Edisapp School ERP – Focus on Student Data Security

21-Sep-2021, 12:09:35 PM

We at Eloit take the school's student data security measures very seriously which is why we guarantee round-the-clock complete Data protection. Yes, seriously. With the highest safety standards, Edisapp School ERP is practically impenetrable for unauthorized persons. From automated to manual audits conducted at regular short intervals enables early detections of any vulnerabilities that can be easily averted.

Eloit has received the ISO 27001:2013 Certification for Management of Information Security in student data security, Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Cloud-Based Software Solutions, Mobile Applications & Information Technology Enabled Services for Education Institutions & Organizations. What else could be better than to put you at ease with one of the most reputed certification agencies in the world certifying Eloit.

We live in a time where everything has taken the shift to be digital or technologically advanced. The number of populations who have ulterior motives with either money or other issues is always out there looking to sell this kind of information in the black market or dark web. That is just one reason, there are other reasons like natural disasters and calamities that can severely damage the hardware. These kinds of situations are where Eloit is giving a guarantee of Data protection. The reason for the guarantee of assured protection of Data is because the School / Student data is stored on the highly secured Microsoft Azure Cloud data centres which is preset to back up on a continual basis at different intervals.

Edisapp School Management System and School Apps may be accessed from any machine that may be shared among end-users, however, the data is always separate for each user. Any user who requires access to student/school business data must authenticate themselves and their identity must be verified individually by user credentials and role/user access controls. Edisapp has in-built processes to ensure users are who they say they are and will double-check based on specific events or behaviours. Edisapp School Management Software has an in-built mechanism for credentials resetting, blocking and unblocking users, enabling and disabling device level and feature level access for groups and individual users.

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