What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education?

26-May-2021, 10:05:39 AM

From a luxury to a necessity, the face of online education witnessed a surprise turn in this pandemic. We have entered the age of remote learning, and it is not a temporary phenomenon but bound to exist in the future. Online learning is going to be a part of education henceforth. This is why it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of online education. 

Let us take a closer look now at the advantages and disadvantages of online classes for school students and teachers/ administrators. 

Advantages Of Online Classes

Advantage of online Classes

The advantages of online education are multifold; let’s understand how.

Benefits Of Online Education For Teachers/Schools:

  • Better Connection: Online education allows teachers to stay connected with their students beyond the school boundaries.  They can easily exchange resources, ideas, videos, academic practices, and methodologies. Additionally, it also allows the teachers and parents to have a more transparent relationship. With e-learning, teachers can make parents a part of the education of their wards. Through efficient tools, teachers will be able to update parents regarding the performance of their kids.
  • Regular Reinforcement Of Content And Skills: Online landscape offers an abundance of resources for teachers to grow and improve the quality of education. Online resources provide continuous opportunities for teachers to learn new content. It helps in expanding their knowledge base and reinforcing their skills.
  • Time Saving Way Of Education: E-teaching eliminates the need to commute to the school to provide education. It allows the teachers to save a lot of time that was otherwise invested in travelling. Through online education, teachers will have more time in hand to learn teaching concepts and improve their skills.

Here’s how online education benefits students:

  • Learning At Individual’s Pace: In the traditional way of learning, children have to learn and complete their homework and assignment at the same pace and time. On the other hand, online education allows students to learn and develop at their own pace. It allows the students to leverage a more individualized approach towards learning and enjoy the process.
  • More Accessible: The traditional school has a lot of textbooks, dorm rooms, cafeteria, etc. all these factors add up to the costs. The high cost of education makes it difficult for many children to access quality education. Online education, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive, allowing more students to gain an education. With e-learning, education is just one touch away.
  • More Focused Learning: In traditional learning, students are less focused and more influenced by peer pressure. But with online learning, students are growing at their own pace. Therefore, there is less pressure from other students, making them stay more focused.
  • Accessibility Of Technical Knowledge: In the present digital era, technical skills are important to thrive. E-learning allows students to be proficient in handling devices. So along with theoretical knowledge, students become well-versed in computer and technical skills.

Disadvantages of  Online Education

Disadvantages of  Online Education

With the advent of new technology, with advantages come disadvantages. But it should be ensured that when we compare the advantages and disadvantages of online classes, the advantages should weigh in more and there should be gradual measures to mitigate the disadvantages. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of online education, the benefits are more. Here are some disadvantages of online education:

Social Isolation

In e-learning methods, students have to undergo remoteness, lack of physical interaction, and contemplation. Subsequently, teachers and students end up spending much of their time online without much human interaction. Isolation couples paired with lack of communication can result in the development of mental health. But there are many interactive tools out there that schools can leverage to make online education more interactive.

Lack Of Accessibility in Economically Weaker Section

Around 25 crore students have been affected due to the pandemic lockdown, out of which 80% falls in the economically weaker category. Internet accessibility in remote locations is limited. And even there is an internet connection; not all houses have smartphones or laptops to facilitate education. As many as 30% of students did not possess the right infrastructure for online learning. This is a major issue and must be addressed with utmost priority.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of online education, let's summarise the key findings here. E-learning is a new reality for both teachers and students. The faster they learn to indulge in online education, the better results they will get. Although both students and teachers are having a bit of difficulty in making this transition, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of online education can help. Additionally, using the right software like Eloit’s School Management Software can make a successful digital transformation.

It is a comprehensive solution that processes all the information about schools, fees, exams, library, staff, transportation, and fees. When software is doing all the manual work, schools will have more time to focus on the quality of the education. Contact us today to know more about our School Management System and how it helps your education institute. Edsiapp eLearn LMS, the next generation learning management system is also a good choice if you want to transform your school into a fully hybrid learning space.


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