How Parental Involvement Leads to Student Success?

08-Apr-2022, 09:04:23 PM
Abin Mathew

Parent Involvement and Student's Success

Parent engagement is very important in education. Even if kids have the best schooling, the support of the family plays a critical role in their future. If parents can encourage their kids in their homes, it will keep them motivated. Students will love to study if their parents are supportive and helpful. 

It would be great if parents could assist their kids with homework and assignments. Teachers will even get benefits from this process. Parental involvement improves the academic performance of the students. It creates a peaceful, constructive classroom. Therefore teachers can easily manage students and help them grow. 

Now, let's understand what parent involvement is in detail.  

What is Parents Involvement in Education?

Parent involvement means the active participation of parents in a student's educational activities. There are many ways a parent can contribute to their child's learning process. Checking their homework, helping with their assignments, and discussing school events are common ways parents can be involved. A student's academic performance and parent involvement in education are closely related. Enthusiastic parents assist students to achieve better and improve their learning abilities. 

The following section will discuss the relationship between parent engagement and student success. 

Why is Parent Engagement Important to Student Success?

Research shows that students are more likely to succeed when there is better parent involvement in education. However, this situation is effective when students are learning remotely. When students learn from their homes, parents can engage with them in many ways. For example, parents can support students with their homework and projects. Students will feel confident and motivated when parents show interest in their studies. 

The academic performance of a student depends on various factors like their attention, participation, and interests. Parent involvement in education can have a huge impact on these factors. Therefore, parents should actively monitor their child's progress, attendance, and school activities. It will keep the student on track and focused on his studies. Eventually, it results in better attendance and higher grades. 

Benefits of Parental Involvement 

Parental engagement in academics benefits students, parents, and teachers in different ways. 

Benefits For Students

As already mentioned, students tend to show increased attention and focus on studies when parents are also involved. 

  • Students obtain higher grades and tend to participate better in school events.
  • Students earn more credits and proficiencies.
  • They show higher attendance rates and homework completion rates.
  • Improved social skills and behavior.
  • Students show a positive attitude towards education.
  • Students are less likely to drop out of school and tend to achieve higher degrees.
  • The positive effects of parental involvement keep students confident and motivated. 

Benefits For Parents

Parents will have benefits when they show interest in their child's education. 

  • Parents have a chance to interact with their children to know about their likes and interests. 
  • They will feel more confident in their parenting abilities.
  • They have a better understanding of their child's education and curriculum.
  • Parents can interact with teachers and make friends.
  • They can become an active participant in the school community. 

Benefits For Teachers

Parental engagement in academics will ease the workload of teachers. The major benefits that teachers get through this process are:

  • Teachers can easily manage a classroom with students having high morale. 
  • They will earn respect from parents.
  • Teachers can interact with parents and build relationships. 
  • Parental engagement improves the scores of students, which eventually increases the job satisfaction of teachers.
  • If parents can support students in their homework, teachers can complete their lessons quickly.

How to Increase Parent Engagement? 

Here are some practical ways for schools to improve parent engagement in education. 

  • Pick a Software

Schools can choose a tool like Edisapp to manage educational activities and interact with parents. This platform will bring school administrators, teachers, and parents together. Since any device can access this app, schools can interact with parents at any time.

  • Conduct Virtual Meetings

Schools must conduct meetings with parents regularly to keep them up to date about their children's education. Schools can conduct meetings after every assessment, project, or event. This process will help parents provoke a positive attitude towards schools. 

  • Personalization

It would be great if parents could personalize the school management app. Apps like Edisapp allow customization. It means parents can choose the way to receive notifications. Parents can interact with teachers via text, calls, SMS, or any method they wish using the app. 

  • Build Relationships

Schools need to try to build and maintain healthy relationships with parents. It will create trust in parents, and they believe in teachers. A good parent-teacher relationship will motivate students to study well. They will never fear education if their parents and teachers become friends. 

  • Invite Parents

Schools can invite parents and discuss more of their children's strengths and weaknesses, what type of support they get at home, etc. This constant interaction will provide mental support for the students. Schools can invite parents to volunteer events and online meetings. 

  • Appreciate Parents

If parents show interest in their child's education even when working, they deserve appreciation. Schools should take time to show their gratitude towards parents. It makes parents feel their involvement is valued, and they will continue to support their kids from home. 

Role of Parental Involvement in Education

The main role of parents in education is to guide students towards success. As discussed above, parents can find a variety of ways to be involved in education. For example, parents can support students with their homework and assignments from their homes. This kind of small support from the home will make a huge difference in the life of a student. As a result, their grades will be improved along with their behavior and social skills. So, teachers and parents work together to set up a bright future for the students. 

Tips For Being an Involved Parent

Take a look at these simple tips to become an involved parent. 

  • Help Others

As a parent, you can help teachers in different ways. Parents can assist teachers in conducting projects, prize distribution, and other school events. Teachers will always appreciate you for lending a helping hand. It will create trust, and you can maintain healthy relationships with the teachers. 

  • Organize Events

Parents can organize a variety of events if they stay near the school. You can start a book club, organize a barbecue, or a party. It will bring teachers, parents, and students together. Parents can discuss any issues related to their kids with teachers during this event. These gatherings allow everyone to share their valuable ideas and suggestions. 

  • Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Teachers may not get time to encourage students with their talents. So, parents can find the interests in their children and encourage them. Most kids will love to dance, act or sing. Parents can organize programs to encourage these talents. 

  • Read For Children

Reading is the best way to engage with children. Parents should read at least a lesson daily to their children. It will help them improve their reading skills and language fluency. Children also tend to listen better when their parents are reading. 

  • Join PTA

Parents should never hesitate to join the parent-teacher association. It is the best way to start your interaction with the school. It also offers a chance for the parents to share their ideas and suggestions. 

  • Participate in School Events

As you know, many events like science exhibitions, fairs, and other events happen at school regularly. Parents can be volunteers and get involved in these activities. It is another easy way to engage with education. 

  • Share Your Expertise

Every parent has a hobby or interest. Parents should try to share it with the teachers. Otherwise, parents could have a demonstration in the class so that children can also pursue it. 

  • Always Be In Touch

Parents should try to keep in touch with the school. Edisapp allows parents to reach teachers and other staff at school easily. Keeping in touch with the school has many advantages. You will know about all the events happening in the school, exam schedule, meetings, etc so that you don't have to miss anything. 


The parent is the first and best teacher of any child. The role of the parent as a teacher starts from the birth of the child. Parents can quickly help students with their studies, especially while learning online. Parental engagement in academics is the best way to complement what students learn from schools. Also, they can change the perspective of how students face education and life. 

This blog started with the definition of parent involvement, followed by its importance and benefits. We have also discussed how to improve parent engagement in education. So, we hope you have understood that parents have a great impact on a child's education.

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