Top-rated features of Edisapp Parent App

05-Mar-2021, 10:03:58 AM

The role of parents in the education system is tremendously rising day by day. Gone are the days in which parents came to school on admission days and parent-teacher meetings. Most school management is exploring novel ways of getting parents involved in their ward’s school academics and other co-curricular activities. Why? It is because more parents are involved in school, the better it is for the holistic development of students from wider angles. 


In this ardent necessity of incorporating parents into school activities, Edisapp, the best school management system, has developed a mobile app exclusively for the parents to receive regular updates from the school. It offers peaceful solace for the parents in knowing the whereabouts of their children. 


Let us jump in to know the top-rated features of the Edisapp Parent App:


Unlimited Customization


Edisapp parent app has a unique feature of unlimited customization. The school authorities can make enough and more modifications to our parent app. We have several features that provide immense assistance to the parents. Schools can see the prototype and decide the features for themselves. 


School Branded Mobile App


Edisapp parent app gets branded under the school name. Having a mobile app with the school logo and name is a matter of pride and joy for the school management and parents. It offers more visibility to the school brand and elevates dignity to heights among technologically advanced schools. There is no scope for data leakage since no third party is involved in this whole process.   


Efficient Data Security


School records contain quite many information and data of parents such as their:

  • Occupation
  • Annual Income
  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Date of Birth (Parents & Students)
  • Birthmark
  • Identification Marks
  • Emergency Contact Number

Involving a third party, such as in ID card generation, can lead to data leakage to insurance companies and large corporates. Edisapp school-branded apps and ERP systems offer full security on data. 


Push Notifications


Edisapp parent app receives numerous push notifications on varying announcements, homework, assignments, exam results, attendance etc. With push notifications, parents need not always open the app for any news or updates. Push notifications automatically draw your attention towards the app. 


Homework & Assignments


Homework and assignments uploaded in the Edisapp teacher app get reflected in the parent app within seconds. Each assignment comes with its submission date and additional documents for reference. After completing the homework and assignments, students can upload a pdf file on or before the due date. The marks or grades allotted to the assignment are visible in the app. 


Exam Notifications & Report Cards


Exam time table with corresponding dates and subjects gets sent to the parent app via push notification. During the result publication, the softcopy of the report cards become available in the parent app semester-wise. Parents can readily search the app to find the previous report cards. With older reports, parents can compare the academic progress of their wards.


Announcements with Attachments


With the Edisapp parent app, school authorities can easily send announcements with attachments on the major holidays, any special government circulars, softcopy of the printed notices of school celebrations, annual day, PTA meetings etc. Parents can read through the announcements and be aware of the events happening at school.


Attendance Report


Daily attendance of students gets reflected in the parent app. Along with the school calendar, parents can see the dates in which their wards were absent and the respective reasons marked against each day. Attendance report helps to bring the absence of students under the parent’s attention. 


Leave Application


Through the Edisapp parent app, parents can send leave applications to the respective class teacher. If the leave is upto three days, teachers can approve or reject the application. For leave applications beyond three days, the approval of the school principal is mandatory.


SMS Module and Notification in App


In case of any urgent announcement, the Edisapp SMS module sends a message to the respective parent mobile number. If the parent resides out of the coverage area but has a WiFi connection, the message will get sent as a push notification to the mobile app. SMS will not get delivered to the NRI parents, but they will have the privilege of push notification on their parent app. 


Edisapp Parent App



















Edisapp Today Daily Contents


For all the parents using the Edisapp parent app belonging to different schools, we provide daily contents. Our daily updates include:

  • Thought for the day (a famous quote or proverb)
  • Word of the day (a word with its meaning, usage, one or two examples, pronunciation etc.)
  • News of the day (top headlines of the day)
  • Educational News of the day (any news updates concerning the education sector)


Online Fee Payment 


Edisapp parent app reminds parents of the fee dues, amount to be paid etc. Parents can effortlessly pay school fees through the parent app. Edisapp facilitates payment gateways for parents to pay online using any of the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • e-Wallets
  • Net Banking
  • UPI Accounts
  • Paytm etc.


Fee Receipts

Whether the school fees get paid online or offline, the receipt goes straight to the parent mobile app. Parents can download the fee receipt and take a printout for any future references. Once paid, the status of the fee payment automatically gets updated in the parent app in real-time. 


With these exceptional features of the Edisapp parent app, teachers, parents and school management can always stay in contact. Careful attention and analysis of parents are necessary for the overall development of students in school life. Let parents be a part of the whole system. Let them stand within, not without! 











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