Mapping Family Details of Students Made Simple!

04-Oct-2021, 01:10:08 PM

Mapping individual students’ family, sibling and guardian details has become an important feature for every school, college and institution. It is essential that a School Information Management Software records the personal and family details of the student that can be recovered at all times. This feature is already inherent and set up to use in Edisapp – the school management solution. Additionally, Mapping of brothers and sisters of a student studying in same school is easily possible.  Moreover, the Guardian contact details can be updated and contacted in case of emergency.

Updating the contact information is imperative in this current world scenario. To emphasize, these types of communication options are essential in the event of an emergency. Last but not the least, right from a health issue of any kind to criminal act, the school must take precautions and be able to alert the parents.

Features of Mapping Family Details of Students

  • Creating, viewing and updating of students personal information
  • Storage of Aadhaar card information identification marks.
  • Bulk updation of photograph of parents are possible. This is an extremely important feature. Lot of schools find it very helpful.
  • There is an integrated Single-Click Direct Calling feature as well as WhatsApp messaging, allowing the school administration to contact parents as required.
  • The option to map Siblings studying in the same school is also available. Similar to this, it is possible to quickly locate staff and their children who attend the same school.
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