9 Benefits Of Online Attendance Management System

18-Apr-2022, 11:04:09 PM
Abin Mathew

What is an Online Attendance Management System and its benefits? 

Attendance is an integral part of education. The education industry was on a halt when the pandemic hit us. Teachers and students had to manage classes from their homes when there were no proper online curriculum or schooling strategies were in practice. It was also challenging for schools to manage individual records of students digitally. 

However, we relied on technology and became familiar with the online learning and online attendance management system. This system has numerous benefits compared to traditional attendance management. High accuracy and auto-generated reports are among the most important benefits. Teachers were also able to manage school activities remotely. 

Let's understand the concept of an online attendance management system. 

What is an Online Attendance Management System?

An online attendance management system is a dedicated software to manage the attendance records of students. It automatically tracks the progress of students and generates reports. It stores all the individual details of the students digitally on the cloud. Teachers and school management can access the data anytime. It then simplifies the job of teachers by maintaining attendance reports accurately. Since this method is entirely paperless, teachers don't have to worry about storing data. 

Apart from managing regular attendance, we can use the software as a communication tool. For example, teachers can connect with the parents quickly using this software whenever a child is absent. Teachers can also keep parents updated with everything happening at the school. This software sends instant notifications to the parents whenever a student misses a class. 

The following section will discuss how this system works. 

How Does an Online Attendance Management System Work?

An online attendance management system works in a straight line without chaos. It operates on the cloud, and it means users don't have to save every data or report. Initially, the system allows an authorized member of the school to register and sign up. Then you can enter the details of each student and store them in the cloud. Authorized staff can access the data from anywhere anytime. After entering the details of students, teachers can mark the attendance details in a click. Students can also apply for leave using this system. The system generates the attendance reports automatically. You can generate different types of reports like class-wise, subject-wise, month-wise, etc., for further analysis. So, the benefits of an online attendance management system always outweigh its disadvantages. 

Next, we will look into some of the top benefits of an online attendance management system. 

Benefits of Online Attendance Management System

Most schools have already started using an online attendance management system. These top benefits will tell you the importance of this system. 

1. Accuracy

Human errors are the most common in the traditional attendance management system. False attendance marking can even affect the future of a student. An online attendance system for schools ensures accurate records and eliminates human errors. This precise data helps teachers to manage attendance efficiently. 

2. Cost-effective

An online attendance management tool can save you money in many ways. Since it is entirely digital, you can save the money spent on heaps of paperwork. You can also save time, money, and resources lost due to human errors in manual data entry. 

3. Efficiency

Managing the attendance of students is time-consuming, expensive, and laborious. It takes time to process paperwork and generate reports manually. You can easily save your precious time by using an online attendance system for schools. The system keeps track of student hours and generates reports automatically.

4. Insights

The online attendance system for schools allows you to generate valuable insights with just a few clicks. For example, you can obtain month-wise, class-wise, or subject-wise reports for deeper analysis. The software can generate and store any customized reports in a single location. Teachers can make use of this data to maintain a precise attendance management process. 

5. Smooth Workflow

An online attendance management system for schools ensures a smooth workflow. The system automatically sends instant notifications and alerts to the parents whenever a student is absent. So, schools don't have to call or notify parents as in the traditional method. Schools can also manage class schedules, shifts of teachers, student details, etc., from a single platform. 

6. Flexibility

In today's digital environment, teachers and students attend classes from different locations having different time zones. An online attendance management tool allows you to track attendance using different clocking options. The software uses technologies like biometric terminals, desktop readers, etc. 

7. Configurable

The online attendance systems for schools are configurable. It means that you can integrate the system with third-party apps to meet your needs. For example, the system allows you to use biometrics to track the attendance of the students. You can also generate customized attendance policies according to your needs. 

8. Real-time Tracking

Another important benefit of an online attendance management system is real-time tracking. The system works on the cloud, which means teachers can monitor students in real-time. Teachers will get instant notifications whenever students take a break or miss a class. 

9. Security

Attendance management is a process that deals with sensitive, personal details of individuals. The hard copy data is not safe and is prone to theft in the traditional method. An online attendance management systems is highly secure. It stores the personal data safely in a single location. Only an authorised staff can access the data.  

Must-have Features of an Online Attendance Management System

If you are planning to get an online attendance management software, make sure you consider the following features.

  • Timetable Management

Proper timetable management is essential for schools and colleges. It helps school administrators to allocate different subjects to teachers, schedule events, etc. An online attendance system for schools allows you to maintain a proper timetable. It automatically maintains the schedule and notifies you whenever even if there is a slight change in the timeline. You can easily check the availability of teachers and schedule classes accordingly.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard allows school administrators to manage all processes from a single window. Also, the dashboard is customizable, so you can add the details you want, like timetable or attendance data. The dashboard is where everything will be present, and it will be user-friendly. You can easily check the progress of students using this feature. 

  • Admission Management

Almost every online attendance system for schools will have an admission management feature. No one recommends to process admission only through the school website. This is because manually responding to every student who comes to the website is difficult. On the other hand, an admission management system automates the entire processes. You can then guide students and parents through the software step by step without human interference. 

  • Easy Attendance Tracking

Taking attendance manually before the start of every class is time-consuming and less accurate. An online attendance management tool resolves these issues by automating the process. The software automatically takes attendance and generates reports. As already mentioned, you can obtain reports based on different filters like class-wise, subject-wise, month-wise, etc. 

  • Student Records

We have already discussed about the difficulties of managing the personal details of students manually. An online attendance system for schools allows you to store student files safely in a single location. It stores all the personal details, performance, homework, extra-curricular activities, etc of students in the cloud. You can then access it from anywhere. 

  • Exam Management

Exam management is another huge task for school administrators. Teachers can easily share exam schedules with students using the software. Teachers can also publish marks so that students and parents can see them from their smartphones themselves. 

  • Notification

An online attendance system for schools automatically alerts parents whenever their kids are absent in a class. It improves the standard of education and ensures that all students attend classes without fail. Teachers can also share all the events happening in the school via SMS. It keeps parents updated about their kids' education. 


Now it is pretty clear that every school needs an online attendance management software. The benefits mentioned above are enough to prove the importance of this software. It helps teachers to save their precious time and use it efficiently. Also, teachers don't have to worry about attendance, and they can put their entire effort only into teaching. Due to the digital revolution, most schools have moved into online teaching and manual attendance is almost history. Today, all you need is an online attendance tool to systemize daily attendance. 

At this moment, we would like to introduce an app called Edisapp. It is an online attendance system for schools to simplify different operations. Apart from attendance management, Edisapp also helps you manage staff, students, fees, transportation, library, etc. You can access this all-in-one software using any smart device easily. So, don't wait to get this app and enhance the quality of teaching with ease! 

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