Importance of School Apps for Parents and Students in 2022

03-May-2022, 11:05:32 PM
Abin Mathew

Today, educational institutions have switched to Hybid Learning Models Online + Offline classes. It is because online education has many benefits over traditional learning. Online education allows students to learn at their own pace. Also, students can access study materials any time from the internet, and parents get many benefits from this new learning method.

Parents get more opportunities to engage with students when learning from their homes. It provides them with regular updates on their child's progress. Now every school needs a reliable educational app to manage school activities smoothly. These apps help you reduce the gap between parents, teachers and students. Undoubtedly we can say that online education is an efficient method.

Now, let us understand what a school app for parents and students is in detail. 

What Are School Apps?

School apps are dedicated apps designed for virtual schools. It is an ideal platform for teachers and parents to interact with each other remotely. Parents can get all the information about their children's education from school apps. Teachers can use these apps to manage attendance and share homework and assignments with the students.

These apps are user-friendly, which means anyone can use them from their smartphones. Also, most of the school apps for students work on the cloud. So, students can easily access study materials at any time using the app. If you are planning to get a school app for students, make sure the app you choose offers the following features.

What Are The Must-have Features of a School App?

The goal of a School app is to streamline school activities. Here are some important school app features that are important. t. 

  • Attendance Management

With an automatic attendance management system, the attendance of students and teachers can be entered with ease. Teachers can manage the attendance of students from their smartphones. The app should allow teachers to analyse the attendance according to subject-wise or month-wise. Parents will get instant notifications whenever their child is absent in a class. This feature is more accurate and quick than the traditional attendance marking system. 

  • Personalization

Personalization is another important school mobile app feature. The app should offer a personalised experience for each user. As you know, every student learns at a different pace using different methods. So, users must be able to alter the app according to their needs. 

  • Live Streaming

In this digital era, teachers and students interact with each other from different locations. Communication is a critical part of education. So, teachers and students must be able to interact with each other without getting distracted. The live streaming feature allows teachers to meet students online and interact with them in real-time. Students can ask their doubts for the teachers and get cleared instantly.

  • Notifications

Push notifications have already been an important feature of all apps. This short text can easily grab the attention of the recipient. This school mobile app feature should send notifications to students regarding homework and assignments submission, exam dates, etc. Parents will also get notifications regarding the deadline for fee payments and their kid's attendance. These notifications will keep the students informed about important events at the school. 

  • Screen Sharing and Recording

The two most important school app features are screen sharing and recording. Screen sharing improves the engagement between students and teachers. It allows teachers to bring all the students together on the same page. Screen sharing improves the attentiveness of the students. This feature allows students to share their screens directly and clear their doubts. The recording will enable students to revisit any session whenever they want. Also, the recording feature will be very helpful whenever a student is absent in a class.

  • Multimedia File Sharing

File sharing is another essential feature that allows users to exchange images, videos and documents. Teachers can easily share images and videos via chat with students. Students have access to all contents immediately. They can share their homework and assignments with teachers instantly. Carrying heavy textbooks and heaps of paperwork can be eliminated with this feature. This feature also allows teachers to interact with parents. Teachers can share the photos of classroom activities with parents. So that parents can enjoy their kid's performance from the comfort of their homes. 

  • Social Media Platform Integration

Today, everyone owns at least a social media account. Eventually, every school will have social media accounts to promote themselves. So, it would be a great help if the school app could integrate with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It allows school administrators to post on social media through the app itself. Schools can create online communities with parents and share event details, photos and many more. 

  • Progress Tracking

This feature displays the progress of each student in the form of graphs or charts. Teachers can easily determine the performance of students by simply looking at the dashboard. It helps teachers to make sure the academic goals are achieved by each student at the right time without fail. Teachers can determine how much time each student takes to finish a topic, which topic is difficult, which areas need improvements, etc. 

10 Reasons Why School Apps Are Important For Parents And Students

Take a look at these 10 reasons that justify the importance of school apps for parents in education. 

  • File Sharing

School apps for students allow them to share their homework and assignments with teachers with just a few clicks. Teachers can also share educational videos, images and documents with students. In this way, parents can get classroom photos and videos and enjoy their kid's performances from their homes.

  • Easy to Access Study Materials

School apps for students ensure easy access to study material the whole time. Since all the study resources are stored in the cloud, students can access them from their devices at any time. It enables students to study and complete the topics at their own pace. 

  • Online Fee Payment

Parents don't have to go to school to pay fees anymore. Instead, school apps for parents allow them to pay their kid's fees from the comfort of their homes. They can safely pay the amount through UPI, credit card/debit card or internet banking. 

  • Keep Track of School Updates

School apps for parents automatically send updates about everything happening in schools to their phones. So, parents can keep in touch with the school from their homes. Moreover, they don't miss any important events or meetings happening in the school. Parents can customise these notifications according to their needs. 

  • Easy to Communicate

School apps for parents are designed to boost engagement. It serves as an ideal platform for parents and teachers to discuss academic matters. Parents can send messages to teachers regarding any queries instantly. This feature is more effective than SMS or email. The text messaging feature in school apps is probably free to use. 

  • Manage Time Efficiently

Since the school app for students allows them to study at their own pace, they can manage time efficiently. Also, there will be no stress due to strict schedules. Students can spend more time on tough subjects and less time on easy topics. They can arrange group study sessions using the school app easily. 

  • Save Time and Money

School apps for parents can save you a lot of time and money in different ways. For example, you don't have to travel to school regularly. You can save the time and money spent on travelling. Also, you can eliminate the costs of buying study materials since all the resources are available on the app. 

  • Instant Notifications

As mentioned earlier, parents will get instant notifications from school apps about everything happening in the school. Eventually, parents won't miss important events or academic meetings. Parents can customise these notifications according to their convenience. Unlike SMS and email, these notifications have less chance to be missed. 

  • No Paperwork

Students don't have to carry heavy bundles of books to school anymore. All study materials will be available at their fingertips on school apps. Also, students don't have to waste their precious time searching for books in libraries or bookstores. They have access to resources the whole time. 

  • Track Progress

Parents can track the progress of their children using a school app. The dashboard shows the graphic representation of a student's progress for easy analysis. Thus, parents can determine the strengths and weaknesses of their children and provide support from their homes accordingly. 


Overall, technology has changed the perspective of education. Innovative learning methods like Project-based learningAsynchronous learning, etc., are getting more popular than ever. Thankfully, we have the right software to use these innovations efficiently. 

As discussed above, school apps for students are now an integral part of schooling. If you wish to improvise online learning in your school, Edisapp will be of great help. Parents and students can easily access the app from their smartphones. The significant advantage of this app is that it promotes parent involvement in education.

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