERP Modules
  2. Unlimited Free Push Notifications to School parent mobile apps
  3. Integrated virtual classroom via Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for Online Teaching and Learning.
  4. One-click activation of Virtual Classrooms in Microsoft Teams with automatic students and staff data sync using Edisapp Student Information System and Microsoft Teams' API integration.
  5. Daily Updates of Educational Related news, words of the day, thought for the day etc. to the school parents mobile apps.
  6. Branded School Apps ( Apps in the school's name) in sync with the school automation system.
  7. Free Version Updates of Edisapp which include new Modules and Feature updates for the life of Edisapp in the school.
  8. Enterprise-level data security and backups, 
  9. Anytime technical support via Phone, Email and Whatsapp. When you need help, ask one of our school digital transformation specialists.
  10. Ease of use makes Edisapp School ERP one of the premium school management systems globally.
  11. Edisapp, the School Management Software, comes with in-built online exam management software for CBSE / ICSE / International School, which schools can utilise for hybrid education.
  12. Edisapp is India's top school management software fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, enabling virtual classrooms solutions.

In conclusion, Edisapp School Management Software / School ERP Software is built for schools by Academicians, Software Engineers, System Architects and Organisational Development Experts, with extensive expertise in the Academic Management Systems and School Administration. Above all, it is made with love and passion for the digital transformation of schools.

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