Top 10 School Admission Management Apps in India – An Ultimate Guide

17-Aug-2022, 02:08:07 PM
Abin Mathew

What is an Online Admission Management System and How does it Help Schools and Students?

Admission management is an important aspect of a school. In a year, around thousands of students take admissions both online and offline in a school. It involves many processes like application submission, verification of details, scheduling interviews, etc. Performing  all these tasks manually is not recommended since it is challenging and less accurate. Moreover, these tasks require tons of paperwork which can affect our environment. 

A robust online admission software can solve these issues. It is a part of your School ERP App, which simplifies the entire admission process of your school. The app offers many benefits to schools and students equally. An admission management software allows schools to accept applications from multiple sources and enrol as many students as possible from anywhere. Also, students don't have to travel kilometres to the schools since they can easily complete their admission process online.

Top 10 School Admission Management Apps in India

If you are planning to get online admission software for your school, don't go elsewhere. The following are the 10 best admission management software trending in India. 

Edisapp School ERP Software is one of the best apps which offers an entirely automated admission process. Students no longer have to come to school or stand in long queues to complete their admission. Instead, they can use Edisapp from anywhere and submit their applications online. Moreover, Edisapp allows you to send timely notifications to the parents and students regarding their scheduled interviews as a reminder. Schools can also keep year-wise reports of their admission process for future analysis and comparison. 

Best Features

  • Admission/Registration Process Automation

This feature allows schools to complete their admission process quickly and improve their admission rate. Since the entire process is automated, there will be zero errors. Moreover, this feature ensures a smooth flow of work, and school officials can control all tasks using a single system. 

  • Online Admission Form

As mentioned earlier, students no longer have to stand in long queues and fill the forms manually. Instead, Edisapp School ERP App allows them to fill the admission forms online from anywhere. The feature helps schools enrol students from different parts of the world. Also, this contactless process is valuable in this pandemic era. 

  • Online Admission Fee Collection and Meeting Scheduling

Edisapp School ERP App allows school officials to schedule meetings in just a few clicks. They don't have to stress themselves regarding the time slots or interview centres. Moreover, parents can pay their ward's fees online using the app without going to the institution. The app also ensures that the payment processing is fast and secure. 

  • Student Information Management

The Student Information Management System allows schools to easily save, update and delete student data. The personal details entered by students during the admission process are safely stored in a single location. It means only authorized users can access this data. Thus, schools don't have to worry about data theft or loss. 

  • Automatic Notification and Alerts

Another useful feature of Edisapp's online admission system is notifications and alerts. The system automatically alerts students and parents regarding important dates like scheduled interviews, joining date, etc. The aim of this feature is to make sure students and parents get timely updates about their admission process. 

  • Admission Reports

The online admission management system of Edisapp automatically generates reports of the entire process. The year-wise admission reports help schools to make important decisions and compare the admission rates. 


  • Vidyalaya School ERP

The powerful online admission system of Vidyalaya School ERP is designed to offer a hassle-free online admission process. The app has all features to cover the entire admission process, from application submission to enrollment. Moreover, Vidyalaya School ERP can be integrated with a payment gateway which allows parents to pay fees online with ease. The app also offers a high-security system, enabling only authorised users to access the data and applications. 

Best Features

  • Student inquiry Management with online inquiry form
  • Inquiry Follow-ups & Bulk SMS and Mailing
  • Online application form filling and submission
  • Merit-based shortlisting of Candidates
  • Student Registration and Record Management


  • EduCloud

As a popular online admission software in India, EduCloud offers a variety of features to streamline the admissions process. The system provides an ideal way for schools to process admission and enroll students online. EduCloud allows school officials to send and invite students to fill out the admission forms online. Moreover, the admission forms are completely customizable and schools can accept the applications through multiple channels. 

Best Features

  • Customizable Admission Form
  • Invite via WhatsApp and Email
  • Schedule Virtual Interviews
  • Assign Fees and Check Fee Status
  • Detailed Admission Reports


  • Fedena

The online admission management system of Fedena offers an error-free online admission process along with easy form submission and seamless admission tracking. The app helps schools simplify and streamline the entire admission process with ease. In this way, the system allows schools to digitize the whole operation and improve the overall efficiency at a reasonable cost. 

Best Features

  • Streamlined Admission Process
  • Automatic Allotments
  • Centralised Data Management 
  • Manage Admission Enquiries 
  • Streamline Applicant Registration 


  • MySkoolApp

The online admission management system is an effective feature of MySkoolApp that helps schools complete their admission process easily and quickly. The system offers an efficient way to upload, manage and store all student documents online without worrying about theft or loss. 

Best Features

  • Single Entry Admission
  • Import Students Data
  • Upload Student Docs
  • Manage Student Docs
  • Manage Students' Details



EDUMAAT allows you to simplify your student admission process and helps students complete the admission process quickly. This robust system automatically sends timely notifications to users, enabling you to enhance your admission rate. Furthermore, the system allows you to make financial decisions faster and easily manage all student data from one place. 

Best Features

  • Capture and import applications and supporting documents
  • Automated Workflow
  • Streamline records management
  • Access documents remotely
  • Create a complete student record
  • Automate routing and approvals


  • PowerSchool

Schools can save a lot of time and effort by using the enrollment management system of PowerSchool. This high-performing system offers improved accuracy and data security. Moreover, this system can be integrated with any SIS and helps schools to improve resource management. 

Best Features

  • Simplified Registration
  • Customizable Admissions
  • School Choice and Lottery
  • Reporting
  • Best-in-class Integrations
  • Online Fee Payment


  • ExtraEdge

ExtraEdge’s online admission system offers an all-in-one solution for schools to control the admission processes. The system allows you to integrate all your lead channels into one platform. In this way, you will have a complete view of all the activities and prospects. Moreover, the app offers multiple ways to communicate with the candidates with ease like SMS, Emails, Video calls and WhatsApp. ExtraEdge also provides a robust reporting feature to gain valuable insights into the admission process. 

Best Features

  • Ads, Form and 3rd Party Publisher Integration
  • Trigger-based email marketing
  • Video Counselling app
  • Follow-up calendar
  • Prediction score
  • Team reports


  • TeachMint

The online admission management system of the Teachmint App is arguably one of the best in the market. The app comes with a separate module dedicated to the online admission management system,  enabling schools to automate the entire admission process. Teachmint ensures a fast admission process along with error-free record management. 

Best Features

  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Automated Selection Process
  • Online Record Management
  • Inquiry Management
  • Easy Communication


  • Creatrix Campus

The online admission management system of Creatrix Campus lets you gain a complete view of your applicants across a single platform. The system also helps to improve the efficiency of your admission team by automating the tasks. Moreover, the system guides students throughout their journey and helps them complete their admission process without confusion. Creatrix Campus is easy to use and allows you to create custom workflows. 

Best Features

  • Inquiry Management
  • Workflow Builder
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Real-time Reports


Now it's clear that an admission management system is a crucial part of your School ERP App. All the above mentioned apps are equally good and are designed to help schools to offer a fast and flawless admission process. This system helps schools to complete the admissions process quickly and accurately, thus enabling schools to enrol as many students as possible.

Moreover, a seamless admissions process enhances the reputation of an institution. So if you wish to invest in online admission software, it's never too late. 

Edisapp School ERP is the best choice because it offers a range of useful features at a competitive price. The app is developed by the most popular Edtech giant, Eloit Innovations. Furthermore, you get dedicated apps for parents, teachers and principals

They also have added the world's first and only Smart TV App for Parents to their app list.

Make your choice wisely. If you need additional information, guidance or support, talk to our experts today.

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