6 Benefits Of School Transport Management Software

28-Jun-2022, 10:06:46 AM
Abin Mathew

The reputation of a school depends on both academic & non academic deliverables while looking at Quality of Education as a whole. Safe & Secure Transportation  facility provided by school draws significant attention.. Most parents send their kids via school bus, believing it is safe and reliable. Moreover, cities have grown larger today, and schools have taken stock of the situation and have started providing safe and secure transportation facility.. Eventually, parents don't mind sending their kids to good schools even if they are located far away.. So, schools need to provide more than just a school bus service. It is imperative that all buses are running as per the schedule and that students are safe. That's why every school needs a comprehensive Transport Module in their school management system. 

Let's understand the concept behind a school transport management system. 

What is a School Transport Management System?

A school transport management system can keep track of transportation vehicles by providing information about their location, mobility status, routes, etc. In other words, this system allows school officials to provide an on-time, responsive, safe, and comfortable transportation facility to the students. Moreover, school officials can also manage related tasks like appointment of a driver, driver's payroll, school bus fees management, vehicle maintenance reports etc., using this single system. 

Importance Of Transport Management Software in Schools

Needless to say, the safety of students should be the top priority of the school. So, every school must make sure that all students travelling on the school bus are safe. A school bus management system provides information like students' attendance, conveyance fees, routes, personal details, and other related reports. This data helps school management and parents to track the movement of students in and out of School campus.. Also, In case of any emergency, they can take immediate actions. 

Transport management software helps school management ensure a safe journey to the students in the most efficient way. Maintaining data of different transport services, managing their routes, collecting fees, tracking transport vehicles, etc., is difficult if done manually. A transport management system automates all these tasks with improved accuracy and saves time. 

6 Benefits Of School Transport Management Software

Now let’s list down the benefits of using a cloud-based Transport Management Software

  • Exact Scheduling

The school transport management system allows schools to have exact  pick-up and drop-off timings for every student. In addition, the software  notifies parents regarding these timings to receive their kids on time. School admins can also schedule & manage the timings of all school buses in just a few clicks. It makes the process more transparent and  enables schools to maintain an exact schedule. So that students and teachers can also keep proper timing to improve their productivity. 

  • Real-time Tracking

Another advantage of a school bus management system is real-time GPS tracking. This feature allows school administrators to know exactly where a school bus is. Parents will also get updates about the current location and route of their kid's school bus. It helps school officials and parents take immediate action in case of accidents or emergencies. Furthermore, parents  are notified regarding any route change or bus change, allowing them to reach the exact location to pick up their kids in time. This feature helps schools maintain a healthy relationship with the parents and gain their trust. 

  • Auto-generated Reports

Creating and managing Transport utilization reports manually is a time-consuming and less accurate process. A school bus management system automatically generates consolidated reports in a flash of a second. School administrators can have all the details about drivers, vehicle utilisation reports, schedules, etc., at their fingertips. These reports help schools to maintain a healthy transport system with ease. Moreover, since there's no human intervention, these reports are  accurate. 

  • Bus Fee Management

A school transport management system efficiently allows school authorities to manage bus fees. The system can be used to track  fee payment of each student and issue receipts for the same with just a few clicks. School admins can get details about which all students have remitted the fees, who hasn't paid the fees, etc., from the transport management system itself. In this way, the transport management system will help schools streamline all the financial aspects, including the payroll of drivers. 

  • Peace of Mind to the Parents

Another important benefit of a school transport management system is connecting parents and students while they’re on the move.. It is common for every parent to have a slight worry after they send their kids to school alone. But, a transport management system sends automatic updates to parents' mobile regarding the movement and location  of their kids on the school bus. In other words, parents will know the exact status of their kid travelling to the institution and back; on the school bus. They will be notified instantly in case of emergencies, so they no longer have to worry about their kids after getting them on the school bus. 

  • Zero Paperwork

Most school transport management systems are developed by keeping our environment in mind. The software offers the most effective and eco-friendly solution to manage the school transport system. The process is entirely paperless since there's no need for transport fee receipts, paper notices or notes. School authorities can manage and store every data digitally within the software. Furthermore, school officials can access any necessary data with just a few clicks and swipes. 

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of the discussion, we can see that a transport system   is an  integral part of a school. Merely providing a school bus service is not enough. Schools should also provide a safe, fast and reliable journey to the students. For that, schools have to choose an efficient way to manage their entire transport system. Managing this system manually is not recommended since it is time-consuming and less accurate. Also, an efficient transport system not only improves the reputation of the school but also helps students and teachers maintain a proper schedule. 

Switching to a proper transport management software is the right way to end all the issues mentioned above. From managing the school bus schedule to sending updates to the parents' mobile phones, a transport management system makes every process quick and automatic. Needless to say, this software offers the most efficient way to manage your school's transport system. Edisapp is a comprehensive School ERP which comes with an in-built transport management system. School officials can easily access information about bus routes, driver details, etc., within seconds. Furthermore, Edisapp School ERP also offers other features like Attendance Management System, Online Admission System, and many more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a school transport management system track school buses?

The system is integrated with GPS which shows the real-time location of school buses.

2. Who can use Edisapp School ERP’s transport management system?

Anyone with a smartphone and the internet can use the software without hassles.

3. How does Edisapp School ERP’s transport management system benefit schools?

Schools can reduce the fuel costs by analysing the comprehensive reports and route planning using the software.

4. What are the features of a school transport management system?

  • Manage Routes
  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Manage Students’ Bus Fees
  • Manage Drivers’ Payroll
  • Sending Updates to the Parents
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