Student information management system made Simple!

23-Sep-2021, 11:09:56 AM
Thomson Philip

What is Student  Information Management System?

Edisapp has developed student information management systems for numerous reasons. With creation, edit, delete and block features, the student data management process has become an effortless task. As a matter of fact, schools with high student numbers cannot function well without a proper student information management system. To emphasize, you as the school management would not need to depend on your staff’s help to access a student’s information, anymore. Additionally, you would not need to spend money repeatedly buying office supplies. 

Why do you need a Student Information Management System?

Now think about maintaining a large physical filing system or even an excel sheet of student data. Does it seem sensible? Edisapp student data management system does all the work for you in a single click.  It is important to realise that, the Microsoft Azure Cloud backup system is united with Edisapp Student Information Management System which performs backup at regular intervals.

Attendance, academics, exam scores, personal information, fees and much more are all tracked. Edisapp's Student Data Management System is helpful in preparation for parent-teacher conferences.  To learn more about why every school must have a good student information system, read this article.


Student information management system


Top Features of Student data management system

  • Ease of access to Student Data using any keyword like student name, class, section, student id or mobile number.
  • A student dashboard is available which provides updates on fee payment, attendance, performance ratings and more.
  • Option to add, edit, block and delete students as and when required is provided.
  • Edisapp Student data management system has the option to import student data from Excel Sheets.
  • Correspondingly, Edisapp School ERP also has the service to update partial student data from excel sheets.
  • Additionally, Bulk editing, easy issue of transfer certificates or reports, active report builder and more are available on Edisapp.
  • Fully customisable fee reports are available.
  • Anything related to a student and their activities can be tracked, recorded and shared with their parents. Moreover, the comments or reports are subject to approval from the school management.

Of course, there are so much more features that are available in Edisapp. To know more in detail, you can book a free demo of the Edisapp Student Information Management System.

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