10 Best Parent-teacher communication apps for schools in India

03-Jun-2022, 04:06:05 PM
Abin Mathew

What is a parent-teacher communication app and how does it help parents and teachers?

Communication between parents and teachers is a vital part of education. It not only boosts the confidence of students but also encourages them to pay more attention in class. Parents might have a lot to talk about their kid's education, interests, and talents. Likewise, teachers can help parents and students in many ways if they share everything with teachers. Thus, every parent needs a proper communication channel to interact with teachers easily. 

Teacher parent communication apps are dedicated software which offers an ideal platform for users to interact with each other. For instance, these apps offer different channels like chat, SMS and email to interact with anyone instantly. Moreover, the communication apps for schools are affordable, and most of them provide a free messaging facility.                                                                                                        

10 Best Parent-teacher Communication Apps Trending in India

Teacher parent communication apps operate on the cloud and can be accessed with smartphones and the internet. Eventually, parents and teachers can interact anywhere at any time. It also helps them share important messages in emergencies without delay. 

  1. Edisapp School ERP
  2. Teno
  3. Edumaat
  4. Fedena
  5. PowerSchool
  6. Hello Parent
  7. Vidyalaya School ERP
  8. Ireava
  9. Educase
  10. School Plus

Check out this detailed list of the 10 best communication apps for schools in India. 

#1 Edisapp School ERP

Edisapp School ERP is a comprehensive communication app for schools that promotes parent-teacher communication. The app is very easy to use and works on the cloud. Therefore, anyone can access the app using their smartphones easily. Edisapp offers dedicated apps for parents, teachers and principals. Indeed using these apps users can interact with each other from anywhere without hassles. 

Key Features

  • SMS

This feature of the parent-teacher communication app allows teachers to send urgent notifications to parents' mobile phones. For instance, if the parent is out of coverage area, the app septs a message automatically. It uses push notification within the mobile app. 

  • Announcements

School officials can easily share announcements with attachments with parents using this feature. It includes major holidays, special circulars, softcopy invitations to school events, PTA meetings, etc. This feature of communication apps for teachers also allows parents to stay updated with everything that's happening in the school. 

  • Push Notifications

Parents will receive a variety of notifications in their app regarding announcements, homework, assignments, etc via push notifications. The speciality of this feature is that parents don't have to open the phone to see the notification. Instead, the pop-up notifications will automatically draw their attention. 

  • Regular Attendance Reports

Parents will get regular attendance reports of their kids in their app. Parents can easily track the days when their ward was absent. Therefore, all they need is to take a look at the school calendar available in the school parent communication software.

  • Automated Reminders

Automated reminders alert parents regarding all school events. For example, the teacher-parent communication app will automatically notify parents about the last date for the fee payment. 

#2 Teno

Teno ensures two-way communication between parents and teachers to make learning effective for the students. This communication app for schools offers many useful features for teachers to maintain a strong connection with parents. 

Key Features

  • Class-wise Group Messages
  • One-way/Two-way Communication
  • One-to-one Chat
  • Classwork/Homework
  • Multimedia Support
  • Instant Notifications

#3 Edumaat

The communication system of Edumaat allows teachers and parents to communicate with ease. This school-parent communication software offers an all-in-one platform to ensure seamless interaction. Moreover, you can access Edumaat using a smartphone and the internet at a very low expense. 

Key Features

  • Free Transactional SMS
  • Free SMS/Email Gateway Integration
  • Bulk SMS/Email/Mobile App Notifications
  • Fee Reminders

#4 Fedena

Fedena parent-teacher communication app offers seamless communication in a fast and secure way. The communication system of this communication app for schools strengthens the relationship between parents and teachers. The app allows users to send instant messages to anyone with ease. For example, teachers can notify parents about exams, homework, etc instantly. 

Key Features

  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Send Awareness Articles
  • Two-way Texting Services

#5 PowerSchool

PowerSchool teacher-parent communication app offers many features for users to interact remotely. The app provides a comprehensive view of the performance of students for easy analysis. Furthermore, this communication app for teachers features powerful reporting tools for schools to share information on student progress with parents. These features help parents and teachers to build strong relationships with each other. 

Key Features

  • Post Messages to Activity Feed
  • Messaging
  • Notifications

#6 Hello Parent

Hello Parent is one of the most trusted apps for teachers to communicate with parents. The main aim behind the development of the app is to help teachers and parents to connect easily. The automatic reminders make sure that parents don't miss any important events happening in schools. Moreover, this parent-teacher communication app enables parents to stay updated on their kid's progress. 

Key Features

  • SMS/Email Integration
  • Moderated Messaging
  • Secured Data Access
  • Automated Reminders

#7 Vidyalaya School ERP

Vidyalaya School ERP is another popular teacher-parent communication app that makes the bond between parents and teachers strong. The app is customizable and offers an audio mode to save time reading texts. Furthermore, this school parent communication software also ensures the branding of the school appears in the sender's name for marketing. 

Key Features

  • SMS
  • Voice SMS
  • Custom Messages 
  • Message Scheduler
  • Urgent Notice
  • Festival and Birthday Wishes

#8 Ireava

Ireava is a simple and powerful app for teachers to communicate with parents. It is a cheap teacher-parent communication software where you do not need any expertise to use the app. Apart from communication tools, Ireava also offers many modules to run your school smoothly. 

Key Features

  • SMS & Email
  • Notices
  • Track Notice History
  • Auto SMS of Attendance, Fees, Login, etc
  • Real-time Communication and Alerts Via Push Notifications. 
  • Reports

#9 Educase

Educase allows teachers to maintain meaningful conversations with parents easily. Using the app, parents can keep track of every little progress of their kids in the school. Users can share photos and videos using this communication app for teachers  instantly. The app ensures that parents get a chance to fully involve in their child's education from their homes. 

Key Features

  • Photos and Videos Sharing
  • Instant Updates
  • Medical and Food Reminders
  • In-app Messaging
  • Assessments and Growth Tracker
  • CCTV and Bus Tracking

#10 School Plus

School Plus offers a perfect platform for parents and teachers to communicate with each other remotely. Using this school-parent communication software, the users can start messaging quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks. The app allows parents to know everything about their child's school activities using their smartphones. 

Key Features

  • Instant Messaging
  • Announcements & Reminders

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, the interaction between parents and teachers directly impacts the performance of students. Teachers can grasp more information about a kid's interests, learning styles, and needs by interacting with their parents. They can also effectively use this data to lead the student to success. On the other hand, regular interaction with teachers will help parents stay aware of the day-to-day activities in the school. They will also have daily insights about their child's performance. 

There are different ways for parents to interact with teachers like using phone calls, emails or in-person meetings. For instance, n this busy world, a dedicated teacher-parent communication app will do this job. That's why you're provided with a list of the 10 best parent-teacher communication apps in India. Therefore, read through the details of each app carefully and choose the right one for your school. 

 If you are still confused about choosing the best one, we would like to recommend the Edisapp ERP School Management System. It is a robust school app developed by Eloit Innovations which offers plenty of features at a low cost! 

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