School from Home during times of corona – Online Teaching and Learning

19-Mar-2020, 10:03:00 AM

The Covid-19 Exposes Educational Digital Divide

Coronavirus had exposed the digital divide in the educational sector with no solid plans for service continuity like implementing online teaching software. When other trades are adapting their business and workforce by going virtual and allowing work from home options, educators across the globe are seeking ways to overcome and minimize the disruption to teaching and learning. Teachers all across the world are clueless about how to teach their students who are holed up at home. Is Online Teaching and Learning the way forward?

Teach from Home and Learn from home - The Virtual Class Room Via Mobile Apps 

Mobile Phone and Mobile Data usage have worked its way into the daily life of people globally, enabling consumers to access and share information on the go. According to reports from April 2019, the global mobile population amounted to 4 billion unique users. Indians have 1.2 billion cell phones and downloaded more apps than other nations, which mean most Indian household will have at least one smartphone and decent internet connectivity at home, though issues remain. This is the same scenario with almost all nations. Mobile Phones and internet usage are at all-time high now. School should utilize these potentials to transform digitally and deliver lessons online.

Teachers have to adapt to Online Teaching

Teachers who work in traditional K-12 schools across the world had very little training in online instruction. These teachers had sofar used curriculums designed for the classrooms, where they can see which kids are struggling by glancing around the classroom.

For teachers to adapt, they need proper training on how to utilize digital technologies to deliver classes online and also how to prepare contents for an online learning experience.

Eloit can help schools in setting up virtual training for its teachers on the usage of digital platforms for teaching and learning. 

Setting up Online Teaching and Learning Softwares

Preparing schools to move teaching-learning online in a short period is a massive undertaking without expert help, said Thomson Philip, CEO of Eloit. Team Eloit is equipped with the latest technology solutions and expertise to support schools in the digital transformation of education in a short period. 

Edisapp by Eloit is an online cloud-based Student Information System or School ERP that bridges the digital divide in schools and enable online teaching-learning process and stakeholder engagements via school-branded mobile apps for students, parents and teachers. Eloit also utilizes Microsoft Technologies for Education to deliver online learning solutions.

Getting students online doesn't mean teachers are ready to teach online. Doing an online class isn't simply turning on the video camera and doing things teachers were doing in a traditional classroom, Thomson said.

Implement a good online student information system for your school, with advanced School ERP features.

A good Student Information System Like Edisapp automates the entire process flow of the student life cycle within the institution, starting from Student Admission to issuing transfer certificates once the student completes their studies. A well designed SIS also digitises Student Document Management, Student Attendance, Exam Reports, Grading, Ranking, Transcripts, Assignment, Homework, Achievement, Behaviour, and Student Promotion to higher learning. School can also look into the possibility of Promoting Logical Thinking by introducing good online coding classes for kids and many other online interactive activities.

Watch a Quick Intro Video of Edisapp Student Information System for schools.

How can Eloit help your school to set up virtual classrooms and train your teachers to deliver online teaching?

Our experts have extensive expertise in setting up virtual classrooms, training teachers on delivering classes and lessons online. We will

  1. Setup the Online Teaching Software Portal and Mobile Apps for your school.
  2. Create and setup up online accounts for all teacher accounts.
  3. Invite your teachers to the platform, and assign subjects and classes for them to handle
  4. Create Student accounts in the online portal and apps
  5. Invite and add students to their respective class.
  6. Train Teachers to prepare teaching materials for online teaching.
  7. Conduct Online Practise Classes for teachers via Online Teaching Software
  8. Schedule Online Teaching Lessons for each class.
  9. Online Learning Project rollout on a trial basis for selected classes and once successful, roll out for all classes.
  10. Handhold and support the school and teachers during the entire process and beyond.

What Schools should do to enable digital learning?

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