Benefits and Importance of Online Admission Management System in 2022

03-May-2022, 01:05:08 PM
Abin Mathew

Managing the admissions of students can be a huge and challenging task for schools. Do not ever think of entering and managing all these data manually. There is no proper traceability, and the process is time-consuming and less accurate. That's why every school needs an online admission management system. 

Online student admissions management software automates the admission processes and makes it easy. It is a blessing for both schools and students. As we already know, the admission process includes many procedures like application submission, verification, qualification validation, etc. An online admission management software streamlines these operations and completes the admission faster. 

Let's understand the concept behind an online admission management system. 

What is an Online Admission Management System?

The primary goal of any school is to get the maximum number of students for the respective academic year. The online admission management system digitizes and smoothens this process. The system automatically handles different operations like student inquiries, validating their eligibility, documents, etc. 

Students can also apply online and submit their documents using an app. After that, they can check their application status and pay their fees online. The online admission system is a user-friendly, transparent platform that anyone can easily access. Moreover, you can integrate this system with other departments like administration, marketing, accounts, etc. Thus, an online admission system ensures the smooth and accurate flow of the admission processes without human intervention or paperwork. 

Why Do You Need an Online Admission Management System?

Today, technology is the backbone of the educational industry. Most schools have already switched to digital literacy. It is because virtual classrooms have many benefits compared to traditional education. Even parents and students use their smartphones to get notifications and complete activities.

The same thing applies to the admission processes as well. Most people prefer to know about schools and submit their applications online. Less accuracy and speed of the traditional admission process are the main reason for this digital revolution. 

Eventually, every school need a proper school app with an online admission system. School apps feature many benefits for both parents and students. Moreover, the main goal of the online admission system is to automate the admission process and complete it faster. Eventually, candidates get to know everything about the institution from the app. Thus, students can complete their entire admission process remotely using an online school admission management system. 

10 Benefits of Online Admission Management System

An online admission process benefits both schools and students in different ways. 

#1 - Accept Applications From Multiple Sources

A single channel for accepting admissions will be challenging. For example, some of the students use social media, whereas others use websites to learn about the admission process. An online admission system can accept applications from any source. It makes it more flexible and convenient for the candidates. The app ensures that you do not miss out any opportunity. Thus, schools can capture all leads and improve their admission rate.

#2 - Track Application Status

As you can see, the admission process contains many procedures. We cannot complete all of them in a single go. An online admission process allows students to apply online, pay the fees and track their application status. Students will know exactly where their application has reached. They can also scan and upload their documents using the app. Sometimes, the admission process may take a little longer to finish. In that case, this feature allows them to resume the process afterwards at any time.  

#3 - Selection Process Automation

The selection process is entirely automatic in an online admission system. As soon as a student shows interest, the system automatically assigns the inquiry to the relevant person in the school. In other words, the system serves as a perfect channel between all operations and departments. The software is also customizable, which means you can define the distribution according to your needs. For example, if your school has multiple campuses, you can assign the inquiries to relevant departments based on the location. 

#4 - Advanced Analytics

An online school admission management system provides you with advanced analytics which you cannot otherwise obtain manually. You can monitor the entire performance of your marketing team from the dashboard. Using these analytics, you determine the most profitable sources and invest more in those sources. 

For example, imagine you are putting ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Using the system, you can find that most qualified leads, i.e, leads coming from Facebook. So, you can invest more in Facebook ads than focusing on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

#5 - Convenience

An online student admission management system offers the best user experience by allowing them to apply from their smartphones. The applicants don't have to go to school or stand in long queues to complete the admission process. It eliminates the problems created by messy handwriting, losing applications, courier delay, etc. Candidates even from rural parts can easily submit applications online. Also, the system automatically guides the candidates through a step-by-step process.

 #6 - Accuracy

Imagine a school accepting thousands of applications in a day. It will be a difficult and lengthy task with high chances of errors. Instead, an online admission process is more accurate and flawless. It ensures less human intervention since most processes are automatic. School administrators can monitor the entire admission process from the dashboard. All they need to do is approve each step and tweak the workflow accordingly. 

#7 - 24x7 Availability

Again, processing the application of thousands of students manually is a time-consuming process. Also, it should be finished in a specific period in a day. This time barrier hinders the admission process. But, an online admission system accepts applications 24 hours a day. Students from anywhere around the world can apply for admission on their own time. Also, the admission processing time is less and the system can process unlimited applications in a day. 

#8 - Cost-effectiveness

With an online student admission management system, schools can save money spent on ads and infrastructure. Since all the operations are handled by the system, schools do not have to hire dedicated employees for each process. Schools can also save money spent on processing thousands of applications. Managing the online admission process is not expensive compared to organising an entire offline admissions process. In this way, schools can save a lot of money and time. 

#9 - Wider Reach

There is no geographical barrier in the online admission process. Students from any location can easily apply for admission. This is not possible in the offline admission process. Also, schools will lose some high-quality talents due to this barrier. An online admission process can be used to solve all these problems. It is beneficial for both schools and students.  

#10 - No Paperwork

The offline admission process is a long procedure with a lot of paperwork. Schools have to print and store a lot of applications which results in a high cost. Also, filling out these applications manually will be a time-consuming process for students. All these issues can be solved by using an online admission system. As mentioned earlier, it offers a fast and efficient admission process with no paperwork. 


Today, every school is competing with each other to optimize their student admissions. Moreover, the busy admission status creates the first impression about the school in students and parents. If schools can offer flawless, fast admission processes, there are high chances of admitting top talents across the world. So, all you need is an online admission system like Edisapp

It is an ideal software developed by Eloit Innovations to streamline the admission process. The app automates all the operations related to the admission process without human intervention, ensuring high accuracy and productivity. So, switch to Edisapp to seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and improve your admission rate. 

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