Online Learning – Best Practices for Students

19-Jun-2021, 10:06:29 PM

Learning Ambience for Online Learning

  1. Try to be in full school uniform / neat dress while attending online classes.
  2. Sit in a well-lit room and be on time for attending the classes with electronic devices fully charged.
  3. Be entirely ready for the online class with textbooks, notebooks, pen-pencils, and a water bottle by your side before starting the session.
  4. Please inform the class teacher/subject teacher if unable to attend the online class via message, phone calls or via the School Parent Portal / School Parent Apps
  5. The students may Switch On / Off the Cameras as instructed by your teacher. Always ensure to keep the mic mute unless asked to speak.

Get Involved & Learn

  1. Get fully involved in the online class without any distractions. Log-Out from all social media to avoid distraction during the online session.
  2. Ensure to take down notes, finish the classwork etc., while the teacher is teaching.
  3. Finish all the learning tasks and submit all assignments/homework assigned before the due date.

Respect & Safety

  1. Please Raise Hands (Icon) or use the chat window to post questions or if help needed.
  2. Be careful with the content you post in Teams. Do not post messages, images, videos, forward that are not appropriate for the class.
  3. Follow all the good manners, like saying 'PLEASE' and 'THANK YOU' while requesting help from teachers and friends.
  4. Strictly no eating & munching during the online session. You may drink water as required.
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