Top 4 Tips to Improve Students’ Performance with School ERP Software

29-Jun-2021, 01:06:30 PM

If you have been using school ERP software and found that conventional teaching methods are not working anymore, you need to look for innovative ways to improve your student performance. 

A school ERP software has become an integral part of the institution’s day-to-day activities. It holds many crucial functions, ensuring that school management runs smoothly and effectively. In addition, it allows students, teachers, staff, parents, and other external parties to collaborate without any hassle through a centralized platform.

However, parents are expecting more from schools. It is not just about their children getting good grades but ensuring that they have all-around development. While the best ERP software for school provides an organized and productive environment, it is up to you how you use it for easy management and betterment of your students. 

We have listed some tried and tested tips using which you can improve your students’ performance with your school ERP software. 

Why Aren’t Conventional Teaching Techniques Working Anymore? 

With the advancement in technology, the educational system has become more complex. Conventional teaching methods may trigger self-discovery in students, but they are far away from improvements if they don’t know how to work on themselves. Therefore, it is important to introduce an educational system that provides scope for creativity and innovation. The biggest need for schools is to introduce a robust school management system that will promote enhanced learning and development in students. 

There are many benefits of a school management system. For starters, with its updated teaching method, there is an advanced learning experience for students of all classes. It offers a blend of the latest technology and traditional teaching to offer a seamless learning experience to the students. A student will find learning to be more interesting with digital whiteboards, gameplay, and microlearning modules. No matter what the advantages and disadvantages of a school management system are, it is pretty evident that a robust system has far more benefits than a traditional classroom.

4 Tips to Enhance Students’ Results & Performance with ERP 

The following are some tips using which you can deploy technology to drive a student’s progress: 

Dashboard reports 

Teachers lack crucial information and organized data required to devise new methods and ways to increase student engagement. To overcome this issue, teachers can try to integrate school ERP software with dashboard analytics for finding the areas of concern. With dashboard analytics, you can access reports that tell everything from student grades to the activities they take part in. 

These reports are designed in a statistical format as well as in a visualized manner, making it easy to process information. As a result, you can quickly analyze students with these dashboard reports and tell them their strengths and weaknesses. Once the problems are identified, you can work closely with students to help them improve their performance. The best part is that the ERP system allows you to re-examine the reports to see if the revised techniques are proving to be fruitful or not.  

Parental involvement 

Students will remain motivated if they receive support from both their teachers and parents. Best ERP systems have a web portal that contains student information. The parents can access this information. This information ranges from student grades to attendance, timetables, participation in extra-curricular activities, and more. Therefore, parents will know what their children are up to. 

Automated attendance 

Many schools have started to integrate biometric attendance systems with their ERP system to streamline the attendance process. This means that teachers do not have to manually call out roll numbers or names of the students to mark their attendance. This saves the valuable time of both teachers and students and ensures that teachers get a detailed attendance record of each student. So, you can know who are the regulars and who are the chronic absentees. 

Communication facilities 

It has been realized that teachers and parents need to communicate with each other regularly to stay on track with their child’s progress. The school ERP system can be used to make communication a lot streamlined between parents, teachers, and students. You can send out updates about school notifications through email, SMS, or even voice messages to students and parents. The best part is that robust systems have templates that can be customized depending on the message you want to send. 

How Can School ERP Software Help in this Case? 

The school ERP software helps in streamlining the teaching process by enabling teachers to access student reports in real-time. This allows them to share information in a meticulous and relevant manner. 

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