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15-Sep-2021, 11:09:36 PM
Binil Thomas

Work from home for moms at Eloit

Eloit Innovations has decided to offer work from home for moms who have been contemplating a return to work. The biggest problem faced by young mothers today happens to be the sacrifice of their dreams for their families. They are forced to take a vital career break due to their maternity concern. At Eloit, we admire mothers who shower their love on their families like no other. In contrast to this, we do consider their career goals into account.  

Why Eloit is offering work from home for moms?

For a working woman in the 1990s, regardless of her position on the corporate ladder, the choice between motherhood and job was indeed a real and frequently agonising one. In 1995, more than 75% of mothers were employed, but their options were limited. If your desire to be a caretaker for your children clashed with your desire to have a career that defined you, fulfilled you, and provided you with an identity and a feeling of success, you were forced to make some difficult choices. That option was made for the many women who worked out of economic necessity. In either case, primary caregivers did not mesh well with a hard career. You had to be prepared to make some significant sacrifices as a career woman and a mother. And many of them did, but many remained housewives.

In the present age, work from home for mothers has become more of a common thing due to the flexibility in work hours and advances in technology. Especially in this pandemic situation, many are switching to remote jobs since safety has become the primary concern for all. Thus imagine implementing this resilient practice for young mothers to help them achieve their dreams and take care of their families. Being a mother is a two-fold task and choosing to stay full time at home to do that is a sacrifice. Eloit understands this sacrifice and is willing to support young mothers who want to return to work by hiring them to provide permanent work from "home".

work from home for moms

Benefits of work from home for Moms at Eloit

But balancing work ethics and motherhood has pros and cons, which all the mothers willing to join us must know. Some of the advantages are:

1) Enjoy an elevated income: Work from home gives you the pleasure of staying at your comfort place while you make a profitable income.

2) Save travel time: Mothers can give up the tedious travel hours, which seems to be a drag and expensive. It also helps the mothers working remotely save a lot of expenditure involved with gas money, frequent vehicle service amount, etc. and use it for family necessities.

3) Pliable work hours: Prior setting of flexible working hours allows the mothers to complete all the errands and also enjoy their work in the scheduled time.

4) Avoid the usual social distractions of the office: Especially, young mothers can avoid the unwanted social gatherings that commonly happen at an office (particularly during this pandemic), which also increases work hours' efficiency.

5) Gain a sense of control: Making up the time for running house errands and then saving time for work instils a sense of time management as well as a sense of balance between priorities. On the contrary, some disadvantages include disengaged workplace, increased isolation feeling, risk of overworking, etc.

Job Profiles & Responsibilities

Below listed are some of the job profiles and responsibilities currently available at Eloit, the best school software company. Regain the confidence to resume your career after a break. Join us to choose your desired career that suits your skillset and experience. 


  • 4+ Years Experience in .Net Core, MVC, VUE.Js


  • 5+ Years Experience in a Senior Administration Role


  • 3+ Years Experience In a Customer Support Role


  • 3+ Years Experience Software Implementations


  • SaaS / Education Sales Experience


  • 2+ Years Experience Automation Testing


  • 2 Years Experience in Content Writing/Techincal Writing



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