How Edisapp Catholic School Management Software helps Schools?

22-Feb-2020, 03:02:00 PM

Edisapp Catholic School Management Software by Eloit is one of the best and widely used School Management ERP Software specifically created for Catholic Schools, Christian Missionary Schools and Church Run Schools.

Edisapp catholic school management software comes with special features and modules that empower the School Management / Congregation / Diocese to manage all their educational institutions from a single portal / mobile app.

Catholic School Management Software developed by Eloit for Christian, Catholic Schools and Convent School automates the entire school operation including Fee Collection, Generate the Financial Statistics and Reports in real-time and is accessible to the Diocesean School Manager, Education Director or Chairman on any device of their choice.

It hardly takes 5 to 6 seconds to generate all the financial reports for a day, month or a custom date range. Edisapp also generates all the various reports that are required by the heads of the institutions, diocesan board of Education.

Edisapp automates the entire school operations starting from School Admissions, School Fee Collection, Online Fee Collection, Student Exam Reports generation, to issue transfer certificates to students when they leave the school.

In conclusion, Edisapp is built for schools in consultation with Academicians, Organisational Development Experts, Software Architects. Above all, it is made with a passion to change the way school are run now.

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Some of the Exclusive Features of Edisapp Catholic School Management Software are

1) 24/7 Technical Support
2) Free Customisation ( For Higher Packages)
3) Free Push Notifications to Mobile Apps
4) Mobile Apps in the name of the school
5) Data Analytics
6) Free Version Updates
7) Latest Technology
8) Enterprise-level data protection
9) Security Logs
10) Access Control

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