Top 5 Salient Reasons for Implementing a School Management Software

13-Oct-2020, 10:10:00 AM

Managing an entire school administration is not easy at all, the authorities can have a hectic schedule and chaotic messes if the school is still clinging onto traditional and outdated management systems for administration.

With lots of things going on, it is time that all prestigious schools take a step forward and utilize the best school management software. 

It has become a necessity more than a need, as educational institutions have a huge mass of students, teachers, office staff, etc.

who come in contact and interact on a regular basis. With the top ERP softwares, the workloads such as all information, operations, tasks, schedules, etc. are brought together under a digital network and properly handled with care.

Here are the top 5 salient reasons why a school management system would be the best idea for educational institutions:

  • Automated Administration

The whole world is running behind artificial intelligence, technological advancements, robots, etc. to reduce manual workload, and why should we leave educational institutions behind?

Automation is very beneficial indeed, as it helps in taking quicker decisions, better references of documents etc.

Before the introduction of ERP softwares, authorities had a hard time in calculating results, giving notice and announcements manually, writing special notes in the diary of each young student to reach their parents etc.

With the ERP system, the front face of the schools changed results are published within minutes, important announcements are pushed forward as notifications to parents without leaving a single child uninformed etc.

  • Better Archive than Office Shelves

Tiring wait in front of the school office is not a new scene.

From a million years ago till date, one can see parents and students waiting in front of the office while the office staff is searching for documents in their rusty shelves.

I'm pretty sure we have all been there.

Whereas the ideal ERP software in itself is a digital archive that stores all important documents and files, minimising the paper works to almost zero, and fetches the right document upon search in minutes.

  • Easy Management of Attendance Record

Well, one can always remember the times walking behind teachers with absent records stating the reason for being absent in the previous days or during attendance shortage days without knowing how many absences you took in a year.

With the attendance recording feature of school management software, there is clear data of absent days removing all confusions.

Notifications of attendance reports are pushed forward to the parents app, so that they can assure the presence of their children in class.

And most importantly students will think twice before planning to bunk the classes.

  • Homeworks and Exam Management

Daily homeworks and assignments can be downloaded and uploaded into their virtual portal, familiarising students with the latest technologies of documentation.

Teachers upload respective grades in assignments and examinations onto the portal, including the report cards, bringing all academic details into the attention of parents for better guidance and understanding of their childs academic graph.

  • Effortless Fee Payment

Every start of a semester we see long queues of parents and students in front of the office for fee payment.

With the smartest features of school ERP software parents can pay fees online effortlessly.

The fee details, including the amount, last date of fee payment without fine, with fine etc. are forwarded to the parent app and they can act accordingly.Â

This evidently omits the lags caused by students forgetting about fee dues announced at schools, shifting the responsibility to parents to look notifications and pay the fees without any due troubles.

The overwhelming volume of data, paperworks, announcements, information management, etc. visibly calls for the need of the best school management system to control all activities with its automated multi-hands.

Adapting to new technologies will only help in achieving new heights, which were nearly impossible with traditional methods.

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