How to make School Student ID Cards online?

14-Mar-2020, 11:03:00 AM

Edisapp is an extension of Edisapp School Management Software / School ERP developed by Eloit.

Edisapp is also available as a standalone online software system. Edidapp is specifically designed for school, colleges and universities to help them with making students identity cards online, all by themself in few easy steps.

Once the student identity cards are generated online, schools can take print inhouse, send the student identity cards files in pdf format to their prefered id card printing vendor or order print from us.

If you need printing services from us, we will print the student identity cards approved by you, and ship it to your address within 3 business days. The same software can also be used for making staff identity cards online in a few simple steps.

Steps for creating Student ID Cards online.

  1. Sign-up for an Eduprintes Online Student ID Cards Marker Software by visiting
  2. For Student ID Cards, go to Student ID Cards Maker option from the main menu.
  3. Create your course and batches/class & divisions.
  4. Upload the student data via excel against each class and division
  5. Upload the student photos for the identity cards, one by one against each student or use the bulk student photo upload option. Alternatively, you could take pictures directly for each student via the school id card maker mobile app.
  6. Once photos and data upload are complete, click generate id cards preview, download as pdf and then circulate among respective teachers or office staff for data verification.
  7. If any data is wrong, then edit it via the student details edit option available, change the photo for the individual student using the profile picture option against each student.
  8. Once data verification is complete, generate the identity cards online for students in pdf and send for printing directly to your inhouse id card printing machine, or send to your prefered id card printing vendor.
  9. Alternatively, you could order student ID Card Printing from us, using the options available in the portal. We will print and ship it to you in 3 business days.

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