10 Best Attendance Management Systems For Schools in 2022

24-May-2022, 08:05:04 PM
Abin Mathew

What is an online attendance management system, and how does it benefit schools and teachers?

An online attendance management system for students is a part of the school management app. It allows you to track and manage their attendance. It helps you mark online attendance for students and teachers accurately. School officials can use this system to record the attendance of teachers as well. The manager can also give access to the teachers to manage student attendance. Furthermore, a student attendance management system can also generate reports in a few clicks for future analysis. 

An online attendance system offers many benefits for teachers and schools. The student attendance management system is way more accurate than manual attendance marking. Moreover, the online attendance system for students is highly efficient, secure and affordable! 

#1 Edisapp ERP

Edisapp ERP comes with advanced features so that you can mark the online attendance of students with ease. School officials can provide access to teachers to manage the online attendance of students using the app. For instance, school administrators can easily track and manage the attendance of teachers from anywhere. As mentioned earlier, Edisapp ERP automatically generates reports for future analysis. 

Key Features

  • Anytime Accessibility & Editing

Edisapp allows teachers to mark attendance of the previous days also. Sometimes teachers may miss marking attendance on a particular day due to a tight schedule. In that case, teachers can easily edit and mark the attendance of students on previous dates whenever they want. 

  • Quick Analytics

For instance, the quick analytics feature helps school admins to check the attendance status of any student or teacher easily. Furthermore, the different colour coding allows you to interpret results at a glance with ease. For example, a class will appear green when teachers mark the attendance of all students. 

  • Individualised Comments

Edisapp allows teachers to add comments to students whenever they are absent. For example, teachers can comment if a student was absent without informing or due to medical reasons. 

  • Customised SMS Alerts

Teachers can send customised SMS to parents whenever their kid is absent in a class. Edisapp ERP automatically prepares this SMS list that you can send as soon as the teacher completes taking attendance. 

  • Easy To Save 

Edisapp allows teachers to save the attendance data within seconds. For example, if all the students in a class are present, teachers can save the attendance data instantly. Teachers just have to mark it as absent or present for that particular student before saving the data. 

  • Real-time Data

Parents can see the attendance updates in real-time using Edisapp Parent's App. As soon as teachers update attendance from their side, they can view it in the app. You mark the attendance on a daily basis. Therefore, parents can stay informed of the attendance data regularly using the app. 

  • Biometric System

Edisapp has been facilitating fingerprint scanners to mark the attendance of teachers for a long time. Since the pandemic, Edisapp ERP has been offering face detection to mark the attendance. So teachers only need to walk to the system to mark their attendance while entering and leaving the school.  

  • Integration

Edisapp ERP automatically integrates the attendance reports of the students with their report cards. It helps teachers to keep track of the academic performance of the students. Similarly, you can integrate staff attendance data with the payroll system. Thus, school officials can easily calculate salaries and remuneration. 

#2 Fedena

Fedena is a popular online attendance management system for students. It helps you mark the attendance with accuracy so that the teachers feel a reduced workload. Fedena also offers advanced features like biometric tracking, real-time monitoring, etc. The app also can send instant notifications to parents whenever their kids are absent.

Key Features

  • Track Attendance Subject-wise Or Day-wise
  • Track Latecomer & Monitor Leave Request
  • Employee Attendance & Leave Management
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Biometric Integration
  • Track Attendance Via Mobile App 


If you're looking for a complete attendance management solution, RS-HRIS will be a good choice for you. It helps you send automatic notifications to students and parents whenever the attendance is low. School admins can also track absentees. They can also interact with parents using RS-HRIS.

Key Features

  • Automated Portable Attendance Machine
  • Face Recognition, Contact-less, Portable Attendance Device
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Student Reports

#4 - PowerSchool

PowerSchool offers various useful functions to track online attendance for students. For example, the app allows you to track attendance daily, class-wise or based on dates. PowerSchool also offers different kinds of attendance reports for accurate analysis. 

