Importance Of an Online Library Management System in 2022

10-Aug-2022, 11:08:33 PM
Abin Mathew

Libraries are a gateway to an endless supply of knowledge. Having an array of books in a library in school is a must. . A well-managed library is a part of a Remarkable School. Furthermore, today’s School Libraries are managed by dedicated software that automates the entire process.  

Today’s Hybrid schools have leading features that handle admission, fee collection, examination etc digitally. Similarly, schools can effectively use an online library management system to manage their library. The right library management app will help schools reduce operational costs and save time for both students and schools. Furthermore, a cloud-based system to manage the library is the need of the hour for all schools. 

What is an Online Library Management System?

An online library management system is a software tool which can be used to manage all functions of a library. It can either be a stand-alone software or a part of your School ERP System. The tool helps schools arrange, organise, simplify and control library tasks like maintaining book records, managing check-ins and check-outs of students, etc. Schools can also use the app to store the details of books like author name, edition, etc. 

The library management software allows school officials and students to find books easily without wasting time. Schools can also track books and get details about when and who borrowed the book and much more in just a few clicks. Thus, the system is mainly designed for schools to manage entire library operations from anywhere, even using their smartphones. 

How Does an Online Library Management System Help Schools?

Well, library management software helps schools in many ways. However, the main purpose of the system is to operate the library efficiently by saving time and money. A library management software automates all tasks involved in a library, from book purchasing to stock checking. It eliminates the need for human intervention and reduces errors. 

Managing a library is surely not an easy task. The librarians will have to keep track of thousands of books without fail. A library management system software helps you to do this task with ease. The software can easily store and manage all the details of every book in the library without errors. Moreover, anyone can find the book they want in a matter of seconds. Thus, good library management system software not only helps schools but also allows students to find the required book in time. 

Top 10 Reasons to Implement a Library Management System in Schools

Here are 10 solid reasons why every school should have a proper library management system.

  • Better Efficiency

Library management software can improve the overall efficiency of a school in many ways. For example, imagine a librarian managing the daily data on various tasks like the number of books issued, borrowed, returned, etc. It is a difficult task; prone to human errors. Instead, library management system software can easily manage these tasks without errors. Students can also find books quickly, helping them save valuable time. 

  • Time-saving

As mentioned above, managing library activities manually is a time-consuming process. During exam time, the demand for books in the library increases, which makes students wait longer to get the desired book. A good library management app can solve these issues. The librarian can use the system to distribute books to the students efficiently. Also, students can check whether a particular book is currently available to borrow using the app. Thus, the app can save a lot of time for both schools and students. 

  • Cost-effective

Needless to say, library management software can save your money in different ways. Schools do not  need to get separate software since the library management system software often comes as a part of your School ERP Software. Moreover, schools can eliminate the use of paper-based procedures and reduce expenses. Sometimes, many books from the library may get lost due to poor management. But, library management software allows schools to track and manage books efficiently to prevent loss or theft. 

  • Better Security

Online library management software is way more secure than paper-based procedures. For example, entering the personal details of students in a register while borrowing books is less accurate. Anyone can access this data, or it may get lost easily. Instead, library management system software can be used to store this data safely in a secured location. Only authorized people say a librarian has access to these data. Furthermore, details of the books are also stored confidentially to prevent any kind of loss or theft. 

  • Increased Engagement

More engagement can be seen in the library since all the books are available at the fingertips of students. Some students may not want to go to the library since finding the book they want from thousands of books is time-consuming. But, a library management system software allows them to find a particular book easily. Moreover, students can also see whether the book is currently available or not. Thus, the software can make a library more engaging than ever. 

  • Easy Access

Easy accessibility is another important advantage of a library management system. Librarians can access all the library data from anywhere using their smartphones or computers. They don't even have to be at the  library to know about anything related to the library. This single app can manage the library collection, scheduling, books, and services. Students can also access library facilities with ease using their smartphones. 

  • Flexible Reports

A robust library management app allows librarians to analyze reports with ease. The flexible reporting feature shows graphs and charts to understand things easily. Moreover, since the system automatically generates the reports, there is no chance of any errors. This feature enables more efficient bookings, book distribution and tracking. This dynamic reporting also improves the performance of the library and helps in decision-making. 

  • Error-free

An online Library management system is entirely error-free since it is automated. As a result, the system allows you to manage library tasks more efficiently than the traditional system. This seamless flow of the process also enables students to borrow books and return them in time. Furthermore, the system requires very less workforce and human intervention. Eventually, the tasks get completed more quickly without hassles. 

  • Process Automation

Process automation is one of the best advantages of online library management software. Eventually, all library tasks can be completed quickly with zero errors. For example, the circulation module of an online library management system helps librarians track, manage and report the activities of library users. They no longer have to manually enter data about who borrowed a book or returned one. 

  • Customizable

Needless to say, every school's library is different. The procedure to borrow and return books may also be different. Library management software is easily customizable. It means you can set up the system according to your needs. For example, schools can give access to students to borrow books only on a particular day of the week based on their grades. So that all grades get equal opportunities to borrow books. 

Final Thoughts

A modern-day library will remain incomplete without a proper library management system. The system not only helps schools to run their library efficiently but also enables students to find and get books quickly without wasting time. Moreover, the system improves engagement and allows users to enjoy every moment in the library. Thus, in this era of smartphones, tablets and the internet, having a capable system to manage the library is a huge benefit.  

Edisapp School ERP offers a powerful library management system to run your library efficiently. It is an all-in-one platform that enables you to manage all functions of your library. Moreover, the system comes as a part of Edisapp School ERP which means you don't have to manage separate apps. You can access the app even from your smartphone and control the activities from anywhere, anytime!

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