A Simple Guide to the World’s 12 best School Management System

30-Oct-2021, 09:10:14 PM
Thomson Philip

What Is School Management System?

In short, a school system helps schools to simplify almost all of the processes related to running a school. Loaded with different features that provide a wide range of services, from mapping to tracking student progress. Moreover, it aids in communication which gives a clear-cut review of student progress. Also, increased contact with more feedback to parents.

A set School System can perform a variety of administrative functions such as:

  • Invoices and payment.
  • Reports on progress and Grading.
  • Attendance tracking.
  • Enrolment Procedures.
  • Timetable generation.

In addition, if your school needs more functions, the right software is available. Other features that may be included in more premium systems include:

  • Tools for Administrators to conduct an evaluation.
  • Analytics reporting.
  • Parent portal.
  • Management tools for libraries.
  • Point-of-sale system for the canteen or in-house shop.
  • Fundraising tools.
  • Health records for school nurses.

Search for a School Management Software

What do you need to look for in a School Management System?

Firstly, it is important to know how a School System will benefit your school when choosing a school system vendor. Before making a purchase, two crucial factors should be considered. To begin with, think about the things that your school requires the most. Furthermore, be sure that all of the services for which you would be paying are used by your school administrators.

These characteristics determine the quality of school administration software.

 Score Cards and Competency Levels

Secondly, there are several benefits of the Score card or Report card management with a school ERP software.  It ranges from designing personal score cards to creating paperless score cards. In addition, this can also be viewed at any time and from any location.

To assess the quality of a student's overall progress, the report cards can show scores, grade system, mark break up as well as view and display settings. Moreover, it also allows teachers and parents to assess marks in the score card.

Finally, Teachers can contribute to the score card by making notes and selecting a overall grade for students. Also, some systems have the provision to add and verify attendance into the score card as well as in real-time. Some key highlights of a score card include:

  • Exam scores.
  • Score submission.
  • Insert notes.
  • Attendance data inclusion.

Functions for Backup and Data Security

Thirdly, one of your school's most vital tasks is to protect the personal information of your staff and students. In fact, you can lose such data and also risk high-security issues if you fail to choose a good school system. Also, when selecting software, keep in mind cloud back-up and security options.

Are the following features included in the ERP Software you're considering?

  • Firstly, the Cloud Backup feature is activated.
  • Secondly, a dedicated hard drive is used as a backup if the system is totally online.
  • Lastly, firewall protection that functions exceptionally.

 Networking and Remote Access

The application you buy must be used both within and outside the school. All your staff will be able to access their work without needing to be at school all the time. Moreover, this feature might be useful for onboarding teaching staff or data entry from a remote location. This will not only increase output but also provide your team with greater flexibility.

 Load bearing capacity

The number of pupils and teaching staff has a significant impact on your School System. It is important that you can control your school's data. Also, you need to be sure that you are not paying for more than what your school needs.

Features of School Management Software

Features of an efficient School Management System

Information of Students

All information about a student, such as;

  • Attendance,
  • Disciplinary measures,
  • Examination results,
  • Health information, and
  • Parental information is included.

All of this must be accessible through the school system, with strong security features.

Parent Access

A parent portal helps parents to participate in their children's school tasks and keep a track of their school output.

Benefits may include:

  • Parents' constructive engagement in educational activities.
  • Parents have immediate access to up-to-date information about excursions, exams, parent meetings, and other topics.
  • Provides parents with immediate access to attendance reports and progress reports.
  • Establishes a direct channel of contact between parents and teachers.

 Teaching Faculty Data

A teacher portal helps make time-table simpler, provide info on students and grant access to their pursuits in the school.  It also allows teachers to check their time-table, easily make reports, and so on. The app also has info on class periods, academic progress, and classroom tasks. Teachers can also safely connect to their page to view data, among other gains.

All the info about the classroom and students is updated every hour or so. Moreover, all the paperwork related to the class can be done with ease. Teachers may provide info to parents about their student's scores within a blink of an eye.

 Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Many software solutions now include AI as a standard element. School Bus Fleet management is the best example of AI-assisted school operations. Without the use of walkie-talkies, schools can control school buses using this function. Also, it can plan the routes and allocation course of action, making it easier than earlier. The possibilities with AI are vast, and your school will have a variety of options.

Online Fee Payment and Tracking

Keep track of payments, put together invoices and assure that all required fees are in order before any issuance of bills. This is one of the most tedious administrative functions. However, parents, service providers, and the school can surely gain from the School System.

Schools can accept all types of electronic payments online, whereby, allowing parents to pay from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, this function makes managing financial deals such as billing, fees, and payments, a breeze.


Top 12 of the World's Best School ERP System 

We looked for software that had got not only regular near perfect ratings from pros, but also had wisdom in the school setting. Thereby, here are our selections for the finest school systems available. Finally, it is better to make parity of product features before coming to a decision! 

