Effortless Automated Admission Procedure

29-Sep-2021, 05:09:33 PM

What is an automated Admission procedure?

An automated Admission procedure is when parents and students do not even need to visit a school physically to start, process and complete the admission procedure. The online interface of the school helps in completing the admission process.  This is where Edisapp’s School Management Software comes in. It is important to realize that Edisapp is no simple software in the backend but is particularly customer friendly.

Additionally, schools can manage both online and offline admission through Edisapp automated Admission procedure. The Edisapp School ERP system equips the school to automate the whole admission process of all potential students.

Why do Schools require an automated Admission procedure?

Imagine, with the population growing and higher number of people aiming for the best schools to enrol their wards. Admission turnouts could be huge in number and a disorganized physical setup could literally damage the reputation of the school. Subsequently, parents may turn to other schools and not to mention loss of physical data on papers could happen to anyone. Imagine another situation whereby in the midst of this pandemic, busy parents coming to schools for the admission procedures for their ward. It is a potential situation for another cluster or outbreak of infections. This is where an Automated Admission & Registration Process System comes in handy.

The school website provides the link for admission. All the enquiries are consolidated on Edisapp School Management Software. Also, the school can configure, schedule interviews and send notifications to parents about the scheduled interviews.  At the end of the admission process, selected students are informed. Moreover, schools can keep a record of admissions and the details for every academic year.

Some major features of Admission and Registration process automation

  • Admissions inquiries, document upload, and fee payment are all completed entirely online.
  • Edisapp can  store walk-in enquiries and admission forms online
  • Customised Admissions Form for each School.
  • Parents can receive the meeting link for online interview
  • Schools can have detailed report on all enquiries and view status update of each and every enquiry on Edisapp.
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