An Ultimate Guide to SAMR Model for Technology Integration

18-Apr-2022, 11:04:24 PM
Abin Mathew

Explaining The SAMR Model Technology Integration

Nowadays, technology has changed the aspect of our living style. It has streamlined many processes in our daily life, including shopping, schooling, and jobs. The education industry has the ultimate benefit from this technological progress. So, many schools have introduced online learning for better student engagement. 

This technology integration in schools is helpful for parents, teachers, and parents. All of them can save time and money spent on traveling to and from schools or colleges. Also, students can access study materials using their mobile phones at any time. These benefits help online learning to become widely popular. 

Now, we have the most key framework called the SAMR model. We use the SAMR model to integrate technology into classrooms and make online learning more creative and exciting.

What is the SAMR model?

Dr. Ruben Puentedura is the one behind the SAMR framework. It classifies four different levels of classroom technology integrations. The letters “SAMR” stand for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. This framework works like a ladder. For instance, it starts with substitution and ends with redefinition.

Dr. Ruben Puentedura founded this model to simplify the technology integration processes in a classroom. It allows teachers to find more efficient ways to use technology in teaching. So, the SAMR model is a framework that helps make effective use of technology in the classroom. And, the four pillars of this model are:


It is one of the easiest stages in the SAMR framework. We substitute the traditional methods of learning with technology directly in this phase. It helps you save time and money spent on pens and paperwork. Instead of printing textbooks, students get digital books. Students can also write their homework in Microsoft Word instead of using pen and paper.

Teachers can use tools like Edisapp to teach students online. They can capture feedback from students about new teaching methods. Students and teachers also improve their technical skills. It gives an ideal chance for users to get familiar with the latest apps and software.


This step is similar to the previous one. Here, technology replaces traditional methods along with some modifications. In other words, augmentation adds something to make the process easier. This step makes sure that students improve their productivity and potential.

In the SAMR model example, using Google Docs alone will not be helpful in writing. Instead, we can use its features like spell check and grammar check for improved accuracy. This stage helps students understand complex topics with ease. It also promotes student-centric learning without requiring the constant support of the teachers.


The third level, modification, ensures that technology modifies the activities to enhance student learning. The sole purpose of this stage is to help students learn quickly. This stage takes education beyond the limitations of traditional methods of schooling.

In this SAMR model example, the commenting and sharing features of Google Docs help students get immediate feedback. Students can easily share their homework with teachers and ask them to review it quickly. Fast and easy knowledge sharing is the greatest benefit of this stage. Modification also allows students to generate innovative ideas confined not to papers alone.


The last stage of the SAMR framework describes why traditional methods are not enough for teaching. This phase of the SAMR framework offers new learning opportunities to students. In this stage, technology takes sincere efforts to redefine the learning process.

For example, students can use the latest multimedia tools for presentations instead of writing the assignment. It has the potential to link education with the real world. It also helps students develop soft skills, communication, and digital literacy.

Importance of SAMR Model

Replacing a textbook with an e-book will not be the right thing. The SAMR model technology will help you integrate technology into your teaching. The first two stages of the SAMR model tell you how technology replaces existing teaching methods. Digital books and Google Docs allow you to improve traditional teaching methods.

But, in the next two stages, technology has greater importance. These two stages help you transform your instructions digitally. That's why the SAMR framework is important. You can effectively use technology in teaching using the four stages of the SAMR framework. It helps you implement better learning strategies in the classroom.

You should remember to use technology for a positive cause. The SAMR model technology gives you all the necessary insights to integrate technology into your educational system.

SAMR Model Examples

We already mentioned that the SAMR helps you integrate technology into education effectively. Now let us see the following examples of the SAMR process.

Writing Assignments

Let the original work be a handwritten paper. 

  • Substitution: Replace pen and paper with a Word Processor to write the assignment.
  • Augmentation: We can use the same Word Processor and improve the writing process. Learn and improve grammar, spelling, etc. 
  • Modification: Share the assignment on a blog to collect instant feedback. Use it to improve the quality of content. 
  • Redefinition: Allow students to present their work using multimedia tools instead of a written assignment. 

Geography And Travel

We use notes and magazine cuttings in this SAMR model example. It gives you a brief overview of the original context.

  • Substitution: Students can use PowerPoint to make a presentation of the same content.
  • Augmentation: Students can use images, videos, and hyperlinks to make it more interesting and creative.
  • Modification: Ask students to make videos and use them to create a digital travel brochure. It will be more satisfying. 
  • Redefinition: Show them the location with Google Earth and conduct questionnaires. 

Learning Fractions

For instance, the original assignment is to color blocks on paper to show how they understand fractions. 

  • Substitution: Give students Excel Sheets for coloring the blocks.
  • Augmentation: Provide Google Sheets to the students to color the blocks. Teachers can monitor and give instant feedback. 
  • Modification: Use Google Sheets for students along with online examples. Help them in the areas they struggle with. 
  • Redefinition: Let students use dedicated apps to learn fractions. 

Learning Drawing or Painting

Here, they ask students to draw a picture with a brush on paper in the assignment. 

  • Substitution: Use digital software like MS Paint for drawing.
  • Augmentation: Use a tool like Educreations to present the work.
  • Modification: Use an attractive image or scan and upload something hand-drawn as the background. 
  • Redefinition: Use a Collaborative Online Whiteboard tool like Twiddla to create your artwork.

Benefits of SAMR Model

Now let's focus on the vital benefits of the SAMR model technology.

  • Replace paperwork with technology so that you have a lower carbon footprint. It makes this method an environmentally friendly approach. 
  • Anyone can access the study materials from anywhere. It gives equal opportunity to all students to learn and use resources easily. 
  • For instance, teachers can save a lot of time and money by using digital resources. They don't have to print books and give them to each student separately. 
  • The model allows teachers to combine technology into education over time. Teachers can test different educational tools and see whether it benefits students. 
  • SAMR framework also allows teachers to monitor, guide, and give instant feedback. They can comment on the student assignments. Initially, teachers can provide proper support and correct them whenever necessary. Later, teachers can slowly remove their support so that students practice and learn on their own. 


Integrating technology into anything is so fascinating. When integrating technology into education, how do you know if it will benefit students or not? It is where the importance of the SAMR model technology comes in. 

The SAMR model technology will guide you to blend technology with education perfectly. Before choosing the right technology, you should sort out the objectives first. You have to make sure that the tool you use benefits your students. It must be cost-effective too. 

If you still don't know where to start, we would like to recommend a tool. Edisapp is a complete online learning software from Eloit Technologies. You will get all the features to manage multiple school activities in one place. 

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