1. GradeLink - gradelink.com 

Founded in 2002. Headquartered in the U.S.A. To begin with, it looks like they put a lot of effort into creating products that are easy to identify and use at Gradelink. They discover what works best for schools as they seek feedback from the school authorities to give what they require. They'll be able to spend less time clicking and more time instructing as a result. Some notable features: 

  • Unlimited one-on-one assistance via phone and email. 
  • All teachers and admin staff get training. 
  • Gradelink's assistance website, which includes many how-to articles and videos, is available to you at no cost. 
  • Updates to the software are carried out automatically. 
  • Webinars for professional development. 

Pricing starts from $97.00 and goes up to $250 depending on the number of students and features. 

2. Rediker - rediker.com 

Founded in the year 1979. Headquartered in the U.S.A (Also!). For all sorts of K-12 schools, the software delivers school admissions and enrolment solutions. Independent schools can track and communicate with each applicant step by step through the entire admissions process. To begin with, from initial inquiry to acceptance and enrolment with Admissions Plus Pro with the help of Online Forms and Applications. In the same way, it provides charter schools with unique online application submissions, school lotteries, and waitlist handling features. It can streamline admin tasks saving time and money with our integrated student info system. 

  • Use web portals for teaching experts, students, and parents to support online learning and increase the level of communication. 
  • Use IEPs and Google Classroom integration to access mobile-friendly web grade books. 
  • Create, save, present, and upload skill and standard report cards. 
  • Our cell phone apps allow you to access and manage student data from your phone or tablet. 
  • Take control of the whole admissions process, from application to enrolment. 

Pricing details will need to be availed from vendor. 

Edisapp the best school management system

3. Edisapp – www.eloit.com 

One of the best and most flexible School System with modules and features that can be 100% custom-built. Edisapp unifies the industry's most all-inclusive set of features, future-ready tech, and data protection. 

80+ Modules and features to choose from! 

Edisapp streamlines all information flow of schools from new student admission to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. Also, Edisapp is accessible anywhere at any time. 

Mobile Apps for Principals 

Firstly, Manage, Operate & Lead Your school with Edisapp e360 mobile app for school principals and decision-makers. Accordingly, the app for school administrators is in absolute sync with the Online School System; the app simplifies constant monitoring of all school functions. 

Main Features 

  • Student and Staff information is fully accessible. 
  • Send crucial communications to everyone. 
  • Financial data of the school. 
  • Data-based assessment. 
  • Look at daily attendance of students & staff. 

Mobile Apps for Parents 

Secondly, with the Best School Mobile Apps for Parents in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can increase your institution's exposure and esteem. Likewise, the School App for Parents provides parents with real-time access to information on their children’s data and ensure effective communication with the school. 

Main Features 

  • Obtain important communication from the school. 
  • Check assignments and homework. 
  • Multi-child access assistance. 
  • Pay fees and get vouchers online. 
  • View student attendance and apply for leave. 

Mobile Apps for Teachers 

Thirdly, the purpose of the School App for Instructors is to provide teachers with the resources they need to promote student achievement. Further, teachers may now devote more time and attention to their kids. Giving homework and assignments, keeping track of attendance, approving leaves, and keeping in touch with parents has never been so simple! 

Main Features 

  • Mark Student Attendance & Grant leave. 
  • Give Assignments & Homework. 
  • Chatting & Connecting with Parents. 
  • View list of pupils in class and their details. 
  • Send alerts to parents with attachments. 

Prices are subject to change over time. Currently, starting from $1 per user per month. 

Visit www.eloit.com to book a demo today and transform your school in 7 business working days! 

4. Powerschool - www.powerschool.com 

Firstly, we began with the first web-based student info system and progressing to industry-changing user point-of-view and mobile apps. Further, we went on to our Student Systems and Unified Classroom platform. PowerSchool has a long history of change. 

Secondly, we have a past of leading the ed-tech sector, and we are excited to be launching industry-first unified solutions that break down digital walls for schools and districts, giving teachers an all-inclusive set of tools to help students reach their full flair. 

Thirdly, the PowerSchool team consists of 2,900+ talented specialists proudly promote PowerSchool products, services, and our community. Product managers, application engineers and architects, directors, tech assistance, service professionals, hunters, accounting gurus, alternative sales specialists, and marketing geniuses make up our dynamic team. 

Access as and when you require it. 

  • All-inclusive Student Lifecycle. 
  • Custom-Built for Teachers 
  • Security & Accessibility. 
  • Encourage Family Commitment. 

Please contact vendor for pricing details. 

5. Quickschools - www.quickschools.com 

Founded in 2005 in the U.S.A. The student database is at the heart of our student information system. It's fully unified with all of Quickschools' other functions. Therefore, it allows school admins and teachers to quickly get the info they need. Strong access rights restrictions can limit what information is disclosed and shared with others. 

  • Sophisticated Student Information System for managing schoolwork and projects (SIS). 
  • Attendance system and classroom. 
  • Parental portal to track their child's progress. 
  • A platform for managing enrolment. 

Pricing starts from $0.99 per user per month. 

