What is School ERP Software? Why is it important for Schools?

12-Oct-2020, 10:10:00 AM

What is School ERP Software?

From tons of paper files and documents piling up in teachers staff rooms to a paperless office of minimalistic workload, an ERP software takes school managements down to the path of digitalization aligning with the latest technological advancements.

School ERP Software

To find appropriate data at the right time, school managements have to take a stride into the school ERP software systems for an organized and methodical system of management. 

What is School ERP Software?

School ERP Software can be expanded as an Enterprise Resource Planning software with a set of programmes specially designed to handle all administrative tasks remotely connected to the school management system.

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All authorities associated with schools like Principles, Office Staffs, Teachers, Parents, etc. can effectively make use of these ERP Software which acts like a central dashboard handling everything around. 

Why is it important in Schools? 

An ERP Software is a one-stop solution, in contrast to the traditional school management systems, transforming schools to the digital realms, where everything is within your fingertips.

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Moreover, it offers:

  • A supreme power to the Principles to monitor each and every activity happening within the school premises. This includes not only students but effective staff management, admission procedures, etc. 
  • A super-easy way of handling all the tiring administrative back-office works with utter perfection and clarity, avoiding all confusions at times of any enquiries. 
  • Extra-time for teachers to teach and concentrate more on students academic and co-curricular activities. Also letting them contact parents and authorities simultaneously.
  • Peace of mind for parents, as they are constantly aware of their children's whereabouts, through school vehicles tracking features and daily attendance updating immediately after the school starts. It also allows for easy governance and supervision of parents over the academic performance of children. 

This cloud-based system is the best school ERP software that must be ventured upon for the amazing features it offers, ensuring a flexible and paperless administration of school management. Edisapp school erp software will make the fragmented school operations into a single connected unit, with no data redundancy and a reliable single source of truth, always available, anywhere on any device.

Adhering to an ERP software for school would be the best decision ever made for an easier and satisfying school experience for all stakeholders, including parents, students, teachers, administrators and leadership team too. 


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