How Edisapp teacher apps benefited teachers during COVID?

28-Dec-2020, 05:12:11 AM

Including technology in school education was a far-fetching possibility for most of the schools. School education always remained old-fashioned despite technological advancements.

The reason was indeed the unfamiliarity of teachers with the basics of technology and their reluctance to learn it.

Yet coronavirus pandemic, leading to a global shutdown of all schools left no choice but to rely on technology to conduct online classes to let the academics on the go.

Teachers had their troubles in the initial stages of online teaching. Strange online platforms, completely different methods and patterns of teaching etc. added to their fear of technology.

But slow and steady, teachers learned to rise up to the situation and understood the ease and comfort of automated ERP software and mobile app for school management.

Administrative software for schools

Upon this unsettled and stressful time for teachers, Edisapp faculty app came to the rescue in numerous ways such as:

  • Enabling easy communication with parents, students and school management alike.
  • Easy creation of class assignments with submission dates so that teachers can keep track of student performance.
  • Comfortable assigning of homework, visible on the parent app for the attention of parents and students alike. 
  • Effortless scheduling of online exams to assess the academic proficiency of students via Exams33 online portal.
  • Online evaluation and exams marks entry for the ease of online result publication.
  • Easy online marking of attendance that gets stored digitally for record-keeping. 
  • Clear and direct announcement of links for online meetings, classes, discussions etc.

Technology, including the best school management software, mobile app for parents and teachers app, has opened a new door for teachers to experience online teaching and assigning tasks at ease and comfort. Teacher apps- reduced the workload of faculty, giving them more time to focus on students.

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