How to Select the best school ERP Software Partner?

12-Feb-2020, 10:02:00 AM

Digital transformation of schools is a buss word these days, and post covid school are on the run to implement the best school ERP software that is affordable, reliable, customisable and with good support too.

With most of the other industries already have taken steps in the right direction to digital transform them even before the covid.

The education industry is one such industry although a bit late has taken up that route. There are plenty of service providers in this segment who promise and brag about being offering the best school ERP Software or the best School management systems.

The school need to be very careful in selecting the best school digital transformation partner, because of it a considerable investment in terms of finance, labour, efforts and reputation.

Few of the critical considerations before selecting the right School ERP Software partner

Virtual Classroom Integrated with the best school ERP software for online teaching and learning.

Covid-19 has changed the status quo of Education and like most industries, education was fully online during the lockdown period and is here to stay this way for a long time too. Post-Covid, the education is highly likely to be continued in a hybrid model, where schools will be open and students can opt to visit schools or choose to continue to learn online, and visit schools only for practicals, games, other events etc. This is going to be the new normal for younger kids as they are more vulnerable and parents are worried about their safety. So it is essential for the school erp to have a fully integrated online class module / virtual classroom solutions like Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom etc. Edisapp, the best school EPR solves this challenge as it is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams enabling virtual classroom solutions and online exams.

Integrated Online Exam Module with School ERP Software

Another major aspect to look out for while selecting the best school management software or best school erp software is to have a fully integrated online exam module which is easily accessible for students and teachers despite the low network in remote areas. Edisapp's Exams33 online exam software portal solves this issue by enabling teachers to schedule exams and upload question papers online in the edisapp portal itself and students at the designated time can download the questions paper by login to their portal, write answers on paper and then scan and upload the answer sheet in PDF format. Teachers can track the student progress and correct the answer sheets within their portal.

Support this is the most crucial aspect

No software comes without bugs and glitches, all you need to ensure is how excellent does the school ERP service provider provide the support

  • Check the availability of the support team in the school's time zone, like 9 am to 5 pm or 24 hours.
  • Check the days of the week support provided by the school ERP company, like Monday to Friday or all day.
  • It will be better to opt for a company offering 24/7 support like Eloit. Edisapp by Eloit comes with 24/7 Support.


No software made precisely to meet any school-specific requirements and standard operating procedure followed in the school. Therefore its crucial for the school to verify;

  • if the School Management ERP Service provider allows customisation?
  • Check if the school ERP customisation is paid or free; if paid, cost? If free, then is it unlimited free or how much free?

School Branded Mobile Apps for Parents and Teachers

Check if the school management software company provides mobile apps in the name of the school for Android and Apple.

  • If yes, is it included in the offering or is it a paid upgrade?
  • Does the school ERP system company allow customisation of school mobile apps for parents and teachers? Furthermore, if yes, what will be the cost?

Website Integration

Check if the news, events, announcements published in the mobile apps, get updated automatically to the school website too.

Data Security, Privacy and Confidentiality.

  • This is very crucial; data is the new oil and school student data is much exhaustive than most other data sources.
  • Check the data protection options available
  • Check the data confidentiality clause or policy of the school ERP service provider.
  • Check the data encryption technologies implemented in the school management system like SSL certificates etc.

So finally which is the best school ERP Software?

Edisapp School ERP by Eloit is considered as the best school ERP software system by many schools, principals, teachers, parents and other school administrative users across the world including India and Africa. More a free demo of Edisapp School ERP, please visit the Edisapp Page on Eloit website.

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