Key Features

  • Different Attendance Modes Like Daily Attendance, Meeting Attendance, Interval Attendance, etc.
  • SIS Admin Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • SIS Substitute Portal
  • Schoology
  • Attendance Reports

#5 Gradelink

Gradelink allows users to mark online attendance for students within seconds. The system also generates attendance reports automatically. School officials can instantly interpret the attendance reports and make updates as necessary. Parents will also get instant notification of absences. 

Key Features

  • Advance Holiday Scheduling
  • Attendance per Class Report
  • Attendance Register
  • Class Attendance & Conduct
  • Custom Attendance Report
  • Daily Attendance
  • Detailed Attendance Report
  • Extended Care
  • Preschool Sign-In
  • Student Roster/Data Export
  • Total School Attendance

#6 iClassPro

Attendance management isn't just marking attendance in iClassPro. The app offers a variety of features to manage attendance. iClassPro also provides new ways to record pre-planned absences. This app is easy to navigate and anyone can access it anytime using their mobile. 

Key Features

  • Attendance Taken/Not Taken Indicator
  • Enrollment Alert Icons
  • Class Cancellation 
  • Per-Enrollment Attendance Statistics for Students
  • Recording Future Expected Absences
  • Tardy/Absent Indicator for Present Students
  • Excused/Unexcused Absences
  • Staff Portal Features and Settings
  • Attendance Related Staff Permissions
  • Attendance Reports

#7 MySkoolApp

MySkoolApp is another innovative software that promotes paperless attendance management in schools. Teachers no longer need to maintain attendance records on papers. Instead, MySkoolApp allows teachers to manage students' attendance using their smartphones. Furthermore, the app enables teachers to create attendance reports with a single click. They can then share them via email with ease.

Key Features

  • SMART attendance is available on our mobile app
  • Teacher/Admin can take roll call on the smart device
  • Parents get real-time alerts daily at home
  • Easily downloadable attendance reports
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly attendance views
  • No Admin worked required
  • Automated attendance data management
  • Track Present, absent and leave days
  • RFID and Biometric integration

#8 DreamClass

The online attendance management system of DreamClass allows you to track and share attendance data without hassles. Teachers can easily note down the attendance from the classroom and quickly enter the data into the system. School administrators can view this data as soon as teachers update them. Moreover, DreamClass automatically generates attendance reports. You can use these reports to compare with other results.

Key Features

  • Colour-coded Attendance Bars
  • Multiple Attendance Options
  • Comments on Attendance Data
  • Attendance Reports
  • Share Attendance Data

#9 Campus 365

Needless to say, manually managing attendance is a tiresome task for teachers, and it will affect their productivity. So Campus 365 has innovative features like biometric tracking and an RFID attendance system to reduce the workload of teachers. The biometric system uses fingerprints and face recognition to mark the attendance of teachers. On the other hand, you can integrate RFID with students' ID cards to mark their attendance without fail. 

Key Features

  • Biometric System
  • RFID Attendance System
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Real-time Attendance Records

#10 Canvas LMS

The innovative Roll Call Attendance feature in Canvas LMS allows instructors to take attendance with ease. It is a simple tool which is very easy to navigate. Using the attendance tool, teachers can keep track of attendance digitally without hassles. The tool is customizable which means the users can view data in a list or grid format. 

Key Features

  • View Attendance Assignment
  • Calculates Attendance as Percentage
  • View Lateness Value
  • View Gradebook Scores
  • Export Attendance Data
  • Create And Manage Badges


As we conclude, let us assume that every school needs a proper student attendance management system. They need it regardless of their size and type. Neverthless, there are plenty of online attendance management apps available in the market. We believe that this detailed list of best online attendance management systems in India help you choose the right system.

Even though the features offered by each app are different, the core purpose is the same. Schools use these apps to streamline their attendance process in schools.

Edisapp is one of the best online attendance management systems for students. It offers all the necessary features at an affordable cost. Moreover, the app is easy to use and compatible with most devices!

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