Online Learning – Best Practices for Parents

19-Jun-2021, 10:06:19 PM

Motivate Kids to attend the online classes

  1. Motivate kids to attend the online classes with the same spirit as he/she attends the school.
  2. Explain the importance of online classes to the child and why this is the best option for their safety.
  3. Do not overstress your child.
  4. Talk to them about the current situation regarding the pandemic and the basic safety measures.
  5. Ensure the child has taken a bath, had breakfast and is ready for online classes in proper school uniform / neat dress.
  6. For younger kids, parents, please arrange all the material required for each class (Books, worksheets, pencils etc. before the class.
  7. Student must be trained to understand the importance of the class and how to pay attention.

Create a Daily Schedule for Students

  1. Create a Daily Schedule / Timetable for the child from Rising to Sleep, incorporating the school's online class schedules.
  2. Keep the schedule for ready reference near the study area. 
  3. Doing things by following a set routine as a practice can cultivate discipline as a habit.
  4. A schedule helps kids be disciplined and help build their confidence in the long run. 
  5. Parents, please help children practice following a fixed schedule, like in school, even though they are home.

Create a proper Learning Ambiance for Online Learning

  1. A dedicated place to attend live class and study will help children improve their concentration and focus on teaching. 
  2. Provide a well-lit, dedicated place for the child to attend classes online without noise and other distractions (Noise of siblings, TV, Pets, Road etc.)
  3. Arrange a stable broadband/internet connectivity to enable a smooth teaching-learning session.
  4. Parents can also ensure this space is visible to keep a check if their children need any help.
  5. If possible, it is advised to attend the class from a laptop/computer, else use Tab / Mobile.
  6. If attending on mobile, please make sure that the 'Do Not Disturb' Feature is active while the online class is going on.
  7. Please make sure students are maintaining a correct sitting posture while attending the session.

Respect & Safety

  1. Parents, kindly don't intervene while the teacher is facilitating the online class and interacting with kids.
  2. Please inform the class teacher/subject teacher if unable to attend the online class via message, phone calls or via the School Parent Portal / School Parent Apps
  3. Parents, please dress up neatly if coming on camera during online interactions or sitting along with kids.
  4. Parents, please monitor your ward frequently during the online classes & ensure they are using the device for classes only.
  5. Never share the username and password of your child with others.
  6. Most Important: All activities performed in Microsoft Teams or any Online Learning Platforms, like sign-in, calls, meetings, chats, messages, file uploads etc., are traceable if required. Please advise kids to use this platform only for the intended purpose.
  7. Please try to understand the hardship of teachers, and the school's management and the pressure they handle.
  8. Please do everything as a parent to support the school and teachers. They are also facing a lot of personal and other issues during this pandemic, as you are.
  9. The internet is wild with no limitations, so please ensure you have taken all precautions to protect your children from cybercrimes and cyberbullying.
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