6. Anthology - www.anthology.com 

A Student info System that is flexible with programs, modern functions and built-in automation. 

  • Term management (standard and non-standard). 
  • Degree planning and guided routes to credential completion. 
  • A user-friendly and all-encompassing platform based on Microsoft Azure. 

To begin with, Anthology provides improved results to students through online, certificate, and competency-based plans to improve inter-school competition and get financing.  Moreover, easy-to-use tools provide admins with info into student enrolment and future career plans, allowing them to provide a rich student experience. 

Also, anthology ensures that faculty time, resources, and salary are well-managed and optimized for your school programmes. 

Price revelations not found. Contact vendor for more info. 

7. Jenzabar - https://jenzabar.com/ 

Student, Financial, School Advancement, HR, Finance, and Manager Reporting are all apps in the school suite. 

Jenzabar's SIS solutions are the most popular on the market. From registration to course direction to student life, our all-inclusive admin solutions offer a mobile-friendly abode. Students, Teachers and admin staff keep in touch via a user-friendly online platform that is accessible from any device. 

You can streamline your processes. Improve the efficiency of corporate procedures. Automate your processes. Boost student participation. Jenzabar puts you in a position to give your pupils the personalized attention and care they expect. 

Pricing starts from $5000 only. 

8. Isams - www.isams.com 

Founded in 2007 in the United Kingdom. iSAMS is the industry leader in internet admin services for schools. iSAMS is a global Management Information System (MIS) that transforms the way schools retrieve and manage information. In fact, it has a broad portfolio of system modules, web portals and applications that can be customized to match any school's needs. 

Features of iSAMS 
  • Course Management. 
  • Facility Management. 
  • Financial Management. 
  • Independent/Private Schooling. 
  • K-12 
  • Online Calendar Parent/Student Portal. 
  • Reporting/Analytics 

Pricing not available. Contact vendor for more info. 

9. Geniusedusoft – www.geniusedusoft.com 

Genius Education Management is a virtual and mobile app designed to manage all of a school's, college's, and university's day-to-day operations. For this reason, it is a cloud-based school ERP solution that will provide educators, students, and parents with the most up-to-date portable application form.  Moreover, it assists them in logging in from any location and at any time. 

Along these lines, the system's usability improves a lot. It will help you to gain access to a complete automated experience for front and back-end organization admins, as well as info management functions of all Schools, Colleges, and Universities. 

Fees payment, Absence, Exams, News, Dorm, Library, Public transport, School Calendar, Events, and more modules are included in Genius School System. Furthermore, it has also just released a new edition with a full-featured Human Resource module for managing employee payroll and salary pay-slips. The Finance module aids in the planning and assignment of student fee structures. Genius School System System's Task Priority function makes it an ideal cooperation tool. 

Also, Genius has an internal messaging system that allows students, teachers, and parents to contact each other. 

Pricing starts from $ 50 and goes upto $ 250.

10. Skyward - www.skyward.com 

Founded in 1981. All the Skyward K-12 Info solutions are geared for students, teachers, parents, and school admins. The following features are prioritized: 

  • Office and administrative chores. 
  • Classroom Tools. 
  • Student Services. 
  • Family Engagement. 

Prices not available. Contact vendor for more info. 

11. Ellucian - www.ellucian.com 

It is a SaaS that is open and has adaptable technologies that enable school-wide success. Transform your ERP into a system that works as a whole. Also, Ellucian merges higher-ed knowledge, targeted change, and deep cooperation to help your school. 

  • Firstly, an open, unified, flexible platform driven by APIs and a steady user experience. 
  • Secondly, it reduces the whole amount of time it would take to integrate, set up, and extend without customizing anything. Also, it uses data for decision-making and deep insights in a secure manner. 
  • Thirdly, to better engage students, alumni, teachers and staff, make monotonous tasks and access to critical info easier. 

Finally, Pricing is done at a flat rate but is not disclosed. Contact Vendor for more details. 

12. EdKrista – https://edkrista.com 

Founded in 2021. 1 Display. One user interface. Systematizes day to day functions. 

EdKrista is a brand-new school system that assists in improving the school’s daily operations. In addition, it provides reports and a sweeping track feature. This is so that stakeholders can make accurate choices to increase their organizational efficiency. 

EdKrista school ERP system controls every process in a school gracefully. Likewise, from coordinating the parent-teacher meeting to online fee payment and performing examinations to data administration. 

  • Cloud-based School ERP system. 
  • EdKrista provides round-the-clock customer support, 
  • Microsoft Azure Backup and 
  • Resilient Data Security. 

Agility redefined - EdKrista

Furthermore, EdKrista is suitable for every type of educational board as CBSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), ICSE, State Board (Regional wise), and more. 

  • Unlimited Licenses for School children. 
  • The simplicity of use and Refreshing Interface. 
  • Backup and Data Security. 
  • Round-the-clock Real-time Customer Assistance. 
  • Remarkable Features for your School. 

One price for all. To know more, contact the vendor. 







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