View complete information of a student on your phone, quickly with Edisapp e360

16-Jan-2021, 11:01:22 PM
Edisapp e360, an exceptional mobile app for school principals integrated with the Edisapp the best school management software, incorporates advanced features to access individual student information within seconds. Out of all student and teacher information, Edisapp e360 instantly fetch the particular at ease.

Accessing student information at the time of need is crucial for school principals, and Edsaipp e360 fetches this data with ease, quickly from the single source of truth, the school management system database. Principals or the decision-maker can see all information related to the student, like the personal profile, family details, parent contacts, emergency contacts, exam marks, fee paid history, class teacher information etc. One tap calling facility within Edisapp enables the school principal to make a ring to the student's parents, either father, mother or emergency contact in case of an emergency with looking at various other sources of information, saving time and efforts.
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