What is a student information system? Benefits, Features and Recommendations

23-Jan-2021, 11:01:01 PM

What is a student information systems? 

The Student Information System (SIS) is an essential part of the Edisapp school management system (School ERP) developed explicitly by Eloit for educational institutions to manage student data, student life cycle and all the school operations connected with the teaching and learning process. The SIS automates the entire process flow of the school's student life cycle, starting from Student Admission to issuing transfer certificates once the student completes their studies. A well designed SIS also digitises Student Document Management, Student Attendance, Exams Marks and Reports, Grading, Ranking, Transcripts, Assignment, Homework, Achievement, Behaviour, and Student Promotions.

Top 10 Essential Features of a good student information systems

Facilities that are core to a student information system regarding the student registration (New Student Admission) and managing the student life cycle till they graduate and become an alumnus.

  1. Must have bulk student data upload facility to the student information system
  2. Bulk data edit/upload facility.
  3. Should have bulk student blocking / unblocking facility
  4. Facility to view 360-degree, complete information of the students, including data from other modules, like fee, attendance, exam marks, etc.
  5. Bulk / Individual student photo upload facility
  6. Student promotion and demotion facility as the academic year progress.
  7. Facility to delete and change class for the student. 
  8. Option to update family details & guardian details, including escort id cards
  9. Facility to auto map / suggests siblings studying in the same school.
  10. Option to issue student ID cards.

The above points are crucial for keeping up to date, all data related to students in a school. Several other features and facilities are required that define a good student information management system from the ordinary.

The student information systems should also have some other important features too, like

  1. Facility for the students to log in to the portal
  2. Option to create and activate user accounts for the students 
  3. Feature to send important communications to the students/parents
  4. Student data and contact information are visible to the decision-makers via mobile apps
  5. Mapping students to their respective class/ grades and sections.
  6. Mapping students with their subjects to learns, including options subjects
  7. Facility for the students to view their assignments and homework, respond and upload their finished work.
  8. Facility for the students/parents to communicate with the respective staff members and teachers
  9. Provision for parents to see the pending fee, view and download fee paid receipts.
  10. Online fee payment facility to pay the fee via online payment gateway.

Some of the good to have facilities for a good student information systems are as below;

  1. Mobile App for the parents/ students to view all critical updates from the school. 
  2. Mobile apps for parents/students to be made available on both android and iOS devices. 
  3. An excellent school management system will provide each school, the school-branded mobile apps, so the school, parents and students feel proud to have its school apps.
  4. The school parents mobile apps liked the student information system must ensure real-time communication between parents and schools.
  5. An excellent student information system will have an integrated push notifications/alert system that will send parents notifications on important events and updates from the school.

Edisapp Student Information Systems with Parent Mobile App

Some of the Exclusive Features and Benefits of Edisapp SIS / Student Information Systems

  1. World's only school ERP that allows customisation for all its modules. 
  2. Personalised Support Provided by Dedicated Customer Success Managers makes Edisapp a class apart.
  3. World's Only School ERP with ISO 27001, Providing Banking / Enterprise-Grade Data Security.
  4. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 & Teams enabling virtual teaching and learning.
  5. School Branded Apps for Teachers and Parents, available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  6. With School Branded App, the school gets higher visibility and greater respect.
  7. Free Software Assurance - Free technology upgrades, module updates and new features. 
  8. Integration with Google Maps for managing school bus fare points.
  9. Online Exam integrated with school exams module for conducting smooth online exams during the lockdown or other similar situations.
  10. Exam reports cards integrated with school fee module for publishing exams reports for fee paid students alone. 

Cloud based student information systems edisapp eloit

Why Should a School opt for Edisapp the Cloud-Based Student Information Systems?

Adapt your school to the new digitalised post-Covid-19, Stay always connected to your school, enable highly secure access for all the stakeholders to the school's digital infrastructures, enable both online or in-class teaching and learning, empower all the students, teachers and parents to access teaching and learning resources, communicate, pay the fee, attend exam either online or offline, view grades and exam reports. Manage & Run the school from anywhere by enabling the school staff with the cloud-based digital infrastructure they need.

  1. A cloud-based student information system like Edisapp School ERP can be accessed from anywhere, from any device, at any time.
  2. The cloud-based student information system can handle any traffic with load balancers and auto-scaling facilities. 
  3. Data Security and Data Backups, Cloud-based systems come with automated backups, disaster recovery plans, and data security assurance. 
  4. Cloud systems enable and always connected and hybrid mode for school, the new normal for post-covid-19 schools
  5. Students can take online exams using Edisapp, a cloud-based student information system. The answer sheet evaluation with annotations, auto marks tabulation and feedback submission is also possible. Above all, publishing exam results to internet portals and apps is simple and straightforward.
  6. Avoid expensive hardware - Cloud-based student information systems/applications run on all modern web browsers and are accessible on all mobile devices, laptops, and desktops with internet connectivity.
  7. Easy Anytime, anywhere access - Everything from communications, alerts, assignments, homework, attendance, exams, grades, fee payments etc. In addition, all of these facilities are made available to parents via cloud-based school software. For instance, all the teaching tools can be easily accessed and resources uploaded anytime by the school teachers.
  8. Availability of Branded App for Parents, Apps for Teachers, Apps for School Principals
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